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Crimes Against Flynn Ignored by Mueller

Posted by FactReal on December 17, 2018

Crimes against Flynn Ignored by Mueller:
* They leaked Flynn’s classified phone conversations
* They revealed Flynn’s identity

Why has Mueller ignored Obama administration crimes? (12/9/2018)
By Victoria Toensing from the law firm diGenova & Toensing:

The matter of Gen. Michael Flynn began with criminal conduct. But it was not committed by Flynn. The crimes were leaking the contents of classified telephone conversations between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and revealing the identity of Flynn as a party to the conversations.

The sorry saga began with a January 12, 2017 column about the Flynn/Kislyak conversations by The Washington Post’s David Ignatius, who described his source as a “senior U.S. government official,” i.e., an Obama administration functionary. Whoever told Ignatius the fact of and substance of the eavesdropped conversations committed a felony by leaking classified information.

The second crime is publicly revealing a U.S. citizen’s identity as being a party to those conversations. When there is authorized intelligence collection of foreign officials, the identity of the U.S. person who is incidentally picked up during that collection is to be minimized (not disclosed), even within the U.S. government. […] Providing it [Flynn’s identity] to Ignatius was a crime.


Thus, before Flynn flunked remembering every word of a conversation he was asked to recall weeks later, an Obama administration official had egregiously broken the national security and privacy laws. But only Flynn has been charged with a crime.

In charging Gen. Michael Flynn, Mueller turned a policy dispute into criminal activity (12/5/2018)
By Jordan Schachtel:

So why was Flynn targeted for destruction?

The decorated general made plenty of political adversaries during his military service as Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief in the Obama administration and as a member of the Trump campaign and administration. This has resulted in a ruthless campaign targeting his reputation and his livelihood for destruction. The story is not so much about Flynn’s alleged abuses of power, but instead about the abuses of power committed by the individuals and groups going after Flynn.

Mueller’s Gift to Obama
Shouldn’t the special counsel investigate the crimes that drew Flynn into his probe?
By WSJ’s Kimberley A. Strassel

It’s hard to overstate how unserious the Logan Act claim is. If Mr. Mueller has no case to make that Mr. Flynn violated the Logan Act, he has no business bringing it up. The only conceivable reason to throw it in was to give cover to the Obama officials who used it as their excuse to target Mr. Flynn in the first place, which they then used to help justify the appointment of a special counsel.

Comey: “I Sent FBI to Flynn, Broke Protocol and Got Away with It” (Video)


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