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Obama’s Regulations Killing Businesses…and Jobs

Posted by FactReal on September 15, 2011

(If YouTube takes video down, go here, here, or here.)
Regulation Nation: Drowning in Rules, Businesses Brace for Cost and Time for Compliance
Via FoxNews
From financial services to farming, plumbing to computer repair, business owners say new regulations have them so bogged down in compliance that it is hindering their ability to plan and expand for the coming years.

Even though President Obama recently acknowledged the need to minimize regulations, the number appears to be growing. Obama administration regulations on new business rose to 3,573 final rules in 2010, up from 3,503 in 2009 — the equivalent of about 10 per week.

Indeed, the 2010 volume of the Federal Register, the “newspaper” of regulatory agencies, stands at an all-time record-high 81,405 pages composed of final rules, proposed rules, meeting notices and regulatory studies.

“There is something like 180 million words of binding federal law and regulation. It would take a lifetime just to read it,” said Philip K Howard, founder of Common Good.

Susan Dudley, former administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, noted that regulation has been increasing, but said that uptick has been trending since the last two years of the Bush administration [when Democrats became majority in the U.S. House and Senate].

“The ‘midnight year’ of any administration is aggressive, and this administration has picked up at that same pace and continued it in the beginning of the administration,” she said.

According to House Speaker John Boehner, the Obama administration has publicly listed a total of 219 new regulatory actions under consideration for the upcoming year that would each have an estimated cost of $100 million or more. That’s on top of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s estimate, which found that the administration has imposed more than 75 new “major” regulations since 2009 whose annual cost of compliance is $38 billion.

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that the average regulatory cost burden on U.S. firms of any size was approximately $161,000, not including costs passed on to the consumers for the goods and services rendered.

Manufacturing is the industry hit the hardest by regulatory costs, with per-firm costs at $688,944. But all small businesses pay a steep price — $10,585 for every employee.

Howard said that regulations in the U.S. are, at best, “semi-effective” while also “horribly expensive.”

“No one has the time to read all the rules…they end up spending all their time complying with the nits instead of making the factory safe,” he said.

Among the industries facing massive regulations is farming, whether it be dust-ups over dirt to the fallout from manure.

“It’s a big concern; I’m worried they’re going to regulate us right out of farming,” said Calvin Haile, of Dunnsville, Va., a grain farmer…

American[s] appear to be concerned by the impact of regulation on business. A poll…found that 74 percent of those surveyed say that the U.S. is creating too many rules. The poll…also found that 47 percent fear the rules will result in job losses while 22 percent think it will increase the price of goods and services. Seventy percent said they believe increasing the number of regulations on American businesses will result in jobs moving overseas…


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MERRY CHRISTMAS: Ancient Writers Prove Jesus Is Not a Myth

Posted by FactReal on December 24, 2009

Evidence: Ancient writers (Non-Christians, enemies, and early Christians) wrote about the birth of Christ, His life, teachings, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection.

They also wrote about the faith and lives of the disciples and early Christians. Here are the links to some of their writings (most translated).



(37-100 A.D.)
was a first century Jewish historian and soldier

He wrote about life and resurrection of Jesus.
Antiquities XVIII, 3:3

The Adoration of the Magi, Pieter Aertsen, c. 1560

was 2nd century Greek philosopher and opponent of Christianity

Celsus sought to ruthlessly ridicule and disprove Christianity. But in doing so, he left proof of the existence and life of Jesus. He wrote on the Virgin Birth, Jesus’ baptism, Jesus’ Divinity, Jesus’ Miracles, the Apostles, John the Baptist. He bears witness to the antiquity of the apostolic writings – he refers to the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John; and makes allusions to quotations from the New Testament.
True Discourse

by Franz Von Rhoden

(55-120 A.D.)
was a Roman historian

Tacitus verifies the Biblical account of Jesus’ execution at the hands of Pontius Pilate who governed Judea from 26-36 A.D. during the reign of Tiberius:
Annals XV, 44
(69-130 A.D.)
was a Roman biographer

Suetonius records the expulsion of the Christian Jews from Rome (mentioned in Acts 18:2) and confirms the Christian faith being founded by Christ.
Life of Claudius, 25.4

The Nativity (fresco) by Giotto, c.1305-06

(120- ~180 A.D.)
was a Greek writer

Lucian was a noted satirist of the second century, spoke scornfully of Christ and the Christians.
The Death of Peregrinus 11-13
(62?-113 A.D)
was a Roman magistrate

Pliny the Younger admits to torturing and executing Christians who refused to deny Christ. A recurring theme in the correspondence between Pliny and Trajan is the willingness of the true believer to die for Christ. This would hardly be reasonable if they knew He never existed!
Pliny’s letter to Emperor Trajan,
Epistulae, Vol X, No. 96

(in Latin here)

Nativity with Saints Francis and Lawrence by Caravaggio, 1609

(?-98? A.D.)
was a bishop of Rome

Clement confirms the ministry of the disciples and some of the basic tenets of early Christianity.
Corinthians 42
(? – ~100 A.D)
was the bishop of Antioch

He reinforces early Christian beliefs in the letters he penned while in prison. Even when execution was imminent, Ignatius refused to recant his faith.
Letter to the Trallians, 9:1
Letter to the Smyrneans, 1
Magnesians XI

The Adoration of the Magi by Peter Paul Rubens, 1634

(126 A.D.)
was an Athenian bishop and direct disciple, 1634 of the Apostles

He is generally regarded as the first Christian apologist. Quadratus points out the fact that a few who were healed and resurrected by Jesus lived until modern times.
Eusebius IV III, 2

The Adoration of the Magi by Da Vinci, 1481-2

(126 A.D.)
was a 2nd century Greek Christian author

Aristides describes the treatment of Jesus by His own people, the Jews, and contrasts their beliefs with those of the Christians.
Apology XIV-XV

Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard Van Honthorst, 1622

(~100 – 165 A.D.)
was possibly the most well-known early Christian apologist

He was an educated pagan philosopher who converted to Christianity around 130 A.D. Being a thoroughly educated man, Justin weighed the evidence carefully before accepting his new faith and explains to the reader he made his decision only after careful consideration and research.
First Apology, 34, 46, 50
Dialogue with Trypho, 77 97, 107-8

Mystic Nativity by Botticelli

(110 A.D. – 180 A.D.)
converted to Christianity from Judaism after extensively researching the Gospel story

Instead of accepting the Gospel story at the word of others, he traveled extensively throughout Rome and Corinth in an effort to collect evidence of the early Christian claims. Hegesippus provides important testimony that the stories being passed around were not watered down, embellished, or fabricated.
The History of the Church

Nativity (in an Antiphonary) by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, c. 1460

[Sources: pending]

THE REAL THANKSGIVING STORY – As Written by the Pilgrims

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WELCOME TO TYRANNY! Senate approved ObamaCare on Christmas Eve, 2009

Posted by FactReal on December 24, 2009

Despite great opposition from Americans, the U.S. Senate just passed their bill for Obama’s health care.
All while we were sleeping!

Christmas Gift from Government

How the votes went down
Why Americans oppose Obamacare

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OBAMA’S CHRISTMAS GIVE FOR YOU: He will force you to…

Posted by FactReal on December 22, 2009

…buy health insurance (under penalty of law)
even if you don’t want, don’t need it or can’t pay for it.

While you are enjoying Christmas, Senators will vote for ObamaCare on Christmas Eve at 8AM
Why Americans oppose Obama’s Health Care Reform

It is unconstitutional to force Americans to buy insurance

Bill will cut $483 billion from Medicare to finance the bill (CBO, page 10)

Analysis of the Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill (Brief)

Bribery: Senators bought with YOUR money

Bill Raises Taxes and Spending (CBO)

Our Promises to Those Who Vote to Nationalize Health Care

A bill so reckless that it has to be rammed thru on Christmas eve

Everyone will pay into abortion-coverage fund

Democrat: “This is the beginning of health care reform”

Gluttonous Government Always Wants More
More Government, Less Individual Freedoms

What Will It Take For You To Fight For Your Freedom

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