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Lies of Teachers Video Showing ‘The Rich’ Urinating on ‘The Poor’

Posted by FactReal on December 6, 2012

Using a crude image of “the rich” urinating down on “the poor” is the latest left-wing propaganda from a teachers union to advocate for higher taxes on the so-called rich. After all the excessive government spending, public unions still want more. Their addiction to taxpayer money is insatiable.

The California Federation of Teachers produced a video aimed to indoctrinate our kids by demonizing the rich, vilifying success, and inciting class envy. Proud socialist and multimillionaire (1%er) actor, Ed Asner, narrates the video that claims the rich obtained their wealth by pushing for tax cuts and by creating tax loopholes (which they equate to tax evasion.) According to the video, rich people’s greed led to the decline of schools, roads, public transportation, libraries, etc. The financial crash was also the fault of rich people, who later were the only ones who obtained government bailouts and are now blaming public employees for the fiscal problems in the nation — claims the teachers’ video.

These teachers thought it was a great idea to explain to kids the concept of “trickle down economics” (according to liberals) by depicting the rich (1%) urinating on less-affluent Americans (the 99%). Here is screenshot of that video section:

The California Federation of Teachers’ video is little more than unsurprising leftist propaganda, aimed to indoctrinate children with no basis in fact. Leftist, multimillionaire (1%er) actor Ed Asner narrates this video that claims the rich obtain their wealth through tax cuts, tax loopholes, and even tax evasion
Watch video here.

Clinton and Democrats Created the Financial Crash (More here.)
Democrat Barney Frank’s Legacy: Housing Crisis and Prostitution Ring
How Democrats created the mortgage crisis with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

IRS: Taxing ALL Rich People Not Enough to Pay U.S. Deficit
Confiscation of Wealthy Americans’ Money Will NOT Work
The Rich Pay More Taxes…and Higher Tax Rates
47% Pay no Federal Income tax (CNN report)
Bill Clinton’s Tax Increases Slowed Growth
Soaking the rich will only cover 0.5% of Obama’s New Spending (The Buffett Rule)
Obama 2009: The Last Thing You Want is to Raise Taxes in a Recession (Video)
Low capital gains taxes benefit you
Illegal aliens got $4.2 billion from IRS using tax loopholes even if no income tax was withheld or paid.
97% of Americans Pay less than 12% Tax Rate
The top 1% of wage earners in the U.S. pay about 33% of all the income taxes, and the top 5% pay more than half of all the taxes

Billions in stimulus spending went to help bail out homeowners and education programs
Obama’s student loan bailout paid by waitresses and construction workers

The Left LOVES multi-billionaire George Soros who pushed for bank bailouts and bought politicians
Democrats love “Fat Cat” Lobbyists and spend weekend together in Miami Beach
Michelle Obama’s $10 million vacations paid by taxpayers while Americans suffer
Richest celebrities supported Wall Street protests against the rich
Liberals love crony capitalism
Obama rewards rich donors with state dinner at taxpayers expense

Public unions’ exorbitant lifetime pensions are destroying city budgets and homeowners
Public employees retiring in luxury on the back of tax payers
The teachers union and other public-sector unions invest in Wall Street
Average teachers receive $56,500 salary plus $43,505 in benefits…paid by taxpayers

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Why Vote ‘NO’ on the $1.2 Billion Bond for Schools…and Labor Unions

Posted by FactReal on November 1, 2012

Miami-Dade spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on questionable union costs. Now they want voters to approve more taxes despite the economic malaise that has caused so much hardship for taxpayers.
“Unnecessary union labor costs have been siphoning millions of dollars from Miami-Dade schools every year, at a time when the district can least afford it,” concluded the Education Action Group Foundation (EAG) after analyzing the teachers union collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

“The Miami-Dade County school board is asking voters to approve a $1.2 billion bond issue in the Nov. 6 election to fund physical improvements to the district…But the public might be hesitant to approve more taxes, particularly since the district continues to spend too much money on union labor,” says the EAG which analyzes school spending and education reform across the nation.

The EAG study titled “Sucking the Life Out of America’s Public Schools: The Expense of Teachers Union Contracts” found that:


  • $270 million on employee health insurance premiums, while employees contributed about 12% toward their own coverage.
  • $21 million for substitute teachers to cover for teachers who called in “sick” due to the “illness of self or illness and/or death” of distant family members, acquaintances, or anyone who resides at the same address as the employee requesting sick leave.
  • $1.3 million for generous tuition reimbursement for teachers and office employees who continue their education.
  • $506,963 in alternative education stipends.
  • $347,000 in “supplements” for office staff arranging temporary instructors.
  • $255,800 for “supplements” for full-time interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing students. Those with a Bachelor’s degree earn an extra $2,000 per year while those with a Master’s degree or higher earn an extra $4,000 per year. Those hired to work on an hourly basis are paid $50 per hour.
  • $68,492 for one teacher to work as full-time union president.
  • $64,850 in “supplements” to employees who passed secretary training.
  • $59,300 for other teachers to have union “leave time.”
  • $42,779 as “increased financial incentive for the pursuit of further study.” (Sounds similar to the tuition reimbursement program)
  • $42,170 in stipends to employees who completed the urban education program “which will lead to advanced degrees for which credentialed payments shall be made.”

The school board has to cut expenses and waste before asking taxpayers to pay more taxes. Also, shouldn’t public employees pay for their own medical insurance? Why do taxpayers have to finance their lifetime pensions? Why do we need public unions?

Glossary – School District
Donors to group pushing the $1.2 BILLION school bond on the Nov. ballot

UNION FRAUD: Union Workers Campaigning On County Time For Miami Mayor
KILLER PENSIONS: Miami Police Officer to get Pension of $125,000 a Year for Life…Paid by Taxpayers
LIST: Miami-Dade Public Employees’ High Salaries
Tricks of Democrat Mayor to Boost his Lifetime Pension to $184,000 a year…over 10 Times his Salary
KILLER UNION SALARIES: $96,000 Average Salary for Ohio Education Assoc. Employees
UNIONS 101: Public Unions and Their Negative Impact (Video)
WISCONSIN: District Swings from Deficit to Surplus with New Union Contributions
MIAMI-DADE: 2 Public Unions Want Taxpayers to Pay More and Reject Labor Contracts
Unions Paid OccupyCPAC Protesters $60 (Video)

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Bully Teacher to Student: It’s Criminal to Criticize Obama (Video/Audio)

Posted by FactReal on May 21, 2012

The bully: Teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely
The school: North Rowan High School in Spencer, North Carolina
Via Breitbart.com:

The video shows a classroom discussion about the Washington Post hit piece about Mitt Romney bullying a kid some five decades ago. One student says, “Didn’t Obama bully someone though?” The teacher says: “Not to my knowledge.” The student then cites the fact that Obama, in Dreams from My Father, admits to shoving a little girl. “Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” screams the teacher. Romney is “running for president. Obama is the president.”

The student responds that both are “just men.”

The teacher…continues, “let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” …The teacher then tells the student – wrongly – that it is a criminal offense to say bad things about a president.

Latest: The teacher has been suspended WITH PAY (= paid vacations)

Student Bullied by Obamista Teacher Speaks Out (Video)

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TX Kindergarteners Forced to Sing: “Obama…He’s Our Man, Yes We Can!”

Posted by FactReal on February 16, 2012

The Blaze reported (H/t USA Today):

Kindergarteners at a Texas elementary school were sent home with lyrics to a pro-President Barack Obama song that included such lines as “Barack Obama is the man” and “He’s our man, yes we can!”

The song, part of a Black History Month program, was forwarded from a parent at Tipps Elementary School in Houston to Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo, a nationally syndicated radio host and frequent fill-in for Glenn Beck. Included with the lyrics was an apparent memo to kindergarten teachers that said kindergarteners would be “required” to learn the chant for the program [all spelling errors below are original]:


Attached is a chant about President Barack Obama.  All Kindergarteners will be required to learn the chant for the Black History program.  Please write how many you will need.  Keep one copy to practice with students at school.

Mary Stovall
Bridgette Babineaux

The Barack Obama Song
Who is our 44th President?
Obama is our 44th President
Who is a DC resident?
Obama is a DC resident
Resident, President

Who’s favorite team is the Chicago White Sox?
Obama’s favorite team is the Chicago White sox
Who really thinks outside the box?
Obama really thinks outside the box
Outside the box, Chicago White Sos
Resident, President

Who really likes to play basketball?
Obama really likes to play basketball
Who’s gonna answer our every call?
Every Call, Basketball
Outside the box, Chicago White Sox
Resident, President

Who’s famous slogan is Yes we can?
Obams’s famous slogan is Yes we can
Who do we know is the man?
Barack Obama is the man
He’s our man, Yes we can!
Every Call, Basketvall
Outside the box, Chicago White Sox
Resident, President
Who won a grammy for “Dreams of my Father”?
Obama won a grammy for “Dreams of my Father”?
Now can you guess who’s a famous author
Barack Obama is a famous author

Famous Author, Dreams of my Father
He’s our man, Yes we can!
Every Call, Basketball
Outside the box. Chicago White Sox
Resident President

Who wants to go to college at Yale?
Malia & Sasha will go to college at Yale
Who’ll make sure they won’t fail?
Barack & Michelle know they won’t fail

They won’t fail, they’re going to Yale
Famous Author, Dream of my Father
He’s our man, Yes we can!
Every Call, Basketball
Outside the box, Chicago White Sox
Resident, President

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