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READ: Sidney Powell’s SCOTUS Emergency Filings for GA, MI, AZ, WI (12/11/2020)

Posted by FactReal on December 11, 2020

Kraken Team Files Suit Against States for: Massive Election Fraud, Destruction of Legal Votes, Violation of Equal Protection
Today, Sidney Powell tweeted she made emergency filings in the U.S. supreme court for Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

Emergency Petition under rule 20 for Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus.

SCOTUS filings below: Petitions and Exhibits

Via: SidneyPowell.com/mi-scotus
Plaintiffs/Petitioners: Timothy King, Marian Ellen Sheridan, John Earl Haggard, Charles James Ritchard, James David Hooper, and Daren Wade Rubingh
Respondent: Gretchen Whitmer (Governor of Michigan), et al.

Plaintiffs/Petitioners: Tyler Bowyer, Michael John Burke, Nancy Cottle, Jake Hoffman, Anthony Kern, Christopher M. King, James R. Lamon, Sam Moorehead, Robert Montgomery, Loraine Pellegrino, Greg Safsten, Salvatore Luke Scarmardo, Kelli Ward and Michael Ward.
Respondents: Doug Ducey, Governor of State of Arizona, and Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State of Arizona

Plaintiffs/Petitioners: Coreco Ja’qan Pearson, Vikki Townsend Consiglio, Gloria Kay Godwin, James Kenneth Carroll, Jason M. Shepherd (Cobb County Republican Party), and Brian Jay van Gundy.
Respondents: Brian Kemp (Governor of Georgia), Brad Raffensperger (Secretary of State and Chair of Georgia State Election Board), David J. Worley (member of Georgia State Election Board), Rebecca N. Sullivan (member of Georgia State Election Board), Matthew Mashburn (member of Georgia State Election Board), and Anh Le (member of Georgia State Election Board).

Plaintiffs/Petitioners: William Feehan
Respondents: Wisconsin Elections Commission, Commissioner Ann S. Jacobs, Marlc L. Thomsen, Commissioner Marge Bostelman, Julie M. Glancey, Commissioner Dean Knudson, Robert F. Spindell Jr., and Governor Tony Evers

Other links: Scribd.com – Sidney Powell uploads

Sidney Powell’s tweets:

Pay attention! We made emergency filings in #SupremeCourt tonight for #Georgia & #Michigan. Will be filing #Arizona #Wisconsin shortly. These cases raise constitutional issues and prove massive #fraud.
Our plaintiffs have #standing
#WeThePeople will not allow #rigged elections

Arizona case just filed.
Briefs and records will be uploaded at http://DefendingTheRepublic.org
And at http://SidneyPowell.com
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn

Video: Votes Deducted Live on TV (Election Day)
LINKS: Evidence of Election Fraud with Sources
LIST: 2020 Election Fraud, Irregularities
1. Editor’s Note: We no longer capitalize “Supreme Court” or “Justices.” We believe they don’t deserve that honor after the U.S. supreme court’s decision to reject the Texas 2020 election lawsuit and the intolerant behavior of some Wisconsin supreme court justices. Most judges are leftist activists or simply weak. Most of them don’t care about their duties: Interpreting the Constitution and ensuring the American people receive equal justice under the law.

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