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News Roundup after 9/11/2012 Embassy Attacks

Posted by FactReal on September 16, 2012

A lot has happened since Islamists attacked our embassies in Libya and Egypt last week on the 11th anniversary of the first 9/11. Here is a roundup of the latest news:

Via Breitbart.com:

The attacks last week, especially in Libya, were well-planned and coordinated beginning months ago, as the Libyan President stated this morning. This was never about a YouTube video. New reports suggest that a Libyan security official told American diplomats that the situation in Benghazi was unsafe three days before the ambassador was killed. Last week, reports suggested that America had intelligence on the Libya attacks 48 hours in advance. […]

Late last week, Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi told Obama “to put an end to such behavior” – referring to the exercise of free speech in the United States so long as it offends Islamists. And President Obama quickly complied; the Christian filmmaker behind the YouTube video was taken in for questioning. In America. Local authorities said they were investigating him for “financial crimes.” But the timing makes a mockery of that contention. So, too, does the Obama administration’s support – at the United Nations, by Ambassador Rice presumably – for a resolution condemning “religious intolerance.”

Via Twitchy:

As Twitchy reported, the Pentagon called a private American citizen to ask him to withdraw his support for the film. Then, the administration asked YouTube to take down the video, all while investigating the filmmaker. Next, in a chilling display, they brought him in for questioning. His crime? CrimeThink. Secretary of State Clinton shamelessly and shamefully again blamed free speech while flanked with the coffins of the four Americans killed in Libya. Americans who exemplified our ideals and principles. Americans who fought for the very freedom she condemned.

This is not America.

‘Well coordinated’ Camp Leatherneck attackers wore US uniforms
Criminalization of filmmaker = Quashing of free speech
Islamists step up pressure for U.S. media curbs, Obama equivocates
Hillary Clinton Celebrates End of Ramadan at State Department with Libyan Ambassador
Rep. Allen West blasts Obama for hollowing out our military
Consulates were attacked four times in Benghazi and Tunisia before Sept. 11, 2012
VIDEO: Terrorists With Rocket-Propelled Grenades At US Consulate in Libya
Muslim teen radicalized via Internet tried to blow up Chicago bar with car bomb.
UPDATE 9/20/2012: Latest news on embassy attacks here.

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