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GOV’T WASTE: $7 Billion of Taxpayer Money Wasted on Stupid Programs in 2011

Posted by FactReal on February 8, 2012

In 2011, the U.S. government wasted $7 billion of taxpayer dollars on frivolous projects like:
Why chimps throw feces, Sesame Street for Pakistan, the effect of cocaine on birds’ sex lives, mango farmers in Pakistan, benefits to dead federal employees, foreign aid to China, happy people in 120 countries, how Rock music helped with the fall of the USSR, drug-themed pizza, how to improve local government in India, video game simulating Michelle Obama’s garden to combat obesity, water pipe smoking habits of Jordanian students, TVs for rural Vietnamese villages, online soap operas, pancakes, online dating, etc.

Government spent $10 million of taxpayer money on a remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan

A new report lists over $6.9 billion worth of examples of some of the most egregious and frivolous ways our tax dollars were wasted by government bureaucrats in 2011. (H/t: CBN News)

“Nearly $2.5 billion was added each day in 2011 to our national debt, which now exceeds $15 trillion,” the report indicates.

Examples of government’s wasteful spending in 2011:

● $1 billion for energy efficient home improvement tax credits awarded to people who don’t own homes – including prisoners and children (Example #19)

● $231 million for weatherization program riddled with waste and abuse (Example #49)

● $200 million to subsidize prosperous industries (Example #25)

● $168 million for unnecessary and duplicative Neighborhood Revitalization programs (Example #37)

● $120 million in retirement and disability payments to dead federal employees (Example #7)

● $50 million in duplicative programs for retrofitting diesel engines despite declining need (Ex. #78)

● $30 million to mango farmers in Pakistan to boost their sales (Example #2)

● $18 million in foreign aid to China for social services and to improve China‘s environment (Example #10) (The U.S. owes over $1.1 trillion to China)

● $14 million Air Force green energy effort to convert radar stations from diesel to wind turbine energy (Example #3)

● $12 million for failed energy-saving project in Pakistan (Example #35)

● $10 million for the remake of “Sesame Street” for Pakistan (Example #13)
($20 million more has already been awarded to a Pakistani arts organization over the next 4 years)

● $10 million for duplicative program to help other countries manage their forests (Example #44)

● $2 million for a new Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center (Example #24)

● $1.35 million for Entrepreneurship Training for young people in Barbados (Example #50)

● $936,818 to stimulate online soap operas (Example #20)

● $862,000 to store unused furniture and equipment (Example #33)

● $765,828 to subsidize pancakes for yuppies in Washington (Example #5)

● $764,825 to study how college students use mobile devices for social networking (Example #46)

● $702,558 for TVs and gas generators for rural Vietnamese villages (Example #17)

● $611,000 to survey how happy people are in 120 countries (Example #67)

● $606,000 to study online dating (Example #85)

● $592,527 to study why chimps throw feces (Example #91)

● $550,000 for documentary about how Rock and Roll contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union (Example #16)

● $500,000 to analyze the spread of political info on the web (Example #71)

● $492,005 to analyze the trustworthiness of social sites like Twitter (Example #34)

● $484,000 for drug-themed pizza restaurant (Example #11)

● $425,642 for study to tell India how to improve its local government (Example #80)

● $358,005 to survey the impact of anti-HIV videos for L.A. city buses – (Example #26)

● $306,000 to pay for European student’s leadership skills (Example #84)

● $300,000 to study how European Union leaders frame their legislative debates (Example #60)

● $206,214 for online video game simulating Michelle Obama’s garden to combat obesity – (Ex. #56)

● $200,000 for a study: Political Candidates Should Adopt “Green” Positions (Example #29)

● $176,000 to study the connections between cocaine and the sex drive of Japanese quail (Ex. #23)
(The total awarded to the project will be $356,933)

● $147,138 to study the audiences of magic shows (Example #14)

● $96,000 to buy iPads for kindergarteners (Example #27)

● $55,382 to study Jordanian students’ water pipe smoking habits (Example #63)
(Nearly $170,000O have been awarded over the past 3 years)

Read the full report: here (PDF).

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