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Conservative Blogger ‘GatewayPundit’ Detained by Police

Posted by FactReal on October 26, 2012

Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) explains in his blog post titled ‘Speak at a Conservative Conference with Phyllis Schlafly – Get Detained By the Police’: (Emphasis added)

In September I spoke at the Eagle Forum XLI organized by Phyllis Schlafly. I sat on a conference panel on Saturday morning with Gretchen Logue, Ben Evans and editor Nick Eicher.

Two weeks later I got a visit from local police.

I answered my door around noon and saw two men who identified themselves as police investigators. I let them in. The two officers said they wanted to ask me a few questions…We got in their car and went for a drive.

As we drove (I had no idea why they had picked me up) one investigator started asking me questions. He explained that an elderly man says he was jumped on the night of Thursday September 20, 2012 in a Schnuck’s (local grocery chain) parking lot…and told police a tall middle-aged man jumped him from behind and held something to his neck and threatened him because he had an Obama bumper sticker. (Hmm…)…

The police said they discovered there was a conservative conference at the hotel across the street from Schnuck’s that weekend. When they saw my photos on the internet they approached the man and he said I looked like the man who attacked him. They still have no video of the “attack.”

The police asked me several times if I had attacked the 70 year-old Obama supporter…

GatewayPundit has the details.

Conservative bloggers say they’re targets of dangerous ‘SWAT-ing’ prank in which phony 911 calls bring armed cops to their doors in search of “criminals,” all in retaliation for their blog posts.
RedState’s editor Erick Erickson Gets SWATted at his home:

UK Police Arrest Top Anti-Muslim Activists – Throw Leader in Islamic Wing of Prison
(The charge: “Entering US illegally to speak at a conference with Pamela Gellar”)


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