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Invasion of Illegals Broke Fence at the Guatemala-Mexico Border (Vids, pics)

Posted by FactReal on October 20, 2018

Do you think these illegal immigrants are coming to follow and respect our laws?
We empathize with their plight, but they are not above the law. We all have to follow the rules. No country, no society can survive this invasion. (It’s time we stop calling this “caravan of migrants.”)

They are angry. Many are confessing they are coming for jobs, not asylum.

OCTOBER 19, 2018
Via CNN[1]: “Honduran migrants heading in a caravan to the United States tear down the gate to the Guatemala-Mexico international border bridge in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas state, Mexico, on Oct. 19, 2018. (Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images)”


Via Mark F: “Illegals break through fence at Guatemala-Mexico border, Next Stop United States.”

Via Magallanes YouTube: “Migrants break the border fence between Guatemala and Mexico.”
[“Migrantes rompe la valla fronteriza entre Guatemala y México.”]

Via Ruptly: “Guatemala: Migrant caravan storms Guatemala-Mexico border en route to USA”
“Thousands of migrants broke through the border fence at the Guatemala-Mexico border and began streaming toward Mexican territory on Friday.”

Via AFP News Agency: Drone images of migrants at the Guatemala-Mexico border
“Drone images of thousands of migrants arriving at the border between Guatemala and Mexico, on their way to the United States”

Via Vanguardia MX: Migrant caravan breaks fence and enters Mexico
“After overcoming the border fence in Tecún Umán, in Guatemalan territory, more than 4 thousand Hondurans entered Mexico shortly after 1:00 pm with the hope of reaching the United States.”

[“Caravana migrante rompe cerco e ingresa a México”
“Tras vencer el cerco en Tecún Umán, en territorio guatemalteco, más de 4 mil hondureños ingresaron a México poco después de las 13:00 horas con la esperanza de llegar a Estados Unidos.”]

Via Global News: “Migrants break through fence at Guatemala-Mexico border”

Via Daily Mail: “US-bound migrant caravan breaks through Guatemala-Mexico border”

Illegal aliens file income tax returns to get “refunds” from the IRS
Dictionary: ILLEGAL ALIEN = A Foreigner who has Entered a Country Unlawfully
[This was the definition Dictionary.com gave in 2013 – before becoming politically correct.]

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