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Michelle Obama Condescending & Out-of-Touch in South Florida Visit

Posted by FactReal on February 10, 2012

Michelle Obama at the Homestead YMCA Family Center., S. Florida - Feb. 10, 2012

Michelle Obama stopped in South Florida at the Homestead YMCA Family Center today to promote her anti-fat crusade. Even though she is not a nutritionist or a physician, Michelle Obama held a panel discussion on nutrition and exercise. At least this time she had some staff from WebMd.

Michelle Obama appears to think that parents are stupid. She acts as if we don’t know what healthy food is. NBC Miami reported:

[Michelle Obama] assured kids and parents that hamburgers and chicken nuggets aren’t completely off-limits, saying that burgers aren’t necessarily bad if they are grilled and served on a whole wheat bun. Chicken nuggets are better when they’re baked, not fried, she said.
Great! Queen Michelle Obama will not take away our hamburgers as long as they are on a whole wheat bun. And she will allow us to eat chicken nuggets as long as they are not fried.

Michelle Obama told the crowd that she does cardio, pilates, tennis, and a little kickboxing. “I did a Zumba class over vacation. That was a lot of fun,” Michelle Obama revealed.

How many Americans, especially people living in areas like the City of Homestead (where median household income is $37,901), can afford Zumba/pilates/tennis/kickboxing classes during these economic hard times?

Psyching up the crowd:
The small crowd was pumped up by volunteers before Michelle Obama’s arrival. They led people in a series of jumping jacks and arm-whipping jump-rope moves before her visit.


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