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Lies and Illegalities of Obama Ad Accusing Romney of Killing Cancer Patient

Posted by FactReal on August 9, 2012

Human Events summarizes the timeline of the lies and the collusion between the Obama campaign and the PAC (Priorities USA) behind the Soptic ads against Romney:

The centerpiece of a $20 million operation by a super PAC backing President Barack Obama is being criticized for inconsistent timelines behind a new ad featuring steelworker Joe Soptic that may also have broken campaign finance laws.

The PAC commercial, set to blanket swing state television sets, showcases the story of Soptic, a 62-year-old Missouri man, and suggests that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is responsible for his wife’s death.

Such ads by PACS are called independent political expenditures, and it’s a violation of federal election laws for a campaign to coordinate with the production or placement of such commercials.

However, a similar ad featuring Soptic wearing the same shirt was produced by the Obama campaign in May, along with a conference call in which Soptic read a transcript retelling his wife’s tragic story. […]

Interestingly, Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, participated in the campaign’s May conference call featuring Soptic, identified herself on the recording, and thanked Soptic for sharing his experiences.

In the campaign call and the PAC ad, Soptic blames Romney for closing the steel plant and costing the family their health insurance. Years later, Soptic’s wife died of lung cancer.

But the facts are:

Bain owned GST Steel of Kansas for eight years before it shut down in 2001, however Romney left the company in 1999.

In the commercial, Soptic says his family lost their health care insurance as a result of the closure and “a short time after that, my wife became ill.”

Soptic’s wife was not diagnosed until 2006 with the late-stage cancer and died three weeks later.

Soptic says he found work six months after the plant shut down as a school custodian making $25,000 a year, but did not add his wife to the insurance plan because of the monthly costs.

His wife remained on insurance provided by her employer until 2003, when she left her job due to an unrelated injury.


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