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Economist Morici: “7.8% Jobless Rate, Not a Real Decline in Unemployment”

Posted by FactReal on October 8, 2012

Economist Peter Morici spoke with Moneynews about the strange 7.8% unemployment rate for September 2012.

Highlights of what Morici said:

● The U.S. employment rate dropped to 7.8% in September thanks largely to gains in part-time workers and not due to improvements in the labor market.

● Total employment rose by 873,000 in September due mostly to an increase in part-time work. Some 582,000 Americans took part-time positions because of slack business conditions or those jobs were the only work they could find.

● Jobs are being created at the pace that the population grows. We’re not really getting a real decline in unemployment.

● When the recovery began, the unemployment rate was 10%. With the September numbers, if the adult participation was where it was then, we’d be at 9.7-9.8% unemployment.


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