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ELECTIONS: ‘League of Women Voters’ and their Liberal Agenda

Posted by FactReal on October 29, 2012

League of Women Voters is NOT Neutral
Via Townhall.com

Beware: During this heated election season, liberal self-styled ‘public interest’ organizations might be trying to fool you. Even though they advance larger government, more taxes, pro-abortion policies and the liberal candidates that support them, you can’t always tell by their ads. Many of these groups even have neutral our civic oriented sounding names. And because they sound neutral, their messages are often effective at reaching new voters who don’t recognize the hidden agendas. […]

Take the League of Women Voters, for instance. Its name conjures up images of gray-haired grandmas conducting voter registration drives and working the polls on Election Day. Not so. The League is nothing more than an interest group that aims to drive votes to the Democrat party. Look at their agenda: They support gun control, abortion, and Obamacare; They favor international arms control, reduced defense spending, and greater United Nations control over member countries. They dismiss “religious and moral objections” to government-mandated contraception and abortion coverage and favor abolishing the constitutionally-created Electoral college.

Neutral they are not.

Below is a screenshot from the League of Women Voters (LWV) website in support and defense for ObamaCare (a.k.a. Affordable Health Care Act) which will force Americans to buy medical insurance.
Source: h ttp://www.lwv.org/our-work/other-policy-work/health
(Click image to enlarge it)


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