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Flashback: Obama Blocked Immigration Reform for 8 Years

Posted by FactReal on January 30, 2013

Via Breitbart.com:

As Breitbart News has previously reported, Obama spent eight years preventing any attempt at sensible immigration reform. As a Senator in 2005-6, he sat in on meetings about the legislation only to demand changes on behalf of the unions. Later, he helped kill a second attempt in 2007, sponsoring amendments designed to damage the bill’s prospects and cast a decisive vote against a guest worker program that sunk the effort.

Not once in his first term–not even with full control of Capitol Hill, and a brief filibuster-proof majority in the Senate–did President Obama propose immigration legislation, a violation of an explicit campaign promise. He also made immigration more difficult for skilled workers, both through enforcing rules against foreign hiring by TARP recipients and through failing to expand H1-B visas. Obama did, however, make a hostile, aggressive speech in El Paso, TX in 2001 attacking Republican reluctance on immigration reform and accusing his political opposition of racism for wanting tougher border security.

In 2012, after presiding over aggressive deportations of illegal immigrants for nearly four years, and with a close election looming, President Obama announced a new executive decision to stay the deportations of “Dreamers.” The decision was in direct defiance of Congress, which had failed to pass a Democrat-sponsored Dream Act, which would have rewarded illegal immigrants who completed a degree or served in the military.


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