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Broward Election Problems…Gov. Rick Scott’s Fault?

Posted by FactReal on November 14, 2012

The Sun Sentinel recounts some of the problems with the Elections Department in Broward which of Florida’s 67 counties “was the last to finish counting ballots, posting final tallies in two commission races at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday — seven days after the polls closed.”

Summary of the election problems in Broward:

  • Nearly 1,000 unaccounted-for ballots were found in a Lauderhill warehouse one week after the election.
  • Erosion of confidence: Elections staff had to search of “every nook and cranny, high and low” for the 963 ballots found Monday…”Something about this seems to erode all the confidence. It’s disgraceful,” Parkland mayor Michael Udine said.
  • Worker fatigue delayed the recount of votes.
  • Ill-trained poll workers appeared to be overwhelmed by the crush of voters at the polls on Nov 6.
  • “Get the vote out” pressure:(?) Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said, “The difference with this election, there was a close race between two presidential candidates, and pressure put on everyone to get the vote out. We’re erring on the side of caution.”
  • Parkland mayor Michael Udine said what he noticed in his city’s seven precincts was representative of problems reported all around South Florida. “In one precinct, a scanner broke, people waited in lines for four hours, they ran out of ballots and people voted in a room the size of a broom closet,” Udine said. “Residents are outraged over this.”
  • Sandra Yeager, VP of the Broward chapter of the liberal group ‘League of Women Voters’ put some of the blame on worker training. “It seems a little hit and miss. They are not the youngest people in world, and they forget. So they need to adapt a training manual, because they are not mastering it,” she said.
  • Glitches with the elections computer systems that led to “many provisional ballots,” long wait times for voters, and calls to county help desks “that were not very helpful” were some of the problems Yeager and other League members saw.
  • “They lose ballots, then they find them…I don’t think it’s an honest deal down here. I think they should fire everybody, and get new people in there,” said former Michigan resident Arnold Ruskin.

But leftists still want to blame GOP Gov. Rick Scott:

Statewide, the League [of Women Voters] is part of a coalition of advocacy groups calling on Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers to appoint a task force to review the problem-plagued election. The League, along with the NAACP, the AARP, the ACLU and others cited problems including budget cuts to the state’s election supervisors, a reduction in early-voting days, and a ballot that was one of the longest in Florida history.

Is Gov. Rick Scott’s Fault?
These liberal groups and other leftists are aggressively trying to transfer the blame to Gov. Rick Scott for the election problems in Florida. Of course, they don’t mention that the longer ballot resulted because the courts kept rejecting the Florida Legislature’s ballot summaries as misleading. The proposed Florida amendments on the November ballot were the result of two years of work by Florida lawmakers who were sent to Tallahassee by voters in 2010 to reform the state government. Leftists hated the Florida amendments because they “were put there by the Republican-led Florida Legislature and would advance the GOP’s low-tax, small-government agenda,” as reported by the AP in October 2012.

And the budget cuts and the reduction in early-voting days are necessary, because the state is trying to balance the budget while the economy is still in the tank. The Left has opposed every spending cut proposed by Governor Rick Scott, because they are addicted to the government programs and because they want to corner him into raising taxes as the only way to avoid a budget deficit. Whatever Scott does, they will find a way to blame him…and other Republicans. Why? Because they want a Democrat Governor and a Democrat Legislature in Tallahassee.


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