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Leftist NYC Mayor Bloomberg to Ban Large Sodas…which the Obamas Love (Photos)

Posted by FactReal on May 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on the verge of taking serious aim at sugary drinks, as he wants to ban such beverages larger than 16 fluid ounces from nearly all dining establishments in the city.

The city’s proposed ban on sugary drinks would apply to service in nearly all restaurants, movie theaters and street food carts and it is part of a Health Department aim to reduce obesity.

The ban, which if approved would be the first of its kind in the nation, would take affect in March.

New York City’s Sugar Nazi Mayor Strikes Again:

The Big Apple’s latest ban, following its much-emulated prohibitions on tobacco and trans-fat, is on big sodas. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has supersized himself from nutrition nanny to Sugar Nazi.

Is there anything the Ego That Ate New York won’t make illegal for New Yorkers to consume? Last year, the city prohibited smoking in all of its parks, beaches, swimming pools and pedestrian plazas. A few years earlier, Mayor Bloomberg banned smoking in restaurants, bars and workplaces.

In 2006, New York City began dictating to restaurants that they remove “trans-fat” from their fare. After all, City Council member Peter Vallone declared that “trans-fats kill babies.”

Years ago, scientists were telling us trans fatty acids were better for our health than saturated fats — the way some scientists swerved from warning of a new ice age to demanding action against global warming.

Bloomberg On NYC Soda Ban: “We’re Simply Forcing You To Understand”

“We’re not taking away anybody’s right to do things, we’re simply forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup.”

More photos here, here, here, and here.
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