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*Washington Post 2017 (Trump is Right): Hurricane Maria’s Blow to Puerto Rico’s Bankrupt Utility and Fragile Electric Grid

Posted by FactReal on September 13, 2018

In September 2017, the Washington Post reported on Puerto Rico’s bankrupt utility company, old power plants, poor maintenance, exodus of skilled labor and its fragile electric grid…long before the 2017 hurricanes.

Here are some highlights of their report[1]:

Hurricane Maria has dealt a new blow to Puerto Rico’s bankrupt electric company — knocking out power for the entire island and imposing costly repair burdens on a utility that was already struggling with more than $9 billion in debt, poor service and sky-high rates.


Even before it was hit by Irma and now Maria, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority [PREPA] said it needed more than $4 billion to overhaul its outdated power plants and reduce its heavy reliance on imported oil. The company filed, in effect, for bankruptcy July 2.


The utility’s struggles are a key part of the commonwealth’s struggles to restructure about $74 billion in debts, overhaul its economy and stem the outflow of Puerto Rican citizens to the U.S. mainland.


….The median age of PREPA’s power plants is more than 40 years old.


PREPA has also lost 30 percent of its employees since 2012 due to steady migration out of the commonwealth and retirements. The areas hit hardest have been skilled jobs, including the linemen needed to repair transmission lines.


The utility has a poor safety record. An explosion last year knocked out power in many places for four days. Newspapers run photos of poor maintenance, rusting control panels and outmoded controls.

…continue reading:
WAPO 2017: Puerto Rico’s bankrupt utility and fragile electric grid before Hurricane Maria – report 9/20/2017

[1] Hurricane Maria has dealt a heavy blow to Puerto Rico’s bankrupt utility and fragile electric grid

REUTERS 2017 (Trump is Right): The Bankrupt Utility behind Puerto Rico’s Power Crisis … before Hurricane Maria
ABC NEWS 2017 (Trump is Right): Puerto Rico Power Grid Falling Apart before Maria Hit
LA TIMES 2017 (Trump is Right): Puerto Rico’s Power Grid on Life Support long before the 2017 Hurricanes

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