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Vote ‘NO’ on Creating New Municipalities – Miami-Dade Charter Amendment (Election: Nov. 2012)

Posted by FactReal on November 4, 2012

The 2012 November ballot for Miami-Dade County has several Charter Amendment Questions which will amend the home-rule charter (the “constitution” for Miami-Dade county.) Below is a quick background and recommendation for one of the questions:

Title: Charter Amendment Pertaining to Changes in Municipal Boundaries and Creation of New Municipalities
Language on the ballot:

Shall the Charter be amended to:

  • Require the County Commission to consider the benefits of any proposed annexation of commercial areas, when approving or authorizing an annexation
  • Establish alternative procedure for creation of new municipalities in unincorporated areas of the County by petition which provides conditions for creation of new municipalities and a single election to approve the creation of a new municipality and approve its Charter, instead of two elections for these purposes?

RECOMMENDATION: Vote ‘NO’: If Miami-Dade voters approve this charter amendment, it will make it easier to create cities out of unincorporated Miami-Dade which would lead to more taxes (county taxes and city taxes), more bureaucrats, more costs, etc. This charter amendment would make it easier for pro-cityhood groups to force residents of unincorporated Miami-Dade to become a city. They would need 6 months to collect the signatures from only 20% of the electors in the proposed area. The current ordinance calls for 3 months to obtain 25% of the electors’ signatures.
Go here for more details on the negative consequences of incorporation.

Videos from the commissioners special meeting on 8/23/2012:
Voters against the proposal (Video mark 42:00)
(The Charter Review Task Force spoke before the residents opposing the incorporation proposal)
Commissioners deliberating the proposal. (Agenda item 10A3 thru 10A3ALTERNATE3)

Commissioners’ Votes
Commissioners passed the resolution: 11 – 1 with 1 absent.
(Agenda item 10A3ALTERNATE1 AMENDED on 8/23/2012).
Resolution Reference: R-655-12
Proposed changes to the Charter (See pages 7-11)

All Miami-Dade County Charter Amendments & Recommendations
2012 Florida Constitutional Amendments & Voter Guides
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