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Obama’s Wealth Redistribution: What it Means

Posted by FactReal on September 26, 2012

In 1998, Obama revealed his admiration for wealth redistribution, which are confiscatory government policies where bureaucrats will find a way to take your wealth and distribute it to people of their chosing. “Your work and your wealth will belong to the elite of the government, who will decide who is given your money,” explains the article below.
In October 19, 1998, at a Loyola University conference, Obama said:
(Video mark 1:15)

“I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution, because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

Do Americans truly understand ‘redistribution of wealth’?

Your work and your wealth will belong to the government “in the name of society”; in other words, it will belong to the collective. Actually, though, your work and your wealth will belong to the elite of the government, who will decide who and what is given your money. This is what “redistribution of wealth” means in Obama’s philosophy; it is also the basic principle of communism.

The meaning of the “redistribution” of wealth is official government stealing and the end of your freedom. It is the beginning of your forced sacrifices for your leader, your government, and your society. This leads to a permanent realignment of power in society, as has been seen in Europe, or the rise of a dictator, as has been seen frequently in communist society.

For almost half of my life, I lived in communist Romania. I lived the other half in the free land, America. Believe me — I know what Obama is talking about and advocating for America.

Obama’s America is a communist society. As history shows, he will bring about this way of life by the following means:

1. Transforming private property into collective property.
…Under redistribution of wealth philosophy imposed by government — and of the communist system – you have no personal right to your work, property, or inheritance.

2. Destroying the initiative and creativity of people.
…[E]liminating from society individual power and desire curtails and squashes the drive for success.

A government does not create wealth. It is the private sector, where new businesses are started and flourish, that allows opportunity and wealth to expand. The private sector is responsible for economic growth…

3. Increasing the poverty of all who depend on government for basic needs.
Government redistribution will not help the poor. History has shown that redistribution of wealth makes all poor…History shows example after example of communist systems that have collapsed, each of which made promises like equality and justice and failed to deliver. But each of these collapses took millions of lives and many generations, as people discovered the lies…

Redistribution of wealth means not equality, fairness, or justice, but rather poverty, slavery, and a complete lack of freedom.

This November will you vote for Freedom or for Communism?

Make no mistake: this November election starkly concerns what we want our future as a country to be. We have to decide if we want to elect a president who will bring us back to the American values of free market and free opportunities to pursue the American dream, or if we want to elect a president who will take us into socialism and communism — in other words, the end of our freedom, where government controls, dictates to, and owns us.

Read the full article.

Democrats played this video during their recent Democrat National Convention stating that, “The Government is the only thing we all belong to.” (September 4, 2012).
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