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Debate Questions for Obama over Libya Cover-Up

Posted by FactReal on October 22, 2012

If we had an honest media, these questions would be asked to Obama during tonight’s final presidential debate covering foreign policy:

Question: AP reports the CIA station chief in Libya found terrorist links within 24 hours of the Benghazi attack and told Washington. Is this the intelligence you received at the time, Mr. President? If so, why did you repeatedly tell the public over the next two weeks that the attack was due to a riot over an anti-Islam video?

Q: Sept. 11 surveillance of the consulate shows no angry crowds gathering. It was quiet until terrorists stormed it with rockets in a preplanned raid. Yet your envoy to the U.N. went on five Sunday shows to spin the attack as a “spontaneous” mob eruption over the video. The State Department denies coordinating a media tour with Amb. Susan Rice. Did the White House task Rice to engage the media? Were her remarks approved?

Q: It turns out the Benghazi consulate was attacked twice before Sept. 11. Were you briefed about these attacks prior to Sept. 11? If so, why did you not beef up security at the facility, which was denied Marine protection even on the 9/11 anniversary? Was it your idea to use local Libyans to guard our diplomats instead? […]

Q: Given the anti-American violence that has broken out in Libya and Egypt, do you regret backing the coups against Gadhafi and Mubarak?

More at Investor’s Business Daily.

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