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CANADA: Gays Using “Hate Speech” Laws to Censor Opponents (Video Initially Removed by YouTube)

Posted by FactReal on May 24, 2012

Here is the video YouTube initially censored. Ironically, the video denounces censorship of opposing views — in this case of those opposing gay marriage and homosexuality.

The video exposes the real goal behind the so-called hate speech laws:

Other video source: Here.
Via Newsbusters:

Last week, YouTube – owned by Google, whose corporate motto used to be “Don’t Be Evil” — removed the video, which spotlights how gay rights extremists are using laws in Canada to censor those who disagree with their perspective. […]

The video created May 16 by [preacher and hard rock drummer Bradlee] Dean to accompany his weekly column published by WorldNet Daily and other news outlets, exposes facts about the hatred and oppression directed at conservative Christians and opponents of gay marriage in Canada by the radical Left toward people of faith, those who hold to traditional marriage.

Among the shocking examples presented of how gay-rights extremists are using hate speech laws to silence conservatives is a ruling by a Canadian official that Christian parents who home-school their children can not teach their children that homosexuality is a sin.


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