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Lies of Teachers Video Showing ‘The Rich’ Urinating on ‘The Poor’

Posted by FactReal on December 6, 2012

Using a crude image of “the rich” urinating down on “the poor” is the latest left-wing propaganda from a teachers union to advocate for higher taxes on the so-called rich. After all the excessive government spending, public unions still want more. Their addiction to taxpayer money is insatiable.

The California Federation of Teachers produced a video aimed to indoctrinate our kids by demonizing the rich, vilifying success, and inciting class envy. Proud socialist and multimillionaire (1%er) actor, Ed Asner, narrates the video that claims the rich obtained their wealth by pushing for tax cuts and by creating tax loopholes (which they equate to tax evasion.) According to the video, rich people’s greed led to the decline of schools, roads, public transportation, libraries, etc. The financial crash was also the fault of rich people, who later were the only ones who obtained government bailouts and are now blaming public employees for the fiscal problems in the nation — claims the teachers’ video.

These teachers thought it was a great idea to explain to kids the concept of “trickle down economics” (according to liberals) by depicting the rich (1%) urinating on less-affluent Americans (the 99%). Here is screenshot of that video section:

The California Federation of Teachers’ video is little more than unsurprising leftist propaganda, aimed to indoctrinate children with no basis in fact. Leftist, multimillionaire (1%er) actor Ed Asner narrates this video that claims the rich obtain their wealth through tax cuts, tax loopholes, and even tax evasion
Watch video here.

Clinton and Democrats Created the Financial Crash (More here.)
Democrat Barney Frank’s Legacy: Housing Crisis and Prostitution Ring
How Democrats created the mortgage crisis with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

IRS: Taxing ALL Rich People Not Enough to Pay U.S. Deficit
Confiscation of Wealthy Americans’ Money Will NOT Work
The Rich Pay More Taxes…and Higher Tax Rates
47% Pay no Federal Income tax (CNN report)
Bill Clinton’s Tax Increases Slowed Growth
Soaking the rich will only cover 0.5% of Obama’s New Spending (The Buffett Rule)
Obama 2009: The Last Thing You Want is to Raise Taxes in a Recession (Video)
Low capital gains taxes benefit you
Illegal aliens got $4.2 billion from IRS using tax loopholes even if no income tax was withheld or paid.
97% of Americans Pay less than 12% Tax Rate
The top 1% of wage earners in the U.S. pay about 33% of all the income taxes, and the top 5% pay more than half of all the taxes

Billions in stimulus spending went to help bail out homeowners and education programs
Obama’s student loan bailout paid by waitresses and construction workers

The Left LOVES multi-billionaire George Soros who pushed for bank bailouts and bought politicians
Democrats love “Fat Cat” Lobbyists and spend weekend together in Miami Beach
Michelle Obama’s $10 million vacations paid by taxpayers while Americans suffer
Richest celebrities supported Wall Street protests against the rich
Liberals love crony capitalism
Obama rewards rich donors with state dinner at taxpayers expense

Public unions’ exorbitant lifetime pensions are destroying city budgets and homeowners
Public employees retiring in luxury on the back of tax payers
The teachers union and other public-sector unions invest in Wall Street
Average teachers receive $56,500 salary plus $43,505 in benefits…paid by taxpayers

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Student Bullied by Obamista Teacher Speaks Out (Video)

Posted by FactReal on May 22, 2012

Other video sources: Here and here.

Via FoxNews:

The North Carolina high school student who was berated by his teacher after he spoke critically of President Obama told Fox News on Monday that he wanted to “laugh” when he heard the teacher suggest he could be arrested for criticizing a sitting president.

“Honestly, at the time I wanted to laugh at her, because I’ve been taught all my life that nobody can take your opinion [or nobody can take your freedom of speech],” Hunter Rogers said. He said he knew that it takes an actual threat against the president, not just criticism, to be arrested.

Hunter Rogers and his mother Gina spoke to Fox News about the incident and the recording of the argument that later went viral on YouTube.

“(The teacher) doesn’t want to hear anything but what she believes, and … if you disagree, you get berated and put down,” Rogers said. “I just decided to finally get some proof of it.”

The web video does not show faces, but the heated argument in the classroom can clearly be heard.

Here is the video/audio of the the teacher berating the student for telling the truth about Obama.

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Bully Teacher to Student: It’s Criminal to Criticize Obama (Video/Audio)

Posted by FactReal on May 21, 2012

The bully: Teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely
The school: North Rowan High School in Spencer, North Carolina
Via Breitbart.com:

The video shows a classroom discussion about the Washington Post hit piece about Mitt Romney bullying a kid some five decades ago. One student says, “Didn’t Obama bully someone though?” The teacher says: “Not to my knowledge.” The student then cites the fact that Obama, in Dreams from My Father, admits to shoving a little girl. “Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” screams the teacher. Romney is “running for president. Obama is the president.”

The student responds that both are “just men.”

The teacher…continues, “let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” …The teacher then tells the student – wrongly – that it is a criminal offense to say bad things about a president.

Latest: The teacher has been suspended WITH PAY (= paid vacations)

Student Bullied by Obamista Teacher Speaks Out (Video)

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Obama’s Student Loans…& his Debt Collectors Plan to Harass Students

Posted by FactReal on October 28, 2011


Obama wants to get re-elected and he needs uninformed and impressionable Americans to vote for him. So he is targeting college students.

Obama’ student loan bailout is just to get the youth vote: “Obama is outlining a plan to allow millions of student loan recipients to lower their payments and consolidate their loans…Young voters were an important bloc in Obama’s 2008 campaign, and student loan debt is a common concern among Occupy Wall Street protesters.”

'Occupy Wall Street' protesters want taxpayers to pay for their education

Obama’s student bailout plan is to buy the votes of college students…with taxpayer dollars, of course.

It is unfair to forgive student loans on the backs of waitresses and construction workers and the nearly three-quarters of Americans who didn’t graduate college. Increases in federal subsidies or student loan bailouts shift the burden of paying for college from the student—the person directly benefiting from college—to the millions of Americans who did not graduate from college.”

It also penalizes the taxpayers who have worked hard to pay off their own student loan debt—and who are still making payments—by having to pay off the student loan debt of those who took out more of a loan burden than they could handle, in some cases, to earn a degrees of questionable market value.”

Obama offers student loan giveaway…while pushing plan to send debt collectors to harass students:
[W]hile Obama is out announcing these new student loan rules that make you think that he’s relaxing your repayment, remember that Obama asked Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to get your cell phone number to track you down in case you are delinquent in repaying your student loan if you owe it to the government, and the odds are you do since they took over the industry
Obama wants debt collectors to harass students:
President Barack Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government.

…The little-noticed recommendation would apply only to cases in which money is owed the government, and is tucked into the mammoth $3 trillion deficit-reduction plan the president submitted to Congress. […]

Enabling robo-calls (to cellphones) is just going to lead to more harassment and abuse, and it’s not going to help the government collect more money,” said Lauren Saunders of the Boston-based National Consumer Law Center. “People aren’t paying their student loans because they can’t find a job.”

Whatever the impact on the budget deficit, the proposal has aligned the [Obama] White House with the private debt collection industry — frequently the subject of consumer complaints — at a time when the economy is weak, unemployment is high and Obama is embarking on his campaign for re-election. […]

A different federal agency, the Federal Trade Commission, collects extensive records about the private debt collection industry in general.

“The FTC receives more complaints about the debt collection industry than any other specific industry,” according to an annual report to Congress, more than 100,000 in 2010.

The complaints fall into several categories, citing alleged harassment, demands for impermissibly large payments, failure to provide required consumer notice and threatening dire consequences such as jail time.

Shouldn't these OWS protesters be targeting Big University for their outrageous cost of college tuitions? (How much money did he waste on that stupid disguise?)

Ivy League universities and their great revenues
Forgiving Student Loans is the second-worst idea ever

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Ex-Mayor Julio Robaina’s School Events just like in Cuba (Photos) (Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on June 1, 2011

This report from America Times:
Hialeah participated in the International Walk to School Day on October 3, 2007:
Cuba is also participating in the International Walk to School Day
From the International Walk to School – Official Website: http://www.iwalktoschool.org/

Elementary School Camilo Cienfuegos in Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, Cuba

Elementary School in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
These seemingly innocent events are part of a global program from the International Walk to School Day. According to their official website (http://www.iwalktoschool.org/about.htm) one of their tops goals are to “raise concern for the environment.” By now we know that is code word for global warming indoctrination.

America Times explains:

Let’s look beyond their noble smokescreens
Their second goal is to “raise concern for the environment” (in other words: to inculcate our kids with man-made global warming) and to “reduce traffic congestion, pollution” (we know how much environmentalists hate our cars and the freedom they give us). One question remains, what will they do with the criminals, pedophiles, and drug dealers on the streets? Oh, yes, they say that by walking to school, they will “reduce crime.” According to them, these types of events also provide “valuable time with local community leaders” which means a great opportunity for politicians to impress future voters and to slowly take away parental responsibility.
Pushing Global Warming
They recommend these Classroom Activities on their site http://www.walktoschool.org/eventideas/classroom.cfm […] http://www.saferoutestoschools.org/lessonplans.shtml
Environmental Lesson Plans
Family Mouse Behind the Wheel (Grades K-2) is a fable with an environmental message. When the forest creatures vote to develop their home in the name of progress they wind up in gridlock. They learn their lesson though, and abandon their automobiles in favor of preserving their forest home in it’s natural state. Download the pdf.

Greenhouse in a Bottle (Grades 5 and 6) is a hands on science project or can be set up as a demonstration. Students work in teams to simulate the earth’s environment; doing a comparison and contrast of a pre and post-greenhouse atmosphere. After the class sets up the experiment, while waiting for the results, we have an opportunity to discuss how cars and non-renewable energy affects the environment. Download the pdf.

Details here.

Info for the June 28th election in Miami-Dade County:
Carlos Gimenez’s Record
Julio Robaina’s Record
(With links to primary sources)

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Chicago Schools Ban Lunches Brought from Home…and Confiscate Snacks

Posted by FactReal on April 12, 2011

Where are the parents? Will they finally rebel? Or will they let their kids be subjugated by the nanny state? We know is all about profit and power grab masquerading as a public health crusade.

Via Chicago Tribune:

  At his public school, Little Village Academy on Chicago’s West Side, students are not allowed to pack lunches from home. Unless they have a medical excuse, they must eat the food served in the cafeteria. Principal Elsa Carmona said her intention is to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices.


Any school that bans homemade lunches also puts more money in the pockets of the district’s food provider, Chartwells-Thompson. The federal government pays the district for each free or reduced-price lunch taken, and the caterer receives a set fee from the district per lunch.

At Little Village, most students must take the meals served in the cafeteria or go hungry or both. During a recent visit to the school, dozens of students took the lunch but threw most of it in the garbage uneaten. Though CPS has improved the nutritional quality of its meals this year, it also has seen a drop-off in meal participation among students, many of whom say the food tastes bad.


At Claremont Academy Elementary School on the South Side, officials allow packed lunches but confiscate any snacks loaded with sugar or salt. (They often are returned after school.) Principal Rebecca Stinson said that though students may not like it, she has yet to hear a parent complain.

“The kids may have money or earn money and (buy junk food) without their parents’ knowledge,” Stinson said, adding that most parents expect that the school will look out for their children.

Such discussions over school lunches and healthy eating echo a larger national debate about the role government should play in individual food choices.

“This is such a fundamental infringement on parental responsibility,” said J. Justin Wilson, a senior researcher at the Washington-based Center for Consumer Freedom…”This is the perfect illustration of how the government’s one-size-fits-all mandate on nutrition fails time and time again. Some parents may want to pack a gluten-free meal for a child, and others may have no problem with a child enjoying soda.”


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