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Obama’s Tax Evaders of the Year

Posted by FactReal on January 2, 2013

Via Michelle Malkin:

President Obama will kick off the new year the same way that he kicked off the old year: by demanding that the wealthy pay their “fair share” in taxes. But while millions of small business owners, struggling entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors brace for a double whammy of fiscal cliff tax hikes and new Obamacare taxes, the class warrior-in-chief’s richest pals are getting a pass.

It’s a Golden Pass for liberal millionaires and billionaires who support higher Obama taxes for everyone but themselves. Meet the Democratic tax evaders of the year.

— Google
— The Washington Post
— Costco
— Facebook
— George Lucas
— Andre “Dr. Dre” Young

Details here.

Costco, a Big Obama Donor, to Pay Fat Dividends to Beat Obama’s Tax Increase…
Biden’s Costco Visit – A Publicity Stunt as Payback to Big Democrat Donor
Obama’s 2012 Campaign is Collecting Your Online Activities


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