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‘Occupy Atlanta’ Censures Civil Rights Icon John Lewis with Marxist Tactics (Video)

Posted by FactReal on October 11, 2011

The Marxists are feeling so empowered these days that they feel they don’t need Lewis anymore.

This past Friday, U.S. representative John Lewis (D-GA) went to Five Points in downtown Atlanta to support the local offshoot of ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ However, Lewis met the crude face of a Marxist dictatorship. The leftist protesters employed a tangle of absurd procedures and cult-like “repeat after me” chants to deny the congressman a chance to speak. This is what Marxists call “consensus” and “democracy.”

Video notes:

Many curious citizens and media outlets came to the first Occupy Atlanta event, and were visible shocked and confused by the consistent Marxism employed by the group. People abandoned their individuality and liberty to be absorbed into a hypnotizing collective. The facilitator made it clear that he was not a “leader” and that everyone was completely equal; words often spoken by leftists, but in this case they actually applied their philosophy. Into this surreal and oppressive environment, Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights hero and icon of American leftism, came to speak as has so often done at left-wing rallies and events in Atlanta. He is practically worshiped in Democrat circles, and was visibly stunned to see these Marxists turn him away. It was reminiscent of previous Marxist revolutions in history when those who ignorantly supported the revolutionaries are, over time, purged and rejected for the “good of the collective”, when their usefulness has expired.

Doug Powers writes:

Rep. John Lewis (D-issed) showed up to address “Occupy Atlanta,” and it was decided that the crowd should take a vote on it because Lewis wasn’t on the original schedule. Hilarity ensued in a cloud of “repeat after me.” Lewis’ attempt to address the gathering was apparently voted down (which would be today’s NYT headline if this were a Tea Party) in a show of “jazz hands” from the crowd.

More here.

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Democrat Rep. Schakowsky: “You Don’t Deserve To Keep All Your Money” (Video)

Posted by FactReal on September 15, 2011

Via NakedEmperorNews

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Former SEIU Union Official Plans to Destroy U.S. Financial System (Videos)

Posted by FactReal on March 23, 2011

Marxists Want to Destroy Society to build the “New Man” in to their own Marxist Image

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America:
A former official of one of the country’s most-powerful unions, SEIU, has a secret plan to “destabilize” the country. 

The plan is designed to destroy JP Morgan, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street’s grip on power, thus creating the conditions necessary for a redistribution of wealth and a change in government.

The former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, spoke in a closed session at a Pace University forum last weekend.

The Blaze procured what appears to be a tape of Lerner’s remarks. Many Americans will undoubtely sympathize with and support them. Still, the “destabilization” plan is startling in its specificity, especially coming so close on the heels of the financial crisis.

Lerner said that unions and community organizations are, for all intents and purposes, dead. The only way to achieve their goals, therefore–the redistribution of wealth and the return of “$17 trillion” stolen from the middle class by Wall Street–is to “destabilize the country.”

Lerner’s plan is to organize a mass, coordinated “strike” on mortgage, student loan, and local government debt payments–thus bringing the banks to the edge of insolvency and forcing them to renegotiate the terms of the loans.  This destabilization and turmoil, Lerner hopes, will also crash the stock market, isolating the banking class and allowing for a transfer of power.

Lerner’s plan starts by attacking JP Morgan Chase in early May, with demonstrations on Wall Street, protests at the annual shareholder meeting, and then calls for a coordinated mortgage strike.

Lerner also says explicitly that, although the attack will benefit labor unions, it cannot be seen as being organized by them. It must therefore be run by community organizations.

Read more here.

UNCUT TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan
SEIU Mob Protest at ESSA Bank headquarters in Stroudsburg, Pa.
Striking Pocono Medical Center workers and SEIU members fill the lobby of ESSA Bank and Trust headquarters in Stroudsburg, Pa., on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. The union wanted to meet with CEO Gary Olson, who is chairman of the board of directors of PMC.

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CASTRO’S FIST TO OBAMA: Cuba to seek a 20-year prison sentence for American Alan Gross

Posted by FactReal on February 8, 2011

This is what Obama gets for reaching out to the Marxist Cuban Dictator with his soft policies, i.e., lifting restrictions on travel: American Alan Gross to be used as bargaining chip:
Via The Foundry: (Emphasis added)

On February 4, the Cuban government announced it will demand a 20-year prison sentence for U.S. citizen Alan Gross. The 61-year-old Maryland resident was arrested in December 2009 in Havana after visiting Cuba to distribute satellite phones to Jewish and other civil society groups. Although details of his activities remain sketchy, Gross was employed by Development Alternatives, Inc., a U.S. State Department contractor, rendering democracy support work in the field. Gross was helping deliver technologies of freedom that Cuba’s leaders greatly fear.

After over a year in jail, Gross, who is in declining health, is now formally charged with the commission of acts against “the integrity and independence” of Cuba. A Havana show trial will soon follow. […]

…Cuban readiness to prosecute and condemn Gross to a slow death in a Havana prison is a heavy blow to the Administration’s soft policy of enhanced engagement.

Over the past two years, the Obama Administration has sought to improve ties with Cuba by using executive authority to lift restrictions on travel and the dispatch of remittances to the island. The last round of liberalization measures were introduced in early January. It has also conducted several rounds of immigration talks with senior Cuban officials. […]

Yet, not unexpectedly, Cuban behavior in the Gross case is consistent with previous responses to U.S. openings. Once more the open hand of the Obama Administration encounters the clenched fist of Cuban tyranny. […]

At the back of Raul’s mind may be further pressure on the U.S. to pardon or release the so-called Cuban Five, who are charged with spying for Cuba in the 1990s.

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