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List: Michelle Obama’s Vacations (Video)

Posted by FactReal on October 17, 2012

While Michelle and Barack Obama lecture us about “sacrifice,” they have been busy partying in various vacation hotspots in Europe, Africa, and the U.S.

The incomplete list below shows how much fun the Obamas have been having (on taxpayers back) when many Americans are struggling to get by during this economic turmoil (extended by the failed policies of her husband, Barack Obama).

Video via 80s4VA.

● August 2009: Summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.
● August 2009: Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon.
● Christmas 2009: Hawaii.
● March 2010: Spring Break in New York City.
● May 2010: Four-day trip to Chicago.
● July 2010: Mount Desert Island, Maine.
● August 2010: Summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.
● August 2010: Spain.
● August 2010: Panama City Beach, Florida.
● Christmas 2010: Hawaii.
● President’s Day 2011: Ski trip to Vail, Colorado with “several close friends.”
● June 2011: South Africa and Botswana.
● Summer 2011: Annual beach break in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.
● August 2011: Corvallis, Oregon
● Christmas 2011: Extended vacation in Hawaii.
● President’s Day 2012: Aspen, Colorado.
● March 2012: Malia Obama’s Spring Break vacation to Mexico with 25 U.S. Secret Service Agents and 12 of her friends.

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