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Videos, Timeline: Obama’s Responses to Libya Attack

Posted by FactReal on October 19, 2012

For weeks, the Obama administration repeatedly referred to the obscure YouTube video as the cause of the Islamic attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Now, they want to re-write history and say they called it a terrorist attack since day 2.

But the facts and the timeline contradict the Obama team:
– Months before attack: There were 13 attacks prior to consulate attack in Libya
– Months before attack: Obama admin. denied requests for more security in Libya
– 9/10/2012: Al-Qaida chief Al-Zawahri called for Libyans to attack Americans (AP report)
– 9/11/2012: Islamists attack U.S. consulate in Libya
– 9/11/2012: Where is Obama? Obama doesn’t give public statement about attacks
– 9/11/2012: Sarah Palin: Where is the president? Apparently Obama can’t see Libya from his house
– 9/11/2012: Obama knows Al-Qaeda behind Libya attack within 24 hours
– 9/11/2012: Hillary Clinton blames video
– 9/12/2012: Obama does NOT call Benghazi an “Act of Terror” in Speech from Rose Garden
– 9/12/2012: Obama via Joint Chiefs of Staff asks Florida pastor to disavow Mohammed film
– 9/12/2012: Report: Libyan Islamist group linked to attack on U.S. consulate
– 9/12/2012: Obama gives interview to CBS ’60 Minutes’ and attacks Romney
– 9/12/2012: Obama heads to Las Vegas to campaign
– 9/12/2012: Obama in Telemundo interview: Egypt is not an ally
– 9/12/2012: Top White House official blasts “truly abhorrent” Mohammed video
– 9/12/2012: Report: Obama skipped intel briefings week before embassy attacks
– 9/13/2012: Obama administration asks Google/YouTube to remove Mohammed video
– 9/13/2012: Hillary Clinton: Mohammed movie “disgusting and reprehensible”
– 9/13/2012: Allen West: This has nothing to do with a video
– 9/14/2012: Obama talks ‘crunches’ with olympians while US embassies are being overrun
– 9/14/2012: Obama gives interview to entertainment magazine and poses for a photo spread
– 9/14/2012: Obama campaign tweeted about Jay-Z & Beyonce more than Libya consulate attack
– 9/15/2012: Al-Qaeda: Libya consulate attack was revenge for recent drone killing of their number two
– 9/15/2012: Obama: We reject denigration of any religion…including Islam (Obvious reference to the video)
– 9/15/2012: Man behind Mohammed video is detained by police (Later arrested)
– 9/16/2012: Libyan President: Attack was preplanned, not spontaneous
– 9/16/2012: Amb. Susan Rice to CBS, FNC, ABC: Libya attack was spontaneous reaction to video
– 9/18/2012: Obama parties in New York with Jay-Z and Beyonce; attacks Romney
– 9/18/2012: Obama to Letterman: Libya consulate attack is not an act of war. It’s about a video.
– 9/20/2012: Obama runs apology TV ad in Pakistan blaming YouTube video
– 9/25/2012: Obama goes to the ‘The View’ instead of meeting foreign leaders in NY (Obama: I’m eye candy)
– 9/26/2012: Libyan president insists: YouTube video NOT cause of Libya attack – it was terrorism

If the Obama team thought the deadly attack in Libya was terrorism, they have a strange way of showing it. His administration kept blaming the stupid YouTube video for weeks. They even asked Google to remove the YouTube video. The video maker was arrested. And Obama continued campaigning and going to frivolous TV shows as if nothing was happening.

TIMELINE: Obama’s Changing Libya Narrative (Video, Transcript)
TIMELINE: Obama’s Disinformation Campaign on Libya (Video)

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