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Migrants to Trump: Give us $50K each or Asylum…You have 72 Hours! (Read Their Letter)

Posted by FactReal on December 13, 2018

Their ultimatum is full of contradictions:
* While they want to come into the U.S., they blame America for their countries’ problems.
* When they say U.S. interference offends them, they also ask Trump to remove their president from office.
* While they claim they believe in respectful dialogue, they give Trump 72 hours deadline to respond to their demands.
* They claim to be peaceful, but threaten the U.S. with more migrations if the U.S. doesn’t remove their military bases and companies from their territory because they offend their homeland.
* They chant communist slogans but leftist policies are destroying their countries. On video below, you see them chanting, “The people united will never be defeated.” (“El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.”)

Paraphrasing their letter: “Either pay $50,000 to each of us to go home or let us into the U.S….because we are fleeing due to the 100-year U.S. intervention in Central America…if you don’t want to be invaded by more migrants, stop intervening in our country…but we want you to remove the Honduran President from office…Ah! And your military bases and companies offend us, but we still want your U.S. dollars ($50,000 for each of us)…and we believe in respectful dialogue, but we are giving you 72 hours to respond …with all our heart…on you depends the best outcome…or else…respectfully!!”

The verbatim version and translation are below.

Photo of letter: Uniradio Informa
Published by Periódico El Debate (Mexico) Archived

VERBATIM VERSION: (Translated to English; original in Spanish)

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico December 7, 2018

Donald Trump

President of the United States of America

Your Excellency, Mr. President

By this means may you receive a cordial greeting from all the members of the Honduran Migrants Caravan and other countries of Central America.

The purpose of this is to request you in the most respectful manner, allow us the free entry to all the members of the exodus to the United States. We are a peaceful conglomerate composed of families made up of women, children and men, most of them young men who are fleeing from poverty, insecurity and repression caused by the dictatorial government of Juan Orlando Hernández and by the economic, political and military interference that your country has been exercising for more than 100 years in our country and other Central American countries.

We remind you that if the US does not want more migrations, it must put a stop to economic, political and military intervention in our territory. Therefore, we ask you to take your 13 military bases and all their extractive companies that offend and loot our homeland.

If you do not want our entry into the United States, we ask you to take Juan Orlando Hernández and grant us an amount of US $ 50,000, so that each of us can return to our homeland.

We believe in an open and respectful dialogue, but with the desire to follow up on this request, we establish a deadline of 72 hours to receive a response, from the time it is delivered to your representative in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Wishing with all our heart that your response will be positive, we thank you for granting us asylum to protect our safety or our life. On you depends the best outcome of this humanitarian crisis as a result of the dictatorship in Honduras.



Original in Spanish:

Tijuana, Baja California, México 7 de diciembre del 2018

Donald Trump

Presidente de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

Excelentísimo señor presidente.

Por este medio reciba usted un cordial saludo de parte de todos los integrantes de la Caravana Migrantes Hondureños y demás países de Centro América.

El propósito de la presente es solicitarle de la manera mas respetuosa, nos permita el libre ingreso a todos los integrantes del éxodo a territorio estadounidense. Somos un conglomerado pacífico compuesto por familias integradas por mujeres niños y hombres, la mayoría son varones jóvenes que venimos huyendo de a [sic] pobreza, inseguridad y represión causada por el gobierno dictatorial de Juan Orlando Hernández y por la injerencia económica, política y militar que su país ha venido ejerciendo por mas de 100 años a en nuestro país y demás países de Centro América.

Le recordarnos que si USA no quiere mas migraciones debe poner un alto a la intervención económica, política y militar en nuestro territorio. Por tanto, le pedimos se lleve sus 13 bases militares y todas sus empresas extractivistas que ofenden y saquean nuestro suelo patrio.

Si usted no desea nuestro ingreso a territorio estadounidense le pedimos se lleve a Juan Orlando Hernández y nos otorgue una cantidad de 50,000 dólares estadounidenses, para que cada uno de nosotros podamos retornar a nuestra patria.

Creemos en un dialogo abierto y respetuoso, pero con el deseo de darle seguimiento a esta petición establecemos un plazo de 72 horas para recibir una respuesta, a partir de la hora en que sea entregada a su representante en Tijuana, Baja California, México.

Deseando de todo corazón que su respuesta sea positiva le agradecernos nos brinde asilo para proteger nuestra seguridad o nuestra vida, de usted depende el mejor desenlace de esta crisis humanitaria como resultado de la dictadura en Honduras.



ABC 10 News report: ‘Migrants demand entry or $50,000 during march to US Consulate in Tijuana’ (December 11, 2018)

(KGTV) – More members of the migrant caravan walked through the streets of Tijuana Tuesday morning, this time heading to the U.S. Consulate instead of the border.

10News learned the group reached their destination at around 11 a.m. after a nearly two-hour trek. The migrants, who had police escorts…

A source told 10News the migrants dropped off a petition asking the consulate to allow everyone in the caravan entry into the U.S. The migrants requested a response within 72 hours.

Additionally, the migrants said they want the U.S. government to provide $50,000 for their trips back to their respective home countries if they aren’t allowed asylum in the United States.

Fox News video shows the migrants chanting communist slogans.

Periódico El Debate (Mexico) reported about the protest in Tijuana:

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“Trump Must Be Removed by Any Means,” Left Group to Caravan at Border

Posted by FactReal on December 1, 2018

The radical leftist group, BAMN, threatened Trump via Twitter: “Trump must go or be removed BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”
[BAMN = By Any Means Necessary]

BAMN is trying to create chaos at the U.S. border by inciting people at the “caravan.” They have been tweeting with gusto their threats, diatribe and lefty demands in English and Spanish (see below) so everyone on both sides of the border can get their messages.

BAMN tweeted this bulletin on November 26, 2018: “Open it [the border] or we’ll shut it down! Everyone must be let in! Asylum for all – let the caravan in….Shut down immigrant concentration camps…Trump must go or be removed BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.”






“The mayor of Tijuana responds to a bulletin that promises to close the border if migrant caravan not granted access to the line,” reports journalist Wendy Fry.

Tijuana mayor to Tijuanans, “This land is ours and we have to defend it.” [Video mark 1:33 below]

Will the U.S. respond?

Groups behind the “Migrant Caravan” Invading the U.S.
Laws Broken by “Caravan” Organizers (Video)

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Eyeball-Tattooed Migrant in “Caravan” is also Violent [Video]

Posted by FactReal on October 23, 2018


Via: Justas King‘s tweets: (She tweeted all the links – go to ‘Sources’ below)
– The tattooed man is Braulio Bustillo.
– He attacked his mother in 2016 because she was talking to a man (a security guard) in the park. The security guard hit him in the left hand with a knife [not a machete] to stop Bustillo from hitting his own mother. (Don’t worry his hand is fine as seen in the 2018 video below during the “caravan.”)
– The media in Honduras interviewed him in 2016 when he tattooed his eyeballs. He took the opportunity to promote his tattooing business.

Via WAILER on YouTube reporting from Mexico:
Video of Bustillo in the “migrant caravan” heading north. He says he wants to work in Mexico, but why would he stop there when he is so close to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (i.e., the United States of America)?

If you read the comments under the YouTube video, Mexicans are extremely angry illegal aliens are invading their country. Some are repeating their famous slogan, “Mexico for the Mexicans only.” Here are some samples of their comments:


Rush Translation: (Emphasis added)
The government has no responsibility to take care of you. The president-elect [Andrés Manuel López Obrador] will take office until December and we Mexicans are not going to allow people to to take away what is ours. Mexico for Mexicans. We do not want Central Americans here. Do not help them to go back.


Rush Translation:
These are the ones that make up the strongest gangs in the U.S., and the worst gangs in the world. The Mara Salvatruchas S-13 [MS-13 gangs], the biggest nightmare for the FBI. And now also in Mexico, they do not know anything better to do; no more than to kill, rape, do drugs. They are a plague of criminals these gang members.

And now they will mix with Mexican young women.

Left: October 2018 during the Honduran “Migrant Caravan” heading north.
Right: May 2016 when the Honduran media interviewed Bustillo after he tattooed his eyeballs.



Quick Translation: June 3, 2016

Comayaguas, Honduras

20 days ago Braulio Bustillo became famous after he tattooed his eyes influenced by an American program. Today the young man is once again in the news after it was reported that he received several machete wounds in one of his arms. [It was actually a knife – read below.]

According to preliminary data, the violent incident took place in the neighborhood of Independence of Comayagua. After the young man had a fight with the security guard of the neighborhood park — all due to jealousy.

The working hypothesis is that the mother of the young man – famous for his tattoos – was talking with the man named Candido Velásquez, 70 years old, who works as a security guard in the sector. When Braulio saw this, he began to insult and to say obscene words against his own mother.

After seeing this outrageous act, the security guard who was talking with his mother became upset by the way Braulio attacked his own mother and without saying anything, he threw himself onto Braulio with a knife in hand, causing a deep wound in Braulio’s left hand.

But the recent video in 2018, shows his left hand seems well.

Justas King provides all the videos and links:


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Border Insecurity: Armed Mexican Smugglers Still Crossing the U.S. Border, NBC Reports (Videos)

Posted by FactReal on February 18, 2013

Hidden cameras reveal Mexican drug and immigrant smugglers (some of them heavily armed) are still crossing the U.S. border and traveling miles north into the U.S., NBC reported yesterday.

(Click image for video.)

NBC’s Nightly News aired yesterday this report by Mark Potter.

Rush Transcript:

In Arizona, ranchers say rural border not secure.

NBC anchor Lester Steven Holt: As you just heard, one of the big issues in the immigration debate is border security. Despite progress claimed by the Federal government, Nbc’s Mark Potter found that for some Americans who live near Mexico, the border is anything but secure.

Reporter: In the rugged terrain south of Tucson, Arizona, advocates concerned about border security took matters into their own hands and placed motion-sensitive hidden cameras on known smuggling trails and this is their video, revealing wave after wave of Mexican drug and immigrant smugglers, some of them heavily armed who cross the border and travel miles north inside the United States.

Rancher David Beckham: A trail coming in.

Reporter: It’s why rancher David Beckham made the painful decision to move his family off his land, 12 miles north of the Mexican border, because of all the armed smugglers crossing his property, threatening his home.

Rancher Beckham: It was unsafe. I couldn’t — I couldn’t see raising our children — you know, I was afraid to let the kids go out even in the day.

Reporter: Residents here in this rugged desert say in the daytime it is relatively quiet but all of that changes as night falls and the land comes alive. Recently, neighboring rancher Jim Chilton found a Mexican drug smuggler’s camp on his land, ten miles north of the border. The next day there, he found an active smugglers’ trail littered with water bottles.

Rancher Jim Chilton: It’s like living in a no man’s land. The border patrol doesn’t really protect us. They try to arrest people north of us mainly.

Rancher Sue Chilton: I feel that the U.S. has made a decision not to guard the border where they should. We should guard the border at the border .

Reporter: The U.S. border patrol concedes that a forward operating base, designed to house agents right on the border at nearby Sasabee, Arizona, is currently not staffed because of budget shortages, but customs officials say the border patrol still works hard to protect the ranchers. And with increased manpower and technology, has dramatically reduced illegal border crossings.

US Customs Agent: The fact of the matter is that substantial gains have been made. We need to make additional gains. Do we want them to feel safe in their homes? Absolutely.

Reporter: But ranchers say they still feel unprotected on their own land, along a border they insist is not secure. Mark porter, NBC news, Arivaca, Arizona.

More armed drug smugglers in Southern Arizona
AZBorderDefenders uploaded this YouTube video on Dec 18, 2012, and noted:
“Video from a trail camera placed by the AZ Border Defenders of 4 drug smugglers (one armed with an AK-47) 30 miles north of the United States border with Mexico near Tucson AZ. Obviously gun control doesn’t work for these guys, Why should American citizens give up their rights?”
About AZBorderDefenders: “AZ Border Defenders is a non profit volunteer border watch organization dedicated to informing the American public about the dangers of our illegal immigration crisis. We conduct border watches as well as search and rescue missions where we observe and report any suspected illegal aliens or drug smugglers to law enforcement.”

Porous Border December 2012
SecureBorderIntel uploaded this YouTube video on Dec. 8, 2012, and noted:
“Several groups of drug smugglers, some armed openly, and people being trafficked move north from the U.S./Mexico border on the same trails used by the Mexican bandits who killed a federal Agent there two years ago. Residents of this part of Arizona have seen security deteriorate to the point some are choosing to move away abandoning their homes and ranches.”
About www.SecureBorderIntel.org: “Documenting smuggling activity along the porous US/Mexico border. Despite claims from Government agencies and political figures; the border with Mexico is still under the operational control of drug and alien smugglers. Fencing, patrol roads, camera/radar systems, sensors, and increased patrol strength are necessary to solve the problem.”

Dictionary: ILLEGAL ALIEN = A Foreigner who has Entered a Country Unlawfully
Illegal Immigration Costs $113 Billion to US; Illegals Pay only $13 Billion in Taxes
Illegal Aliens Intimidate GOP at House Immigration Hearing Chanting ‘Undocumented And Unafraid’ (Video)
Flashback: Obama Blocked Immigration Reform for 8 Years
Rubio’s Immigration Amnesty: Proposal, Analyses, News (PDF)

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Dictionary: ILLEGAL ALIEN = A Foreigner who has Entered a Country Unlawfully

Posted by FactReal on February 6, 2013

According to Dictionary.com:

illegal alien
1. a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization.

2. a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson. Compare resident alien.

Also called illegal immigrant.


Definition of Illegal Alien = A Foreigner who has Entered a Country Unlawfully
Democrat Rep. John Conyers: Please don’t use the term ‘illegal immigrants’ — say ‘out of status’ or ‘new Americans’

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Illegal Aliens Intimidate GOP at House Immigration Hearing Chanting ‘Undocumented And Unafraid’ (Video)

Posted by FactReal on February 5, 2013

When Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was given a chance to speak, a group of illegal aliens interrupted a House Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration Tuesday by standing up and shouting “undocumented and unafraid.”
Other video source: C-SPAN.org (video mark 01:02:11), or here.
GOP Rep. Issa was their target
The left-wing site ThinkProgress confirms that the “protesters targeted Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), one of the 160 Republicans who voted against the DREAM Act in 2010, which would create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth.”

(Click image to enlarge screenshot)

Illegal Immigration Costs $113 Billion to US; Illegals Pay only $13 Billion in Taxes

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