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Black Lives Matter 101 (The Organization, Actions, Agenda)

Posted by FactReal on November 1, 2020

Beyond the humanitarian slogan of “Black Lives Matter” (BLM)

If you support BLM thinking you are backing decent and humane reforms, read on. If you know about BLM actions and history, here is a summary:

Who Is Black Lives Matter [the organization]?

Report (July 23, 2020) [emphasis added]

Fact is, “black lives matter” is a matter of common decency entirely separate from the activist, ideological, left-wing agenda of the BLM group. That organization has stated aims that go far beyond addressing police brutality. Its goals include, without apology, the upending of American society. Yet it has gained massively more attention, support, and money since the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in Minneapolis police custody. It is therefore important that the public, much of which thinks that by supporting BLM, they are backing obviously decent and humane reforms, knows enough to make the distinction between the idea and the ideologues hijacking it.

The co-founders of Black Lives Matter are avowed Marxists. At least one names a convicted cop killer among her heroes. A key mentor in building and shaping the group is a two-time vice presidential candidate for the Communist Party USA. The national organization is financially supported through a leftist group whose board of directors includes a convicted terrorist. A 2017 report from Black Lives Matter describes its founders, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Opal Tometi, as “three radical Black organizers.” The women espouse Marxism and openly push radical identity politics.

Susan Rosenberg was listed as vice chair of the board of directors for Thousand Currents, BLM’s financial sponsor, until the website was pulled down in late June. She had been a member of a radical leftist revolutionary militant group known as the May 19th Communist Organization, which was affiliated with the Weather Underground terrorist group and the radical Black Liberation Army. She was convicted on weapons and explosives charges and sentenced to 58 years in prison, serving 16 years behind bars before being pardoned by President Bill Clinton at the end of his second term in January 2001.

Black Lives Matter Founder was Mentored by Ex-Domestic Terrorist Who Worked with Bill Ayers

[More on Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist turned professor, friend of Obama]

The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, Patrisse Cullors, was the protégé of a communist-supporting domestic terrorist for over a decade, spending years training in political organizing and absorbing the radical Marxist-Leninist ideology which shaped her worldview.

Eric Mann, who mentored Cullors for over a decade in community organizing, was a member of radical-left militant groups: Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960s and 1970s.

Read the entire article, here.



BLM Attacking People and Businesses

Business owners left alone by elected officials


BLM Taunted Police Officers: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon”

Report | Archive


BLM Chanted for Dead Cops: “What do we want? Dead cops!”


Washington Post: Biden can’t blame Trump for the anarchy in Democrat-run-cities (Sept. 1, 2020)

The unrest we are witnessing today was sparked by the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Who oversaw the city’s police force and its policy and procedure manual that explicitly allowed the “knee-to-neck” restraint technique that took Floyd’s life? It was local officials in the Democratically controlled city, not Trump. In virtually every major city where violence is taking place, Democrats run the cities, and the cities run the police forces.

And what has allowed the violence to continue unchecked for months? The refusal of Democratic state and local officials to take forceful action themselves or accept Trump’s offer to help quell it. In our federal system of government, the president has to either wait for governors to ask for help or override them by invoking the Insurrection Act. That law has been used by a dozen presidents to put down violent unrest, but when Trump suggested he might use the law, Democrats became apoplectic and accused him of wanting to use the U.S. military to crush peaceful protests. […]

In Portland, Democratic officials have allowed the uncontrolled violence to go on for three months. When Trump sent federal officers to help protect the city’s federal courthouse, Democrats howled in protest. Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, called the federal agents an “occupying force.” Portland’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler, declared that “we do not need or want their help.” […]

Now Democrats who have opposed any federal intervention are complaining Trump “can’t stop the violence.” Sorry, they can’t have it both ways — refusing Trump’s offer of federal assistance to subdue the unrest, but then blaming him when the unrest continues. Democrats have told Trump: Stay out; we’ll handle this. That means Democrats now own the results.

Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris urged people to donate to bail out the protestors:


At least 13 members of Biden’s campaign staff donated to that same bail fund, as did a collection of left-wing celebrities.

…more to come…

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Daniella Levine Cava & Black Lives Matter (2020 Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on October 31, 2020


Daniella Levine Cava holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign during protest on May 30, 2020 in Miami, Florida.
Notice Levine Cava was NOT wearing her mask — it was May 2020 — the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
We understand — it’s tough to talk while wearing a mask in 90 degree weather!

Daniella Levine Cava, candidate for Miami-Dade mayor, at Black Lives Matter protest riotDaniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade mayoral candidateDaniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade mayor candidate. Black Lives Matters. BLMDaniella Levine Cava at Black Lives Matter protest
During the BLM protest, Levine Cava seemed to suggest that police officers don’t care about black people and are actually killing them for no reason. She said: “We know that our police have training, but still, these things happen…No more killing of black people…Black lives matter!”

Daniella Levine Cava failed to mention that in most of the cases we are seeing, people refuse to follow police orders, resist arrests, and/or attack the cops. Many have criminal record. That is why it is important to wait for the justice system to handle the case and wait for the evidence. She should understand that — isn’t she a lawyer? Even in the George Floyd case which made many Americans cry, there are new revelations that the knee-on-the-neck is part of police training manual. [more on that later]


LEVINE CAVA: “I’m here at Friendship Circle, there are hundreds of people here. They are angry, they are frustrated. Enough is enough.

It happened in Minneapolis, it happened in Atlanta, it happened in Louisville. It happened everywhere. It could happen here. And you know what? This is too much, too much.

Everybody here is standing in solidarity, with the Floyd family. Everybody here is saying, we can’t be quiet. We know that our police have training, but still, these things happen. We know we can do better. We have to build trust, we have to have conversation, we have to acknowledge the pain, the pain of so many people.

We are all today here because we cannot stand this anymore. No more. No more killing of black people. Not on my watch, not on your watch, not in Miami, not in Minneapolis, not in Atlanta, not in Louisville. No where! That’s it.

Black lives matter! What more do we have to do to make the people have the respect and dignity. 2020 and we’re going backwards! Backwards, not forwards. Enough is enough!”

MAN: “That’s our future mayor!”

Daniella Levine Cava tweeted an image with the anti-police acronym “ACAB” [All Cops Are Bastards] on a protest sign.

A Miami Herald reporter kept copy of her tweet and the letter of the police union telling her that by tweeting the ACAB image she was denigrating the law enforcement community and fanning the flames of division.(Archive) Afterwards, Levine Cava posted a tweet blaming her staff and claiming that the ACAB image “would never had been posted had I known what was communicated in those abbreviations.” All she had to do is “google” the acronym before posting anything online.


With her ACAB tweet, Levine Cava not only offended police officers, but also used the opportunity to push her anti-police agenda, “We must fully fund and strengthen the County’s Independent Review Panel.” She wants a panel of citizens [BLM or Antifa?] to investigate and review the behavior of police officers. Will they review the behavior of citizens who disobey police orders, resist arrest, attack or mouth off an officer as well?
Levine Cava: “We are going to tamp down activities… that allow rogue officers to persecute our people:
Video: “We are going to end knock-less warrants, to tamp down on foot-chasing, and various other activities that escalate violence and allow rogue officers to persecute our people. And so, all of these things together are part of my police reform program.”

Commissioner Levine Cava’s statement on ‘Independent Civilian Panel for Police Oversight’ that will have subpoena and investigative powers: (Archive)

– “As part of her continued efforts to address police accountability and systemic racism, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava joined her colleague…today in approving a plan to create an Independent Civilian Panel (ICP) that will be empowered to investigate allegations of misconduct involving Miami-Dade County Police Department officers. “
– The ICP will be permanent in the charter if approved by voters…
– “Since the death of George Floyd, people across the country and around the world are decrying the deaths of Black people at the hands of police officers and are demanding justice.”
– The ICP will be “made up of civilians to help investigate allegations of police misconduct.”
[Civilians like Antifa or Black Lives Matter members?]
– The legislation will ensure that “those who deliberately neglect protocols and target residents with abuse of force will be held accountable by the very residents they are sworn to protect.”
BLM, anti-police, police abuse, antifa, miami,

Will Levine Cava now claim she didn’t know?

“Black lives matter” is not just a catchy slogan. It is actually the innocuous-sounding name of a radical, Marxist organization, which along with the fascists (so-called ANTIFA) are currently terrorizing American cities.[Yes, Fascism belongs to the Left.]

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors: “We are trained Marxists”

CULLORS: “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” she said. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

In case Levine Cava doesn’t know how the Black Lives Matter organization has been terrorizing citizens and destroying our cities, here is a summary video. Just because one is angry or yells “Black Lives Matter,” doesn’t give one license to terrorize others or destroy property.

We need a mayor who will keep us safe and wait for the evidence before passing judgment. We need a mayor who will not fall for catchy slogans!

MORE: Black Lives Matter
If you support BLM thinking you are backing decent and humane reforms OR if you know about BLM actions and history, here is a summary:
Black Lives Matter 101 (The Organization, Actions, Agenda)

MORE: Daniella Levine Cava
BIO: Daniella Levine Cava – A Multimillionaire Leftist
Daniella Levine Cava Eating at Restaurant while Trying to Keep them Closed
Daniella Levine Cava Used her Tax-Funded Foundation to Pay Lobbyists & Herself?

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“90,000 Aliens at our Border since Caravan Formed,” Border Commissioner (Video)

Posted by FactReal on December 4, 2018

The dire situation at our border was underlined today by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan while talking about the latest border breaches in Yuma and Tijuana/U.S.:

That is what we see everyday…Since that caravan formed in mid-October, we have seen 90,000 people come to our border – 85% of those crossing illegally between ports of entry – and all lured by the fact that our legal framework has huge gaps that create the opportunity to stay in the U.S. while awaiting a court hearing even if they don’t have a lawful permission or protection claim. So it is a huge challenge that we need to work with Congress to address.

Here is the full interview:

Convicted Sex Offender Arrested after Entering the U.S. Illegally (11/27/2018)
Illegal Aliens Assaulted Border Patrol Agents in Arizona (11/27/2018)
Arrested MS-13 Gang Member Hid in Caravan to Apply for Asylum (11/24/2018)
Sex Offenders & Gang Members Arrested at Texas Border (Week of 11/24/2018)
Convicted Sex Offender & Illegal Alien Arrested in Arizona (11/22/2018)
Eyeball-Tattooed Migrant in “Caravan” is also Violent [Video]

“Trump Must Be Removed by Any Means,” Left Group to Caravan at Border
Groups behind the “Migrant Caravan” Invading the U.S.
Laws Broken by “Caravan” Organizers (Video)

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Smuggler Helping Illegal Aliens over Border Wall in Yuma, AZ – 12/3/2018 (Video)

Posted by FactReal on December 4, 2018


U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported yesterday:

Suspected Human Smuggler Observed Dropping Small Children from Border Wall
Release Date: December 3, 2018

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma Sector camera operators observed a group of six illegal aliens, including two small children, traversing over the border wall with assistance, near the San Luis Port of Entry early Monday morning.

The children were dropped from the 18-foot wall, which was observed by a Yuma Sector camera operator.

At least one subject in Mexico was visible helping adult members of the family group over the top of the wall. The subject then dropped two young children from the top of the wall to waiting family members below. The subject retreated to Mexico and was not apprehended.

The group of six from Guatemala was a family unit, including three children: a 2-year-old, a 7-year- old, and a 10-year-old. All surrendered to U.S. Border Patrol agents who arrived on scene. One child suffered a facial injury, and was treated by agents. All were taken into custody.

Fox News added:

That section of the wall where the incident took place is part of the 27 miles that has been selected for replacement in 2019[.]

Fox News video:

Video shows two migrant children being dropped from the Mexico side into Arizona by a suspected smuggler; U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan reacts.

“We have seen 90,000 people come to our border since that caravan formed in mid-October,” said U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. (video mark 1:42)

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More than 2K Migrants “Lost” in Tijuana at U.S. Border (Video)

Posted by FactReal on December 4, 2018

Reports indicate that some have crossed to the United States illegally.

“There are about 2,000 people unaccounted for,” told Tijuana delegate Genaro Lopez Moreno to Tucker Carlson yesterday (video mark 2:28):

Some 3,000 migrants “lost” in Tijuana according to today’s report by El Periodico.com:

Rush Translation:

Unknown the whereabouts of thousands of Central American migrants who arrived in Tijuana
Mexican authorities say that some 3,000 people who arrived in the caravans, are as “unaccounted for” in this city bordering the US
Tijuana, Mexico – Tuesday, 12/4/2018

With the arrival of the migrant caravans and the few possibilities they have of entering the United States, the authorities of the city of Tijuana, Mexico, now say they do not know the whereabouts of some 3,000 migrants, while the [new] Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the situation on the border “tends to normalize.”

The closure of the first shelter for health reasons and for migrants to go to a covered shelter, caused a dispersion due to rumors they could be deported.

No precise data
The Secretary of Public Security of Tijuana, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, admitted that “a significant number” of the migrants who arrived in Tijuana since November 11 simply “can not be located.”

He explained that the population of migrants located in shelters does not correspond to the 6,151 that arrived in the past weeks to Tijuana, the Mexican border with California, according to the authorities. Sotomayor noted that migrant differences “may not be very precise, because there was no official census or biometric studies to identify foreigners.”

In the first authorized shelter, in the Benito Juárez sports center, the municipal authorities made daily calculations to be disseminated to the media. The official commented that in “El Barretal”, a spectacle center used as a refuge, there are 2,122 people, and another 744 and 600 are located in streets near the first shelter and 144 moved houses managed by religious groups.

They do not know where they are
Of the rest, just over 3,000, “their whereabouts are unknown”, although some may be in private homes, have crossed illegally to the United States, have been arrested and perhaps agreed to return to their country, he added. About those who remain in the streets said that “they should be relocated to the new shelter, since they can not be kept on the public road,” because if they commit infractions, “they will be detained” by the police.

The migrants chose to stay on the streets, saying that “the second refuge, located about 20 kilometers [~12.4 miles] away, is” far away “from the” El Chaparral “port, where they hope to begin their asylum process in the United States.


Some 9,000 Central Americans, mostly Hondurans, arrived in Mexico from October 19 in different groups, of which more than 7,000 arrived in the cities of Mexicali and Tijuana, in the state of Baja California, to seek asylum in the United States, and some 2,000 are in transit in other areas of the country.

In Spanish, as reported by ElPeriodico.com:

Desconocen el paradero de miles de migrantes centroamericanos que llegaron a Tijuana
Las autoridades mexicanas dicen que unas 3.000 personas que arribaron en las caravanas, están como “no localizables” en esta ciudad fronteriza con los EEUU
El Periódico

Tijuana, México – Martes, 04/12/2018 a las 02:57 CET

Ante la llegada de las caravas migrantes y las pocas posibilidades que tienen de ingresar a los Estados Unidos, ahora las autoridades de la ciudad de Tijuana, México, dijeron que desconocen el paradero de unos 3.000 migrantes, en tanto el presidente mexicano Andrés Manuel López Obrador dijo que la situación en la frontera “tiende a normalizarse”.

El cierre del primer albergue por cuestiones de salubridad para que los migrantes se dirigieran a un refugio techado, provocó una dispersión ante los rumores que posiblemente serían detenidos para ser deportados.

Sin datos precisos
El secretario de Seguridad Pública de Tijuana, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, admitió que “un número importante” de los migrantes que llegaron a Tijuana desde el 11 de noviembre simplemente “no están localizables”.

Explicó que la población de migrantes situada en albergues no corresponde a los 6.151 que según las autoridades, llegaron las últimas semanas a Tijuana, frontera mexicana con California, Estados Unidos. Sotomayor señaló que las diferencias de migrantes “pudieran no ser muy precisas, porque no se hizo un censo oficial, ni estudios biométricos para poder identificar a los extranjeros”.

En el primer albergue habilitado, en la unidad deportiva Benito Juárez, las autoridades municipales hacían cálculos diarios para ser divulgados a los medios informativos. El funcionario comentó que en “El Barretal”, un centro de espectáculos usado como refugio, hay 2.122 personas, y se tienen localizadas a otros 744 y 600 en calles cercanas al primer albergue y 144 que se movieron casas administradas por agrupaciones religiosas.

No saben dónde están
Del resto, poco más de 3.000, “no se conoce su paradero”, aunque algunos pueden estar en domicilios particulares, haber cruzado ilegalmente a Estados Unidos, haber sido detenidos y quizá aceptaron volver a su país, abundó. Sobre los que permanecen en las calles dijo que “deberán ubicarse en el nuevo albergue, ya que no se pueden mantener en la vía pública”, porque si cometen infracciones al bando de la policía y buen gobierno “serán detenidos”.

Los migrantes optaron por las calles al señalar que “queda muy lejos” el segundo refugio, situado a unos 20 kilómetros, de la garita de “El Chaparral”, donde esperan iniciar su trámite de asilo en Estados Unidos.

Unos 9.000 centroamericanos, en su mayoría hondureños, llegaron a México a partir del 19 de octubre en distintos grupos, de los cuales más de 7.000 arribaron a las ciudades de Mexicali y Tijuana, estado de Baja California, para pedir asilo en Estados Unidos, y unos 2.000 están en tránsito en otras zonas del país.

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Groups behind the “Migrant Caravan” Invading the U.S.

Posted by FactReal on November 30, 2018

Pueblo Sin Fronteras: Roberto Corona, Irineo Mujica, Alex Mensing, Denis Omar Contreras, Rodrigo Abeja
La Familia Latina Unida: Elvira Arellano
Centro Sin Fronteras: Emma Lozano and her husband Walter “Slim” Coleman

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham spoke briefly about them on November 28, 2018:

The Open Border Activists Behind the Illegal Immigrant Caravans” – a great report prepared by Hayden Ludwig from Capital Research Center on October 24, 2018:

♦ Pueblo Sin Fronteras: (“People Without Borders”):

[A]t least two activists from Pueblo Sin Fronteras—Denis Omar Contreras and Rodrigo Abeja—are embedded in the caravan, according to the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. […]

On October 18, Irineo Mujica—director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras in Mexico and an American citizen—was arrested by Mexican officials for allegedly attacking immigration officials at a pro-illegal immigration protest near the Guatemala-Mexico border.

And while Pueblo Sin Fronteras organizer Alex Mensing, an American, told reporters that Mujica was not involved in the most recent caravan, Mujica was detained in April for leading a previous caravan into Mexico with the support of Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

♦ La Familia Latina Unida (“The United Latin Family”):

La Familia Latina Unida (“The United Latin Family”), a Chicago, Illinois-based illegal immigration advocacy group formed in 2001 by illegal immigrant and activist Elvira Arellano.

♦ Centro Sin Fronteras (“Center Without Borders”):

[T]he Centro Sin Fronteras (“Center Without Borders”), a 501(c)(3) illegal immigration organizing group headquartered in the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago.

The Center is headed by Emma Lozano and her husband, Walter “Slim” Coleman, who founded the group in 1987 following the murder of Lozano’s brother, left-wing community organizer Rudy Lozano. […]

Lozano is a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) …

Lozano is also an activist for so-called DREAMers…

…Much of its funding from 2000-2005 came from the Public Welfare Foundation, a major left-wing foundation that also funds far-left groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Alliance for Global Justice.

Read the full report.

Read their press release dated March 23, 2018 posted on their Facebook page.
Here they talk about abolishing the borders, their right to dignified work
and about “the border stained red…because there they kill the working class!” and more crazy leftist buzz-phrases. [Emphasis added]

Pueblo Sin Fronteras added 4 new photos.
March 23 ·
[español abajo…]

March 23, 2018
Tapachula, Mexico

To the governments of Central America, Mexico, and the United States of America,
To the media,
To human rights organizations,
To civil society,

We are a group of people from different nations, religions, genders, gender expressions, and sexual orientations migrating and seeking refuge. We seek to become one collective, supporting each other shoulder to shoulder and demonstrating that by uniting we can abolish borders.

We Central Americans have formed a caravan of many united in struggle. We leave Tapachula, Chiapas on March 25.

If all goes well we will be in Puebla, Mexico from April 5 to 9 to participate in legal preparation and workshops. From there we will hope for the blessing of solidarity from the Mexican people and human rights organizations, who we hope will join our struggle and assist us with the supplies and resources that they have available. We appreciate the support and collaboration of the people of Mexico and the United States. We hope to be an example of solidarity and struggle to the world.

We demand of our Central American countries:
-An end to political corruption
-An end to violence against women and the LGBTQIA community
-An end to failures of justice for victims of domestic violence, extortion, threats, and homophobia
-An end to corruption between gangs, the police, and governments
-An end to murder with impunity and gang recruitment of youth

We demand of Mexico and the United States:
-That they respect our rights as refugees and our right to dignified work to be able to support our families
That they open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel
-That deportations, which destroy families, come to an end
-No more abuses against us as migrants
-Dignity and justice
-That the US government not end TPS for those who need it
-That the US government stop massive funding for the Mexican government to detain Central American migrants and refugees and to deport them
-That these governments respect our rights under international law, including the right to free expression
-That the conventions on refugee rights not be empty rhetoric

“The border is stained red!”
“Because there they kill the working class!”
“Why do they kill us? Why do they murder us…”

“If we are the hope of Latin America?”


2018 Refugee Caravan “Migrantes en la Lucha”
Pueblo Sin Fronteras

Mexico: Irineo Mujica: +1 (602) 551-4931 & Rodrigo Abeja: +52 1 (55) 2323 2452
USA: Roberto Corona: +1 (858) 201-7054 & Alex Mensing: +1 (775) 560-4904


Press Release from Pueblos Sin Frontera: Page 1

Page 2:

(Sorry the video is in Spanish, but here is the gist of the interview with reporters in Tijuana, Mexico.)
At 5:10 and 6:20 video marks, Irineo blames Trump for the migrant invasion. He says that Trump with his tweets incited Central Americans to come to the U.S. border.(!!?) The reporter confronts him. Irineo as any typical demagogue dances around and once cornered projects his faults onto others (i.e, Trump) or simply introduces another topic. He says the “caravan” benefited Trump in the elections. In brief, Irineo sounds like any Democrat politician here in the U.S.

“Trump Must Be Removed by Any Means,” Left Group to Caravan at Border
Laws Broken by “Caravan” Organizers (Video)

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