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VIDEO: House Hearing on Twitter Files (Govt. Used Twitter to Censor Americans)

Posted by FactReal on March 9, 2023

Today’s Hearing: Weaponization of the Federal Government: The Twitter Files
By: Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

What are Twitter Files?
Government agencies colluded with Big Tech to censor Americans via content moderation decisions.

House Judiciary explains:

“On December 2, 2022, journalist Matt Taibbi published the first edition of the Twitter Files, a series of reports documenting how Twitter was previously used by government actors to censor speech online.”

“The Twitter Files are a series of eighteen reports,and counting, that began soon after Elon Musk acquired Twitter. The most recent edition was published on March 2. Twitter allowed the journalists, as part of their reporting on government censorship by proxy, to review internal communications and correspondence between Twitter employees and federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Other video link: C-SPAN

– Matt Taibbi, Journalist: prepared statement
– Michael Shellenberger, Author, Co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute and the California Peace Coalition:prepared statement

Journalists are not Republicans


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