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Yearbooks: Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs & ‘Slave Day’ Events

Posted by FactReal on October 11, 2022

READ: Yearbooks prove Democrat Katie Hobbs had to know about the ‘Slave Day’ annual tradition at the school she attended in the 1980s. The 1987 yearbook (page 21) lists her as one of the Student Council officers who coordinated the ‘Slave Day’ events as part of ‘Spirit Week.’
The Daily Mail reported yesterday: EXCLUSIVE: How Arizona’s Democratic Governor candidate Katie Hobbs organized her high school’s ‘spirit week’ – where students took part in a ‘slave day’ and bid for younger students to perform ‘degrading’ tasks (Archive): (Oct. 10, 2022)
Key points:

– DailyMail.com uncovered yearbook photos that show Hobbs was a student leader while her high school held a ‘Slave Day’ tradition
– The student council page with her face on it says the student leaders coordinated Spirit Week events – when Slave Day appears to have taken place
– The tradition involves freshman ‘slaves’ following orders from senior ‘masters’
– Freshmen were able to buy seniors as ‘slaves’ in an ‘auction’ at another point
– One photo shows a student restraining another with a leash
– Hobbs, who played an active student body role as a member of the yearbook staff and student council for part of her tenure, went to school there from 1984 through 1988.

These are the yearbooks when Katie Hobbs reportedly attended the school (1984 – 1988.)

1984 Yearbook:
Page 4: “Among Spirit Week activities in ’83 were those spotlighting the Class of ’84 and the Class of ’87. Each freshman was required to wear a demeaning sign and to serve as a slave to a senior for a day. The tables were turned on Senior Slave Day, when seniors were auctioned off and made to act as slaves to underclassmen willing to pay for the privilege of being masters for a day.”

1985 Yearbook:
“1984 Homecoming festivities began, as usual, with Spirit Week, featuring freshman slaves wearing unbecoming hairdos and unbecoming outfits, sporting embarrassing signs and performing embarrassing acts of servitude for senior masters for a day.”

Page 7: “Later during Spirit Week, members of the Class of ’85 offered themselves for sale as slaves to underclassmen, who willingly paid to have one or more seniors to wait on
them, wearing ridiculous outfits and ridiculous hairdos.”

1986 Yearbook:
Page 11: “Seniors are auctioned off starting at two dollars for senior slave day.”
Page 66: “In order to raise money for their class activities, such as Homecoming 1984, they sold both themselves at Slave Day ‘85 and jerseys for Spirit Week.”
Page 75: [Photo of teenager with black paint on her face] “________ just loves Slave Day.”

1987 Yearbook:
Page 21: ‘Student Council Leads the Way’
“Student Council has had many activities throughout the year. They kicked the year off with a dance in September. Following that, in October, they coordinated the many class events during Spirit Week.
[Photo shows Katie Hobbs as one of the Student Council officers which lead the school.]”

[The photo is at the top of this post.]

1988 Yearbook:
Page 14: “”SPIRIT WEEK” began with Freshmen Initiation. Frosh were seen doing various chores for their beloved seniors, like. weeping in front of the seniors as they walked. Tuesday was Halloween dress-up day and the Senior Auction.”

“Thursday was “Senior Slave Day” and the scenes of the Seniors’ paying for cruelties rendered on Monday are too painful to mention. although make-up was quite popular with the Senior guys.”

[Photo] “___________ hugs her Teddy bear as she is auctioned off.”

Page 44: “Exactly what is a freshman? A freshman is a normal person, put
in the unfortunate category of being an underclassman. A freshman is usually beat on, pushed around, and takes the rap for everything that goes wrong. They are usually everybody’s slaves.”

Yearbooks from Seton Catholic Preparatory School in Arizona (Archive)

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