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Words for Biden’s Odd Behavior at VP Debate

Posted by FactReal on October 12, 2012

Joe Biden did everything he could to interrupt and filibuster yesterday’s vice-presidential debate to cover-up for the failed policies of the Obama administration.

What was so darn funny? “Vice President Joe Biden laughed a lot during [the] vice presidential debate. For an event that started out with a question about the terrorist attack which claimed the lives of four Americans, what exactly did he think was so darn funny?”

Throughout the whole 90-minute debate Biden was:

Chuckling, demagoguing, deriding, eye-rolling, grimacing, grinning, grunting, guffawing, head-shaking, laughing, lying, mocking, mugging, seething, sidestepping questions, smirking, snarling, sneering, snickering, scoffing, snorting, etc.

Biden’s debate grimace crept out, angered viewers. Americans saw a Joe Biden that was:

Contemptuous, condescending, cranky, creepy, dismissive, disrespectful, obnoxious, off his meds, repetitive, unprofessional, scornful, supercilious, weird, whiny, etc.

Vice President Jerk: The return of Smirky Malarkey: “While his theatrics may mollify partisan Obama-bots looking for more aggression after the president’s Empty Podium Day in the first debate, undecided voters were turned off. What the Left perceived as “assertive” came across to uncommitted voters as asinine.”

At the end, Biden came across exactly as he is:

Arrogant, buffoon, bully, jerk!



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