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VIDEO: Georgia Senate Committees Hearings on Elections Processes (12/3/2020)

Posted by FactReal on December 3, 2020

Via The Epoch Times:

Two committees in Georgia’s Senate have announced that they will hold back-to-back hearings to examine whether the state’s elections processes were followed in the November election on Dec. 3.

9:30 a.m.: Georgia Senate Committee on Government Oversight

1:00 p.m.: Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

NTD and The Epoch Times will livestream the full events.

The Epoch Times video shows both hearings plus part of the #STS Rally:

Georgia Senate Committee on Government Oversight

– So far, and as expected, this committee is just validating the fraud & irregularities in the Georgia 2020 election. This is not a fact-finding mission as chairman Bill Health promised at the beginning of the hearing.
– Ryan Germany, general counsel of the Georgia secretary of state, (without providing any evidence) is defending the erroneous position of election officials in Georgia. Committee members seem very satisfied with his word alone.
– Gabriel Sterling: “The system worked.” “There is zero ambiguity of what the voter intent is.”

Trump Legal Team Presents Case to Georgia Senate Committee 12/3/20
RSBN has the 1PM hearing:



– Russell Ramsland: His affidavit is part of Sidney Powell’s Georgia lawsuit, exhibit 10.
– Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron, cybersecurity expert
– Susan Voyles
– Bridget Thorne, technician assisting Dominion Voting Systems: Her affidavit is part of Lin Wood’s Lawsuit, exhibit to TRO Motion
– More: GA Senator Report: Election Fraud Findings & Testimonies from Public Hearing (12/3/2020)


March for Trump Bus Tour Rally in Atlanta, GA 12/3/20

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