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FACTS: Obama vs. Romney (2012 Presidential Election)

Posted by FactReal on October 4, 2012

Romney’s 14.1% Tax Rate is Higher than Most Americans when Comparing Apples to Apples
Romney Pays 14.1%; Americans Pay 11% Effective Tax Rate
97% of Americans Pay less than 12% Tax Rate; Romney Pays 14.1%
Why Romney’s Capital Gains Taxes are Lower…and Why that Benefits You
Romney is Right: More Americans Depend on Government than ever (USAToday report)
Romney is Right: 47% Pay no Federal Income tax (CNN report)
Romney’s Remark on Embassy Attacks – Sept. 12, 2012
Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech at Clinton Global Initiative – 9/25/2012 (Transcript, Video)

Obama Adviser Pushes for Death Panels in ObamaCare (NYT, 9/16/2012)
Obama’s Record: 1 in 7 on Foodstamps; 1 in 16 on Disability; 1 in 12 Out of Work
Food Stamps Recipients Doubled after Obama Suspended Welfare Work Requirement
Obama Era: Income Down, Poverty Up (CBS report)
On the Letterman Show, Obama Forgets what the National Debt is (Video)
Obama’s Wealth Redistribution 101
Biden Tells the Truth: Obama Buried the Middle Class these last 4 Years (Video)
Obama Prez for the entire country? Obama Mocked Tea Partiers (Videos)
–  Obama Abandons White Working Class Voters, NYT reported in 2011
LIST: 10 Obama Regulations Killing our Energy Economy
MSM worried: Obama won’t Meet Foreign Leaders Given Crisis, but Goes to ‘The View’ (Videos)
Obama: “I’m Eye Candy!” Americans Respond by Tweeting Funny #ObamaCandyNames
Timeline: Obama’s Changing Libya Narrative (Video, Transcript)
Obama’s Blasphemy Law…to Protect Islam

TRANSCRIPT: 2012 First Presidential Debate (Video Links)
News Roundup: First Presidential Debate – Romney vs. Obama


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