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Summary: Bill Clinton’s Speech at the 2012 Democrat Convention

Posted by FactReal on September 6, 2012

Ben Stein called it Bill Clinton’s Sham Night:

Bill Clinton. This cracker snake oil salesman…immediately began to lecture the Republicans about how immoral they are. Yes!!!! This man, who had a college intern give him oral sex in the Oval Office while he was on the phone with a Congressional Committee Chair, who inserted cigars into this woman’s private parts in the Oval Office, then smoked them, then lied about it all, who was impeached, is lecturing the GOP about morality. […]

This man, credibly accused of something very like sexual assault, is cheered to the rafters by the women at the DNC. It is fantastic. This is not grist for the political analyst. It is grist for the psychoanalyst. […]

A few things Mr. Clinton did not dwell upon: Mr. Obama has tacked roughly $5 trillion onto the deficit in three and a half years and we still have higher unemployment for a longer time than at any time since the Great Depression…

But the most maddening part of the speech…was when [Clinton] talked about what a terrible economy Mr. Obama inherited. And that’s true. It was in terrible shape.

How about the economy that George W. Bush inherited? A budding recession. The worst stock market meltdown since the Great Depression. A national nervous breakdown over 9/11. Mr. Bush and his team pulled us through all of this with resolve and steadiness and tax cuts that worked.

Yes, his team under Henry Paulson made terrible mistakes in 2007 and 2008. But Mr. Bush 43 inherited a crisis, the Internet scam and stock market collapse, brought it under control, steadied the nation after 9/11, and he gets no credit at all. I keep thinking of something basic: I do not recall Mr. Bush 43 ever blaming Mr. Clinton for the Internet bubble and the recession. Mr. Obama does nothing but blame George W. Bush for everything.

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