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Liberal Media Bias in 2012 Campaign Exposed by Media Research Center (MRC)

Posted by FactReal on August 28, 2012

Jeffrey Lord from The American Spectator tells us how the Media Research Center, the largest media watchdog group in America, is neutralizing the elephant in the room — the liberal media bias — during this 2012 campaign:

The elephant in the room with which Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center are doing daily, quite vivid battle — and winning. As a matter of fact, anticipating that the Obama campaign would be little more than a slug fest of personal attacks rather than policy debates, Bozell announced a “Tell the Truth” campaign — way back in January of this year. Long before there were Obama campaign commercials accusing Mitt Romney of killing a steelworker’s wife or insisting Romney was a felon, the 25-year old MRC — 25 this year — had a website in place to keep Americans fully informed of just how the media bias game is being played on both videotape and audiotape as well as in print. […]

Take this snappy little video that the Media Research Center has put out showing the elephant doing its thing. […]

It is the MRC’s NewsBusters that now has its recording equipment going 24/7 with an instant capability of exposing the elephant in the room. It is the MRC scanning every media outlet findable to expose the bias of “journalists” who obviously feel they are the professional descendants of those Teddy White long ago described as “marching like soldiers of the Lord.” […]

The game afoot here is to shape a narrative… a moving negative narrative of conservatives and Republicans that is molded afresh every night and every day. With an accompanying positive narrative of all things liberal and of Democrats. […]

So let’s run through some examples NewsBusters has captured of the elephant in the room at work.

  • Here’s Chris Matthews of NBC playing that old favorite of Democrats — the race card.
  • Here’s George Stephanopoulos of ABC and Bob Schieffer of CBS marching for the liberal narrative, insisting on focusing on Missouri’s Todd Akin and abortion rather than the economy.
  • Here’s Newsweek‘s Eleanor Clift lavishing praise on Obamacare.
  • Here’s NBC’s David Gregory asking if Paul Ryan isn’t too “incendiary” to be vice president.
  • You think the liberal media attacks on Paul Ryan are new? Here’s NewsBusters compiling a video series of clips attacking the last four GOP vice-presidential nominees — Dan Quayle, Jack Kemp, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.
  • You think ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross are alone in linking a violent shooting to conservatives based on zero evidence? As they did here? Here’s a NewsBusters clip of MSNBC going to it in the aftermath of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. As with Ross and the Batman killer, there was — and remains — zero evidence linking any conservative to either event. , as they did here

One could go on endlessly with all the material NewsBusters and the Tell the Truth campaign has already provided on issue after issue and how the liberal media goes out of its way to pretend to objectivity when, of course, they are not. […]

  • Check out Charlie Rose and Brian Williams spinning away here on Obama’s “you didn’t build it” routine and Romney’s releasing of taxes and Romney’s trip to Europe.
  • Here’s an entire edition displaying the attacks on Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. (Without a trace of irony, there is CBS’s Bob Schieffer telling Bachmann that her critics accuse her of “playing fast and loose with the truth.”)
  •  Here’s Hannity and Bozell reporting on the media’s rush to judgment over the Trayvon Martin incident, with NBC deliberately editing a police tape to give the impression Zimmerman is a racist.

Again, one could go on endlessly here — and NewsBusters is constantly on the job providing the video tapes that in the past were used to hide the elephant in the room. […]

Just as Teddy White quite accurately reported of a campaign that took place some 52 years ago — the media, the liberal media — has chosen sides. Whether they were marching as soldiers for John F. Kennedy in 1960 or for Barack Obama in 2008 or 2012, they have not the least intention of reporting the news objectively. They have zero intention of being fair and balanced. They are about one thing and one thing only — advancing the liberal/left-wing narrative.

No matter the issue — economics, national security, or social issues like abortion, race, same-sex marriage or whatever — the goal always and forever is above all to advance the liberal narrative. […]

To see visually just how the game that was being played by the national press all the way back in 1960 is now being run? To see exactly how it looks everyday in the 2012 campaign?

That place would be NewsBusters. [Newsbusters.org]


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