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Flashback: Obama Kicked Heckler out of White House: “You’re in my House” (Video)

Posted by FactReal on November 8, 2018

CNN called it an “awful situation” that someone had interrupted then-president Obama at the White House in 2015. Obama responded, “Hey, listen you’re in my house. It is not respectful when you get invited to somebody’s– you’re not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me. Shame on you.”

Later Obama kicked out the heckler from the White House.

Attendees celebrated how Obama handled the heckler.

2015 REPORT: Obama Kicks Transgender Demonstrator Out Of LGBT Pride Reception: “You’re In My House”
RealClear Politics reported on June 25, 2015:[1]

At an LGBT Pride Month reception at the White House on Wednesday afternoon, a transgender woman interrupted him, yelling, “President Obama, release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention!”

“Okay you know what. No, no, no. Hold on a second” the president said. “Hey, listen you’re in my house. It is not respectful when you get invited to somebody’s– you’re not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me. Shame on you.”

Fusion’s Jorge Rivas identified the woman as Jennicet Gutiérrez, a founding member of the immigrant rights organization FAMILIA TQLM. She said in a statement:

2015 REPORT: CNN called it “an awful situation that a heckler interrupted Obama:”[2]
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer started his report by saying, “Awful situation: A heckler interrupting the President of the United States…”


The Trump administration is being attacked:
– for suspending Acosta’s pass to the White House for placing his hand on a female staffer to block her from doing her job.
– for Trump calling a rude reporter “rude.”
– because Trump is not a leftist and loves his country.

Pay attention to Acosta’s left hand

Watch the female White House intern’s arm going down when CNN’s Jim Acosta presses his hand on her arm.

Leftists and others [who have not seen the FULL video of CNN’s Jim Acosta interaction with Trump yesterday (about 1.5 minutes)] are attacking the White House for suspending Acosta’s press pass.

C-Span video shows:
1. Trump gave Acosta plenty of time to ask his accusatory questions.
2. After 1:20 minutes Trump says “that’s enough” and points at another reporter.
3. Acosta rudely continues peppering Trump with questions.
4. Trump tells Acosta again, “That’s enough.”
5. The female White House intern tries to take the mic back from Acosta to pass it to the other reporter. (Normally, other reporters surrender the mic at this point – but not Acosta)
6. Acosta refuses to hand over the mic.
7. Acosta presses his left hand against the left arm of the female intern.
8. Acosta hogs the mic & refuses to surrender it – denying others the opportunity to ask questions to the president.

(Rewind the C-Span video from the start)

Now, people are saying the video posted by Sarah Sanders is “doctored” but the person behind the video says he just zoomed in
(see tweets below):

Jim Hoft reports: The White House video originally posted by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars — WAS CLEARLY NOT DOCTORED!.

The person claiming to be behind the WH video, Paul Joseph Watson, tweeted:

Here’s the video that proves I did not “doctor” or “speed up” the Acosta video, as some media outlets claim. I merely zoomed in.

Nice try to distract from Acosta’s behavior, but this kind of dishonesty is why the media has a massive trust issue.

Please correct your stories.

[Disclaimer: We don’t follow InfoWars or PrisonPlanet, but embedded their tweet here because they are saying they are the authors of the zoomed video being used by the White House.]

[1] – RealClear Politics: Obama Kicks Transgender Demonstrator Out Of LGBT Pride Reception: “You’re In My House” (June 25, 2015)
[2] – CNN: “Obama shuts down White House heckler: ‘You’re in my house!'” (June 25, 2015)


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Yes, CNN Acosta Placed his Hand on Female Intern (Video, Pics)

Posted by FactReal on November 8, 2018

Watch how the left hand of CNN reporter Jim Acosta presses against the biceps area of the White House female intern in charge of passing the microphone around.

In the video you see the intern’s arm going down when Jim Acosta presses his hand on her arm.


Video: Full exchange between President Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta (C-SPAN)

As we reported yesterday, Trump gave Acosta plenty of time to ask his accusatory questions.

Then Trump wants to give another reporter the opportunity to ask a questions.

Trump points at another reporter, the intern needs to move the microphone quickly to that reporter. But Acosta blocks her from getting the mic. On her face, you can see she did not expect resistance from Acosta.

Video: Full video President Trump post-election press conference (1.5 hours)
Watch the intern during the conference quickly passing the microphone from one reporter to other. Acosta was the only who offered resistance and actually blocked her from getting the microphone.

At video mark 34:30 you see another reporter behaving properly giving up the microphone as soon as Trump points at another reporter. The intern quickly hands the mic to the other reporters.

White House Press Secretary is correct in suspending Acosta’s pass:

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CNN Reporter Fights with WH Female Staffer over the Microphone (Video)

Posted by FactReal on November 7, 2018

President Trump held a press conference today after the 2018 midterm elections. Since there were so many reporters, Trump wanted them to ask one question each to give others the opportunity to participate.

But of course CNN reporter Jim Acosta decided that didn’t apply to him and peppered Trump with questions even after Trump had already answered some of his questions. (Acosta also lectured the president on the “caravan” of illegal migrants coming to the U.S.) [Yes, it is an invasion.]

When Trump told him to give the mic back to a White House female staffer in charge of passing the mic around, Jim Acosta refused to give up control of the microphone. At one point he puts his hand on her arm to stop her from getting the mic.

Then NBC’s Peter Alexander joins in to defend ….not the female aide but Jim Acosta!!! (Where is the #Me-Too group when you need them.)

Not surprisingly, NBC reported the incident as if Acosta was the victim:

Here is CNN response (are they projecting?):
CNN is not ashamed, but rather proud.

Americans respond to CNN via Twitter:

roberta trew @Trew1Trew:
“No one is questioning the right of the press to ask questions.,What people object to is “reporters” barking question after question,,framing questions as accusations & assertions, acting more like a pack of dogs than civilized human beings.”

Lindy @Canyon4:
“Acosta didn’t ask a question but ARGUED that @POTUS description of caravans as an invasion was “wrong “. When @POTUS replied respectfully that they had a difference of opinion Acosta continued to debate rather than seek information. He is a terrible self absorbed journalist!”


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11/18/2016: ‘Hamilton’ Cast Treated Mike Pence as a Racist Dictator…while they wanted ‘Non-White’ Actors

Posted by FactReal on October 30, 2018


Days after the 2016 election, VP-elect Mike Pence was treated as a racist dictator by the cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton.”
(It’s obvious the cast seems to ignore the Democrats’ Racist Past)

The cast bullied Pence on the false premise that the Trump administration would be racist:[1]

The cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” a show about the duel between Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, felt it appropriate to bully and lecture Mr. Pence at the end of the show, which he attended.

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon, speaking on behalf of the cast (all of whom, ironically, found a safe space holding hands as though they were the ones about to be bullied) ambushed Mr. Pence with a condescending lecture premised on the expectation that the new administration would be racist and unfair.

The audience, which booed Mr. Pence and his family as they entered the theater, and then booed them again during certain points in the musical, applauded the rebuke.

Actor’s Racist & Sexist Tweets:

The left always goes too far, and the “Hamilton” stunt was exactly one of those times. They intended to embarrass Mr. Pence, but they embarrassed only themselves. After the ambush, President-elect Donald Trump and many others (including this columnist) called for the “Hamilton” cast to apologize. Mr. Dixon said there was no need as it was a “conversation.” That’s like claiming a bully sucker-punching someone is the equivalent of having a chat.

Not so surprising, this same actor who dares to lecture Mr. Pence on fairness and diversity is a hypocrite and is now under fire for what some consider racist and sexist tweets. Mr. Dixon refers in one tweet to women as “hos” (the slang for whores) and in one case tweeted, “St. Patty’s day weekend is like Christmas for black dudes who like white chicks. Happy holidays boys.”

In July 2013 he also tweeted, “4 every racist comment I get about Trayvon Im going 2 turn 1 white married suburban housewife & mother n2 a jump off. The. Best.” Jump off apparently referring to a casual sexual encounter.

‘Hamilton’ ad seeking ‘non-white’ actors:[5]

The musical was at the center of another controversy in March after posting a casting notice seeking “non-white” performers.

The notice for an open casting call in New York advertised open auditions for singers “who rap,” adding, “Seeking NON-WHITE men and women, ages 20s to 30s, for Broadway and upcoming Tours!” […]

“What if they put an ad out that said, ‘Whites only need apply?’” […]

The law states that it is an unlawful “for an employer… because of the actual written or perceived… race of any person, to discriminate.”

‘Hamilton’ Casting flyer looking for ‘Non-White’ actors
Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 6.48.40 PM - Edited

Summary of the night:[2]

Vice-President-elect Mike Pence took the opportunity of being in New York City…to attend the Broadway hit musical “Hamilton”. Ruining what might have been an enjoyable night out at the theater, the show cast lectured and harassed Mr. Pence, criticizing his new administration barely a week after he and Donald Trump were elected. So much for the theater being a safe space, free from microaggressions.

Actor’s main remarks:[3]

Brandon Victor Dixon’s remarks Friday night … yet again revealed the peculiar failure of liberal America to practice the empathy it preaches.

The actor who plays Aaron Burr in “Hamilton” thanked Vice President-elect Mike Pence for coming to the show, then spoke up for “the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us . . . or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us.”

The words were perfectly respectful — but the implication was downright rude.

And blindly condescending. All the marches and media hysteria have made it quite plain how much alarm many feel over Donald Trump’s victory.

…Caricatures created by the Democrat Party and the national liberal media

Michael Goodwin in his column, “Dear liberals: Start practicing the empathy you preach,” points what liberals hate “is the caricature of them the Democratic Party and the national liberal media created, and that you swallowed.”[4]

You don’t just reject Trump, you also hold contempt for his supporters. You belittle their concerns and demonize their resistance to your power. Among yourselves, you ask, how can they be so stupid to elect such a stupid man?

[T]hat contempt for certain less fortunate Americans is real. Such hate is anathema to the classical meaning of liberalism, and is often directed at an unknown adversary. So it is here, because most of you don’t actually know Trump supporters. […]

Actually, you don’t really hate them, either. What you hate is the caricature of them the Democratic Party and the national liberal media created, and that you swallowed, hook, line and sinker.

You fell for the oldest trick in the propaganda playbook. Obama, Clinton, Hollywood and their media handmaidens “otherized” tens of millions of hardworking, God-fearing Americans, and you said amen.

These hucksters turned anecdotes into universal truths. They found a racist or heard an anti-Muslim comment at a Trump rally and bingo, declared an entire movement bitter clingers, deplorables and irredeemables.

You accepted the caricature because it fit the stereotypes reinforced in your closed circle. It has ever been thus for the smart set.

Diverse actors representing white males:[2]

“Hamilton” does indeed have a diverse cast with Black, biracial and Asian cast members representing our White male founding fathers…Until they stepped over the line. At a casting call earlier this year, they called for “non-white” actors, contradicting the inclusiveness the play supposedly represents.

No diversity at liberal media boards: [2]

Perhaps it is worth looking at these institutions to see how diverse and inclusive they are. Or are they living in glass houses casting stones?

The US Census Bureau breaks down the US population as 62 percent White, 18 percent Hispanic, 13 percent Black, and 6 percent Asian. And of course, a 50-50 distribution of males and females.

The executive editor of the Huffington Post tweeted a now famous photo of an editors’ meeting

All women, no Blacks. Hardly the bastion of diversity that they are already criticizing Trump over.

CNN has a digital leadership team of six. Four men, two women, all White.

The Washington Post has eight editorial board members. Six White men, one White woman, one Black man.

The New York Times editorial board fares a bit better in the diversity department. Of 16 board members, only nine White men, two Black men, and seven women, six of whom are White. Not so much for their executive team of thirteen members. Nine are White guys, one Black guy, and three White women.

Not only news organizations, but sports teams too. The NFL has a commitment to diversity. Yet NFL players are 68 percent Black, 28 percent White, and only 1 percent Hispanic. Hardly the diversity seen in the American population.

The NBA is also committed to diversity and inclusion. Much like the NFL, the NBA racial complexion is far different than that of America. Players are 69 percent Black, 22 percent White, and 4 percent Hispanic.

The point is that these organizations, extolling the virtues of diversity and inclusiveness, aren’t practicing what they preach. Hypocrisy? Yes.

Alexander Hamilton favored the electoral college, which liberal hate…because they lost the 2016 election:[2]

An ironic aside lost on the cast members lecturing and audience booing Mr. Pence is that Alexander Hamilton, namesake of the Broadway play, probable author of Federalist Paper 68, argued in favor of the electoral college for choosing the president. Yes, the same electoral college that modern-day liberals want to abolish since it didn’t deliver their desired election outcome.

[1] ‘Hamilton’ cast airing grievances to Mike Pence was rude, wrongheaded (Nov. 23, 2016)
[2] Hey, Hamilton cast: The left has its own problems with ‘diversity’
#https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/11/hey_emhamiltonem_cast_the_left_has_its_own_problems_with_diversity.html (Nov. 20, 2016)
[3] The real problem with the ‘Hamilton’ shout-out to Pence (Nov. 20, 2016)
[4] Dear liberals: Start practicing the empathy you preach (Nov. 20, 2016)
[5] Flashback: ‘Hamilton’ once had casting notice seeking ‘non-white’ performers (NOv. 19, 2016)

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11/8/2016: Trump “Decapitated” in Marilyn Manson Music Video

Posted by FactReal on October 29, 2018

Liberals love Marilyn Manson but detest Trump.
Let’s see what they love:

[WARNING: Extremely graphic.]

Via Entertainment Weekly:[1]

Marilyn Manson shared a brutal new clip from a music video for his song “Say10” on Election Day. In the clip, Manson pulls pages from a Bible and holds a bloody knife. Though the camera never shows any actual killing, the camera then pans to show a beheaded man, who bears a resemblance to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

– Did Manson treat Obama like this?
– Has he done the same to the Koran as he does to the Bible?
– How does our society benefit from this?
– What is our youth learning from this?

As if his repugnant and macabre videos weren’t enough, Manson’s violent temperament extends to his personal life. The Washington Post [2] reported that back in 1998 Manson put a gun in the mouth of an editor and threatened to kill him and his family:

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Manson described how Trump Tower once helped him hide from the police when there was a warrant out for his arrest.
“I do admire the fact that he created Trump Tower,” Manson said. “Because when I did an interview and it went wrong and I got arrested for putting a gun in the mouth of an editor of Spin, I hid from the law there.”

Hold on . . . what?

In 1998, Manson and his body guards allegedly assaulted Spin Magazine editor Craig Marks, who then filed a lawsuit, according to an article by MTV News. At the time, Manson reportedly threatened Marks because of a magazine cover dispute, saying: ‘I can kill you! I can kill your family! I can kill everyone you know.’ ”
According to Rolling Stone, the case was eventually settled out of court, and Manson was never arrested.

Imagine if Trump had done the same?
Will the Left reject Manson like they do Trump? No.

Manson is allowed, because he is an “artist” and he voted for Barack Obama in 2009[3] and 2012[2].
[IDEA: Maybe someone should issue “artist certificates” to Republicans and non-leftists, so they can express themselves and live their lives without the Left vilifying them.]

[1] Entertainment Weekly
[2] The strange reason Marilyn Manson admires Trump (Oct. 5. 2017)
[3] Marilyn Manson not planning to vote in presidential election (Sept. 20, 2016)

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6/21/2016: NBC Producer: ‘Trump Would-Be-Assassin is Good Guy With a Gun’

Posted by FactReal on October 29, 2018

NBC producer, Matthew Mowrer, tweeted on June 21, 2016:
“It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun.”
Mowrer was praising the young man who tried to kill Trump at a Las Vegas rally three days earlier.



NBC producer Matthew Mowrer praised an attempted assassination attempt on Trump after an illegal immigrant tried to kill the Republican nominee at a Las Vegas rally.

“It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun,” Mower [sic] tweeted at the time.

Mowrer and other media-types “fantasized about Trump’s death during [the 2016] election season,” added Western Journal.,

Reporter Who Tweeted His Hope That Trump’s ‘Life Would End’ Receives A Dose Of Instant Karma (11/4/2016)
[This title refers to LA journalist Steven Borowiec who tweeted he wanted Trump dead.]

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