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President Trump’s Update on Coronavirus Vaccine (Video)

Posted by FactReal on November 13, 2020

Nov. 13, 2020:
Topic: Update on Operation Warp Speed
Video via Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN):
Other video source: C-SPAN
Highlights of President Trump’s Remarks:
– Vaccine will be distributed to elderly and high-risk Americans immediately.
– Three other vaccines are in final stages of trial.
– Expect emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine
– All states that requested PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] from the federal govt. received PPE almost immediately upon request.
– Every American who needed a ventilator had access to a ventilator (a very expensive, complicated machine.)
– Now we are helping the world with ventilators — We are producing thousands of ventilators a month.
– The federal govt. has 22,000 beds immediately available for states and jurisdictions that need them.
– But with the vaccine, numbers of COVID cases will come down.
– As we continue to combat the virus, our economy is rebounding. The stock market today is up 400 points, our jobs records are incredible. In the last 6 months, we created over 13 million jobs and slashed the unemployment rate by more than half.
– Under Trump administration, there will be no lockdowns. Lockdowns cost lives. Lockdowns cause depression, loss of jobs, business closures. We will be very careful though.

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