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Castro’s Daughter Endorses Obama

Posted by FactReal on May 30, 2012

Via Heritage:

Mariela Castro Espin, daughter of Cuban dictator Raul Castro and director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), used a visit to the U.S. to criticize American policy and endorse President Obama.

Last week, Castro received a U.S. visa for the first time in 10 years to attend the Latin American Studies Association Conference in San Francisco. This at a time when Cubans who speak up against the misery, hopelessness, and repression on the island are repeatedly jailed, harassed…


Castro’s presence in U.S. was designed to demonstrate a permissive and, sadly, unreciprocated openness by the Obama Administration to a prominent figure in the Castro regime. Yet the action opened a spigot for blatant attacks by Castro against the integrity of the U.S. political and judicial system. Moreover, it came as Castro’s father continues to unjustly imprison an American hostage, contractor Alan Gross, serving 15 years for a fabricated charge of espionage.

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Miami Marlins Manager LOVES Dictators Castro and Chavez (Video)

Posted by FactReal on April 9, 2012

What is what Miami Marlins manager, Oswaldo José “Ozzie” Guillén, loves and respect so much of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro? Does Guillén love how the Castro regime has tortured, terrorized, jailed, and killed the Cuban people to stay in power for more than 50 years?

Now that he is the new manager of the Miami baseball team, Guillén decided to insult all those victims of the Marxist dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. who now live in Miami.

Time Magazine reported:

“I love Fidel Castro,” Blurts Ozzie Guillen, the new manager of the Miami Marlins, in his Jupiter, Fla., spring-training office before an early-March team workout.

CBS Tampa reported:

Guillen told Time magazine that he loves Castro and respects him for staying in power so long…“The reason I say I admire him is because a lot of people want to get rid of this guy and they couldn’t yet,” Guillen told the Sun-Sentinel. […]

Guillen said he has never spoken to Chavez, but in fact he appeared on the Venezuelan leader’s national radio show twice in October 2005, when Guillen led the Chicago White Sox to the World Series title. At the time, Guillen said: “Not too many people like the president. I do. My mom will kill me, but it’s an honor to talk to the president.”

Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu Blog commented:

After Ozzie Guillen was quoted by a Time magazine reporter saying that he “respects” and “loves” Fidel Castro, Guillen and the Miami Marlins are now walking back the comments and attempting to put them in a context that would not seem so inflammatory to Miami’s residents. However, as the city that hosts the largest concentration of Fidel Castro’s victims, Guillen’s remarks, no matter how they try to qualify them, were certainly inflammatory and insensitive. […]

Hopefully, Mr. Guillen has finally learned the lesson that while …things are lawful, not all things are helpful or edifying.

Ozzie Guillen in 2005: Viva Chavez!
This video shows Guillen praising Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez. Guillen probably admires how Chavez has destroyed Venezuela, the once-prosperous South American country.

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Red Cross Worker Hits Cuban Protester for Yelling ‘Down with Communism’ at Pope’s Mass (Video)

Posted by FactReal on March 29, 2012

A Red Cross worker (or one of Castro’s repressive secret agent wearing a Red Cross T-shirt) violently slapped a man who was being dragged away by state security police for yelling “Down with Communism!” and “Freedom!” prior to Monday’s Mass by Pope Benedict XVI at the Revolution Square Antonio Maceo in Santiago, Cuba. The Red Cross worker also hit the protester over the head with a stretcher. Yes, a medical stretcher is also a weapon for the Castro brown-shirts.

An unconcerned father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican’s spokesman, said that the incident lasted “only a few minutes and ended quickly.” He appeared more concerned with how long it took for the communist thugs to quell the cry for freedom than with the well-being of the protester. The Castro dictatorship is famous for torturing, jailing, and/or ‘disappearing’ innocent civilians with total impunity. However, reporters around the world still want us to believe the Castro regime is leaving its evil ways behind.

Here are some videos capturing the beating:

Close-up of the beating:
Problem for the Red Cross:

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Cuba’s Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR)

Posted by FactReal on October 26, 2011

In the Age of Obama, we hear more about government seeking informants and snitches (i.e., Obama’s snitch website or Obama’s White House seeking email informants). This is nothing new. Big-government ideologues have historically created snitch brigades to control their citizens. Meet the CDRs.
Castro’s neighborhood snitch groups: The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs)
Humberto Fontova explained what they are:
Snitching is essential to totalitarian regimes. Both Stalin’s and Castro’s Gulags were filled primarily by acting on tips from snitches. Such snitching has a snowball effect. The very fact that you’re snitching gives some people a (usually false) sense of protection from regime police because they’re assisting them. Then as more and more people get rounded up, more and more people feel threatened, so more and more of them snitch — more fear, more arrests; neighbor snitches against neighbor, cousin against cousin, even sons and daughters against parents. […]

In the mid-1990’s, the Catholic Human Rights group Pax Christi, headquartered in Belgium, visited Cuba and secretly conducted a study on the status of the CDR’s…

“Fear is the basic instrument of (Cuban) political control,” concludes the study. “There is one CDR for every 140 Cubans. The information at the State Security’s disposal can be used to threaten and intimidate anybody. There is no place to escape the tentacles of the State. Most ordinary Cubans reported that they remained intensely wary of CDR surveillance, even while conversing in their own homes.” These CDRs keep a file on every person in their beat (usually 2 city blocks in the cities) where they list all of the comings and goings, personal contacts, etc., in the hopes of detecting any revolutionary backsliding, which can be anything from a particularly snarky comment on a regime honcho or policy to playing hooky from the latest anti-imperialist rally in the Plaza de la Revolucion. The CDRs also supervise the issuing of the monthly food ration cards to all Castro’s subjects. “Food is a weapon” famously declared Stalin’s foreign minister, Maxim Litvinov.

With a little imagination almost everyone can visualize the Communist snitch-and-survive or snitch-and-reward process. At work, we’ve all seen that insufferable brownnoser who hopes to mitigate or camouflage his incompetence or laziness by sucking up to the boss. We’ve all seen that gossipy little backstabber, that busybody shrew get promoted over their betters. Somehow after every flush of “downsizing” many of these Eddie Haskells and Mrs Kravitzes keep bobbing back to the surface.

To some extent this is human/corporate nature. All organizations favor “team players.” In the private sector these kinks are eventually straightened and the brownnosing incompetents axed. Either that, or the company goes under. There are stockholders and customers to keep happy. But under Communism this swinishness is the very essence of the system. There is only a Maximum Leader to keep happy.

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