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Obama’s Unqualified RINO Approved by Senate for Defense Secretary

Posted by FactReal on February 26, 2013

Allahpundit explains the crazy votes:

The final vote: 58-41, which is a bit closer than the 71-27 margin on cloture earlier today. There are 15 Republicans who think voters are too dumb to realize that the cloture vote is the one that assured Hagel’s confirmation and that, by voting yes on that and no on the meaningless final vote, they can pretend that they “opposed” Hagel. And in fairness, they’re probably right; most voters likely are that dumb. But let’s name those 15 anyway:

Alexander Ayotte Blunt Burr Chambliss
Coburn Collins Corker Flake Graham
Hatch McCain Murkowski Sessions Thune


I can’t believe a single one of those 15, let alone the scores of Democrats who voted for this guy, seriously believes he’s prepared to run the Defense Department…The next time McCain and Graham pound the table about defense cuts or O’s foreign policy, remember that they both voted to send Chuck Hagel on to the final vote. That’s how serious they are.

As for Republicans voting yes, there were four: Cochran, Johanns, Shelby, and … Rand Paul, who voted no twice on cloture. That’s the most bizarre vote array on a nominee I could imagine.

Liberatarian Rand Paul Voted for Chuck Hagel
Allahpundit writes:

Here’s Paul’s reasoning:

“I voted no because I wanted more information and I think that part of what the Senate does is try to get information about the nominees,” Paul told reporters …“There are many things I disagree with Chuck Hagel on…but the president gets to choose political appointees,” Paul said. […]

If “the president gets to choose political appointees” is sufficient reason to vote yes, then (a) we should get rid of the Senate’s advise-and-consent responsibility and (b) at the very least we should not be filibustering nominees, as Rand Paul voted to do twice. Even if he did that purely to squeeze the White House for more information, why would he vote yes on the final vote when they never gave him that information? And if the president’s entitled to his nominee of choice, why would Paul demand more info about Hagel in the first place? Just rubber-stamp him. Vote yes on every vote, no questions asked.

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2012 FLORIDA ELECTION RESULTS: Presidential Race (Nov. 6, 2012 Election)

Posted by FactReal on November 7, 2012

As of 3PM ET, these are Florida’s election results for President:
(Via the Florida Division of Elections)

Candidate Party Statewide
Votes Received
Romney/ Ryan REPUBLICAN 4,098,434 49.29%
Obama/ Biden DEMOCRAT 4,145,993 49.86%
Stevens / Link OBJECTIVIST* 3,804 0.05%
Johnson / Gray LIBERTARIAN 43,726 0.53%
More parties here.
● Some absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted:
Go to County Reporting Status.

● Florida votes for President by County.

– – –
* The Objectivist Party promotes the philosophy of Ayn Rand, who has been a significant influence among libertarians and American conservatives.

MORE RESULTS of General Election on November 6, 2012
After the election:
MAP: 2012 U.S. ELECTION RESULTS for Presidential Race
2012 FLORIDA ELECTION RESULTS: U.S. Representatives

2012 FLORIDA VOTER GUIDES for General Election on November 6, 2012
Before the election:
2012 FLORIDA ELECTIONS: Amendments, Voter Guides, Analyses
2012 Fla. Amendments Full of Tax Cuts; Leftists Vote ‘NO’ on ALL Amendments
2012 Miami-Dade County Amendment Questions & Recommendations
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Ron Paul Fans Won’t Vote for Romney…and Booed Limbaugh in Tampa

Posted by FactReal on August 28, 2012

Newsbusters reported:

Of all the Monday newspaper reports on the Ron Paul rally in Tampa Sunday, Peter  Nicholas of The Wall Street Journal best captured the fanatic nature of  Paul’s followers. Many said they would not vote for Romney this fall.

Take “Eric Paul, 28, of Pennsylvania, who wore a T-shirt that read ‘My  President Is Paul,’  said he wouldn’t vote for Romney or Obama because “the  will of the people is not being heard.” Which people? Do these people read the election results as Paul lost in state after state?


Nicholas added “The Federal Reserve came in for visceral abuse at the Paul  rally. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke got more boos from the audience than did  President Obama. (Also booed were conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, and various Fox News correspondents.”

Read more here.

Ron Paul Favors Marijuana Legalization (2009 Video)

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Breitbart’s Videos of Shirley Sherrod were NOT EDITED…They were True EXCERPTS

Posted by FactReal on March 2, 2012

In July 2010, Andrew Breitbart published some video clips showing former USDA official Shirley Sherrod making controversial remarks regarding race and class in a speech before the NAACP. Liberals claimed that Breitbart had selectively edited (or doctored) her comments. The liberal media are still pushing this lie about Andrew Breitbart. They want people to think that Breitbart cut and rearranged Sherrod’s remarks to present her as a racist.

However, the NAACP full video proved that Breitbart videos clips were CONTINUOUS UNEDITED EXCERPTS of Shirley Sherrod’s speech. Breitbart did not edit (cut or rearrange) Sherrod’s remarks. He did not falsely represent Shirley Sherrod. Breitbart’s first video even included Sherrod’s so-called redemption or revelation (that it is not about blacks vs. whites). He did not take her out of context.

Here are the facts: Videos and transcripts prove Breitbart did NOT edit Sherrod’s remarks:


1: to select (a passage) for quoting: EXTRACT

1 b: to assemble (as moving picture or tape recording) by cutting and rearranging
1 c: to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose

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