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Tucker: Names of Dead People Who Voted in 2020 Election (List)

Posted by FactReal on November 11, 2020

Also How Democrats Encouraged Fraud with Unsolicited Mail-In- Ballots
Tonight, Tucker Carlson listed the names of some of the dead people who voted in last week’s presidential election. He also explained tricks Democrats used to increase the amount of fraudulent voting.

Below: List of dead “voters,” as well as video and highlights of Tucker’s report.

LIST: 2020 DEAD “Voters”
– Edward Skwiot of Trenton, Georgia, died in 2015 (Worked in construction and teaching school)
– Henry Gionta, 2012
– Norine Lucas, died 2009
– Joseph Barbano, died 2008
– Thomas Sullivan, died 2006
– George White, died in 1984
– Judy Presto, died in 2013
– Jeanne Evans, died in 2016
– Mary McArdle, died in 2010
– Steven Swartz, died in 2019
– Elizabeth Bartman, died in 2008
– Mary Weisser, died in 2012
– Walter Hoak, died in 2020
– Kristin Rehnberg, died in 2011
– John Granahan, died in 2019
– Rondall Pearson, died in 2007
– James Blalock of Covington, Georgia, died in 2006 (He was a mailman for 33 years)
– Barbara Bush, died in 2020
– Deborah Christiansen, died in 2019
– Brenda Heaton, died in 2020
– Thomas Howell, died in 2010
– Linda Kesler of Nicholson, Georgia, died in 2003
– Helen Mahdi, died in 2004
– William Nelson, died in 2020
– William Raybon, died in 2009

– Rosemary Hartle, died in 2017 (Obituary)
– Fred Stokes Jr. (of Clark County, Nevada), died in 2017 (Obituary & report)

– Denise Ondish (of Allegheny County), died on Oct. 22, 2020 (in Oct. 24, 2020, county officials mailed a ballot to her, and got it back completed on Nov. 2.


Stats: 2 million dead people on voter rolls; 24 million voter registrations invalid/incorrect
– One 2012 study by Pew found:
— There were close to 2 million dead people still on voter rolls around this country.
— Approx. 24 million voter registrations (1 out of every 8 in America) were wrong — they were no longer valid or significantly incorrect.
— Close to 3 million people in America had registrations in more than 1 state.

– Fraud was encouraged by states sending ballots and registration forms to millions of people, totally unsolicited. The pretext: COVID — a public health emergency.
– Democrats did it. Republicans let them do it.

NEVADA: (Biden currently leads Trump by fewer than 40,000 votes)
– State Democrats and their lawyers made certain Nevada sent actual ballots — not ballot applications — to every single registered voter in the state, whether they requested those ballots or not. They were aware that more than 41,000 people who are registered to vote in Nevada have not voted or updated their registrations in more than 10 years. Why? Because many of these people are dead or gone, but they got ballots anyway.

PENNSYLVANIA: Nearly 3,000 potentially deceased voters remained on the voter rolls (according to a December 2019 report from the commonwealth’s Department of the Auditor General.) The Trump campaign says it has found evidence that some of them voted this year.

Why did this happen? Democrats did it.
– Democrats understand that when you send mail-in ballots to an entire unverified voter roll, you can’t really know who is voting.

Demcrats have tried to remove all barriers to voting
– Democrats filed lawsuits in Nevada to eliminate signature verification to make certain that fraud remained likely.
– In 2019 (well before coronavirus), Democrat Senator Ron Wyden, sponsored the Vote-by-Mail Act which demands every state in the union mails ballots to their entire unverified voter list. Whether you asked for it or not, whether you are alive or not, you get a ballot. Only way to interpret this: Democrats are abetting fraud.
– In the summer, Democrats in the House of Representatives passed something called the Heroes Act: It wouldn’t simply have provided automatic mailing of absentee ballots to all voters in America. It also would have prevented states from restricting ballot harvesting (that means that anyone could collect and return bundles of ballots from dead or living voters to polling stations with no oversight all.
– In January: If Democrats gain control of the U.S. Senate, they will pass the Heroess Act into law.

Coronavirus was just a pretext – Dems have pushed for mail-in-voting for years
– Right now, Democrats are claiming universal mail-in balloting is necessary because of coronavirus, but they’re lying. They have been pushing for this very thing for years for one reason: It gives them an advantage because it increases the incidence of fraud.

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