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Red Light Cameras Failing at Revenue Generation and Public Safety

Posted by FactReal on February 7, 2012

Via Canada Free Press:
The whole thing [of Red light cameras] is about revenue generation, not public safety. Most city administrations try desperately to hide their greed behind hoary claims of safeguarding the public…

…[R]ed light cameras are increasingly failing at both revenue generation and public safety. Many cities that once had them have pulled them out because revenues dropped over time while maintenance costs continued to rise not to mention that some cities have found that the red light cameras actually cause more accidents instead of improving driver safety.

Worse, some cities have played games with the cameras in order to keep revenues flowing into their profligate hands. At least six cities were caught shortening yellow light times in order to catch more drivers running red lights.

…[N]ew red light cameras won’t bring in a never ending stream of spending cash. Ohio native Maggie Thurber notes that Toledo has already seen revenues fall from other red light camera installations.

…Since 2009 when the city added speed cameras and negotiated a higher percentage of the fines, the revenue has steadily decreased. This means that the city, in order to continue to collect their targeted budget amounts, must constantly expand the big-brother-type surveillance.

Read the whole article here.

RED LIGHT CAMERAS: Locations, News, Laws, Opponents…


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