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Timeline: Trump did NOT Incite Violence Jan. 6 (Tweets, Videos)

Posted by FactReal on January 9, 2021


Even if Trump had not made references to the election fraud in his tweets and videos, people would have done the same: Patriots/Trumpsters/Conservatives would have protested peacefully (which is their normal behavior) against the obvious 2020 election fraud. And the agitators would have stormed the U.S. Capitol anyway, because that was their plan. A plan that has benefited Democrats and not Trump and his supporters.


These are the same people calling for the impeachment of President Trump 10 days before the end of his administration.
Full list here

– Pelosi calling for uprising all over the country.
– CNN Cuomo: Protests aren’t supposed to be peaceful.
– MSNBC: Put a bullet on Donald Trump.
– Maxine Waters: Get a crowd, confront Trump cabinet members. Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.
– Kamala Harris regarding BLM rioters who have destroyed cities and attacked citizens for months: They are not going to stop before or after Election Day. They’re not going to let up and they should not.
– Kamala Harris urged people to donate to bail out the rioters.

TRUMP’S SPEECH AT RALLY (1/6/2021, 11:58AM)

Trump: “Everyone here will soon be marching peacefully over to the Capitol building

[Note: Going to the Capitol was part of the scheduled events for that day.]
Trump’s exact words: “We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated, lawfully slated. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” [Video mark 16:38]

Our report: Full transcript here

What Trump said at the rally:

– Trump never said anything about storming the Capitol, removing barricades, breaking windows, etc.
– He used words like ‘fighting’ and ‘warriors’ in the context of politics:
i.e., “I want to thank the more than 140 members of the House. Those are warriors.”
i.e., “If they don’t fight, we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don’t fight. You primary them.”
– Trump gave details of the many instances of election fraud in the battleground states.
– Trump listed his accomplishments as President.

What Trump did NOT say at the rally
Trump never incited violence like many Democrats have. For example:
– Trump did NOT ask for ‘uprisings all over the country’ like Nancy Pelosi said.
– Trump did NOT say ‘beat the hell out’ of anyone like Joe Biden said.
– Trump did NOT threat with riots and terrorism (ala Black Lives Matters) before and after Election Day like Kamala Harris said.
– Trump did NOT said he will ‘take a rival politician out’ like Maxine Waters said.
– Trump did NOT tell supporters that if they see a Democrat ‘in a restaurant, in a department store…you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere’ just like Maxine Waters has said.
– Trump did NOT tell his supporters to kick Democrats ‘when they go low’ like Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder said
– Trump did NOT talked about ‘putting a bullet’ on a rival politician like MSNBC Rick Wilson did say.
– Trump did NOT hold in his hand a ‘bloodied, decapitated head’ of a rival like Kathy Griffin did.


Our report: Electoral College Vote Count (1/6/2021, 1PM EST) **PROTESTERS INSIDE CAPITOL BUILDING.


TRUMP: “Stay peaceful!”


Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!

TRUMP: “Go home with love & peace.”


These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & peace. Remember this day forever!

TRUMP: “Everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence!”


I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!

Trump: “Go home in peace.”

Our report: WATCH: Trump to Protesters “Go Home in Peace.” Twitter Deleted this Video. (1/6/2021)
Twitter immediately removed this tweet to delete evidence of Trump calling for peace so leftists can accuse Trump of inciting violence.


I know your pain. I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election. And everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt. It is a very tough period of time. There’s never been a time like this where such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us – from me, from you, from our country. This was a fraudulent election, but we can’t play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special. You see what happens. You see how others are treated that are so bad and so evil . I know how you feel. But go home and go home in peace.


TRUMP: “I am outraged by the violence…I immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders.”

Our report: VIDEO: Trump Calls for Transition, Condemns Capitol Chaos (1/7/2021)


I would like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the United States Capitol. Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem. I immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. America is and must always be a nation of law and order.

The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay. We have just been through an intense election and emotions are high, but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored. We must get on with the business of America.

My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. In so doing, I was fighting to defend American democracy. I continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections.

Now Congress has certified the results. A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power.

This moment calls for healing and reconciliation. 2020 has been a challenging time for our people. A menacing pandemic has upended the lives of our citizens, isolated millions in their homes, damaged our economy, and claimed countless lives. Defeating this pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy on earth will require all of us working together. It will require a renewed emphasis on the civic values of patriotism, faith, charity, community, and family. We must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family.

To the citizens of our country, serving as your President has been the honor of my lifetime. And to all of my wonderful supporters, I know you are disappointed, but I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning.

Thank you. God bless you, and God bless America.

So, where exactly does Trump call for an insurrection or for violence? Where does he say to his supporters to go and storm the Capitol?

Marching to the Capitol was part of the scheduled event:

LIST: Leftists Purging Trump & His Supporters

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