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FACTS: Obama vs. Romney (2012 Presidential Election)

Posted by FactReal on November 6, 2012

Romney is Right: 47% Pay no Federal Income tax (CNN report)
Why Romney’s Capital Gains Taxes are Lower…and Why that Benefits You
Romney’s 14.1% Tax Rate is Higher than Most Americans when Comparing Apples to Apples
Romney Pays 14.1%; Americans Pay 11% Effective Tax Rate
97% of Americans Pay less than 12% Tax Rate; Romney Pays 14.1%
Romney is Right: More Americans Depend on Government than ever (USAToday report)
Romney’s Response to Embassy Attacks was Presidential
Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech at Clinton Global Initiative – 9/25/2012 (Transcript, Video)
Did Romney Say ‘Binder Full of Women’? (Transcript, Video)
Woman Behind “Romney’s Binders” Speaks Out (Video)
Romney’s Great Debate Moment on Obama’s Broken Promises (Video)

Why Americans Oppose Obamacare
Obamacare’s Negative Effects
Obama Adviser Pushes for Death Panels in ObamaCare (NYT, 9/16/2012)
Obama Abandons White Working Class Voters, NYT reported in 2011
LIBYA Timeline: Obama’s Changing Libya Narrative (Video, Transcript)
LIBYA: Videos, Timeline: Obama’s Crazy Responses to Libya Attack (Video, Transcript)
LIBYA: Did Obama Watch While Americans Fought for their Lives?
LIBYA: Obama did NOT call Benghazi an “Act of Terror” in Rose Garden Speech (Video)
Obama’s Same Words in 2008 & in 2012 (Video)
Obama’s Chinese and Cayman Investments
Obama Era: Income Down, Poverty Up (CBS report)
Obama Added $6 Trillion to US Debt in 4 Years; Bush $4.9 Trillion in 8 years
Obama’s Record: 1 in 7 on Foodstamps; 1 in 16 on Disability; 1 in 12 Out of Work
Food Stamps Recipients Doubled after Obama Suspended Welfare Work Requirement
LIST: 10 Obama Regulations Killing our Energy Economy
LIST: Obama’s Failed Green-Energy Companies
LIST: Michelle Obama’s Vacations (Video)
LIST: Obama’s Apology Tour (Videos)
On the Letterman Show, Obama Forgets what the National Debt is (Video)
Obama’s Wealth Redistribution 101
Biden Tells the Truth: Obama Buried the Middle Class these last 4 Years (Video)
Obama Prez for the entire country? Obama Mocked Tea Partiers (Videos)
MSM worried: Obama won’t Meet Foreign Leaders Given Crisis, but Goes to ‘The View’ (Videos)
Obama: “I’m Eye Candy!” Americans Respond by Tweeting Funny #ObamaCandyNames
Obama’s Blasphemy Law…to Protect Islam
Obama Pays Women Staff Less than Men
Obama Lied! Planned Parenthood does NOT Provide Mammograms
Obama’s War on Babies: Obama Argued against Babies who Survive Abortions (Audio)
Obama Violates Catholics’ Freedom of Religion
Obama lies: $9 Birth Control Pills at Target – Obamacare’s contraception mandate not needed

…more facts here.

2012 VOTER GUIDES – Florida
2012 VOTER GUIDE – Miami-Dade County, Florida

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