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Why Vote ‘NO’ on the $1.2 Billion Bond for Schools…and Labor Unions

Posted by FactReal on November 1, 2012

Miami-Dade spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on questionable union costs. Now they want voters to approve more taxes despite the economic malaise that has caused so much hardship for taxpayers.
“Unnecessary union labor costs have been siphoning millions of dollars from Miami-Dade schools every year, at a time when the district can least afford it,” concluded the Education Action Group Foundation (EAG) after analyzing the teachers union collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

“The Miami-Dade County school board is asking voters to approve a $1.2 billion bond issue in the Nov. 6 election to fund physical improvements to the district…But the public might be hesitant to approve more taxes, particularly since the district continues to spend too much money on union labor,” says the EAG which analyzes school spending and education reform across the nation.

The EAG study titled “Sucking the Life Out of America’s Public Schools: The Expense of Teachers Union Contracts” found that:


  • $270 million on employee health insurance premiums, while employees contributed about 12% toward their own coverage.
  • $21 million for substitute teachers to cover for teachers who called in “sick” due to the “illness of self or illness and/or death” of distant family members, acquaintances, or anyone who resides at the same address as the employee requesting sick leave.
  • $1.3 million for generous tuition reimbursement for teachers and office employees who continue their education.
  • $506,963 in alternative education stipends.
  • $347,000 in “supplements” for office staff arranging temporary instructors.
  • $255,800 for “supplements” for full-time interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing students. Those with a Bachelor’s degree earn an extra $2,000 per year while those with a Master’s degree or higher earn an extra $4,000 per year. Those hired to work on an hourly basis are paid $50 per hour.
  • $68,492 for one teacher to work as full-time union president.
  • $64,850 in “supplements” to employees who passed secretary training.
  • $59,300 for other teachers to have union “leave time.”
  • $42,779 as “increased financial incentive for the pursuit of further study.” (Sounds similar to the tuition reimbursement program)
  • $42,170 in stipends to employees who completed the urban education program “which will lead to advanced degrees for which credentialed payments shall be made.”

The school board has to cut expenses and waste before asking taxpayers to pay more taxes. Also, shouldn’t public employees pay for their own medical insurance? Why do taxpayers have to finance their lifetime pensions? Why do we need public unions?

Glossary – School District
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