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Funny: Women Test Joe Biden’s Shotgun vs AR-15 (Video)

Posted by FactReal on February 27, 2013

This video is in response to Joe Biden’s stupid advice to women: ‘Buy a double-barrel shotgun; an AR-15, it’s harder to aim.’

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Obama’s Unqualified RINO Approved by Senate for Defense Secretary

Posted by FactReal on February 26, 2013

Allahpundit explains the crazy votes:

The final vote: 58-41, which is a bit closer than the 71-27 margin on cloture earlier today. There are 15 Republicans who think voters are too dumb to realize that the cloture vote is the one that assured Hagel’s confirmation and that, by voting yes on that and no on the meaningless final vote, they can pretend that they “opposed” Hagel. And in fairness, they’re probably right; most voters likely are that dumb. But let’s name those 15 anyway:

Alexander Ayotte Blunt Burr Chambliss
Coburn Collins Corker Flake Graham
Hatch McCain Murkowski Sessions Thune


I can’t believe a single one of those 15, let alone the scores of Democrats who voted for this guy, seriously believes he’s prepared to run the Defense Department…The next time McCain and Graham pound the table about defense cuts or O’s foreign policy, remember that they both voted to send Chuck Hagel on to the final vote. That’s how serious they are.

As for Republicans voting yes, there were four: Cochran, Johanns, Shelby, and … Rand Paul, who voted no twice on cloture. That’s the most bizarre vote array on a nominee I could imagine.

Liberatarian Rand Paul Voted for Chuck Hagel
Allahpundit writes:

Here’s Paul’s reasoning:

“I voted no because I wanted more information and I think that part of what the Senate does is try to get information about the nominees,” Paul told reporters …“There are many things I disagree with Chuck Hagel on…but the president gets to choose political appointees,” Paul said. […]

If “the president gets to choose political appointees” is sufficient reason to vote yes, then (a) we should get rid of the Senate’s advise-and-consent responsibility and (b) at the very least we should not be filibustering nominees, as Rand Paul voted to do twice. Even if he did that purely to squeeze the White House for more information, why would he vote yes on the final vote when they never gave him that information? And if the president’s entitled to his nominee of choice, why would Paul demand more info about Hagel in the first place? Just rubber-stamp him. Vote yes on every vote, no questions asked.

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OBAMA 2011: Wanted Sequester Cuts. OBAMA 2013: Against Them (Video)

Posted by FactReal on February 19, 2013

2011 Obama defends automatic spending cuts (Nov. 21, 2011):
“Already some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple: No.” “I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending.”

2013 Obama predicts Armageddon if sequester cuts go through (Feb. 19, 2013):
“So these cuts are not smart. They are not fair. They will hurt our economy. They will add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls. This is not an abstraction — people will lose their jobs.”

(H/t: TheRightScoop.com)
Mark Levin exposes a WASTELAND of govt overspending while Obama LIES to your face saying we can’t cut spending
Hannity Mocks Obama’s Melodramatic ‘Mayan Sequester Apocalypse’ (Video)

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Ohio Double Voters Not Cooperating with Investigation

Posted by FactReal on February 19, 2013

Remember the Ohio Democrat poll worker who brazenly admitted that she voted twice for Obama during the 2012 presidential election (and currently being investigated for potentially voting six times in 2012)?

Well, 18 persons are also being investigated for voter fraud in Ohio. But not all are cooperating.

Eric Shawn at Fox News has an update to the Ohio voter fraud investigation:
[Video 1, Video 2]

In written reports detailing the 19 cases, Board of Elections investigators described their findings. In one instance, an investigator called a suspected double voter and was hung up on.

“I explained that she voted twice and she told me not to bother her and get off her phone and she hung up,” the investigator wrote.

Another voter admitted to double voting, but did not think it was an issue.

“The voter said yes she ‘voted early’ and then voted again, then she asked ‘what’s the problem?‘” according to the report.

Yet another voter was at a loss for explaining why he voted more than once.

“Voter said he remembered both times. He doesn’t know why he voted twice,” the report said.

The documents show that another voter said he had received a phone call before Election Day telling him his absentee ballot would not count. When investigators questioned him about voting two times, the voter replied “‘as usual, you guys are wrong.’ … he was curious about the investigation and asked ‘Now what will you do’ and ‘are you taping me now?”

The Hamilton County Board of Elections is holding hearings to further investigate these cases.


As part of a new effort to root out any voter fraud, Secretary of State Husted has ordered all 88 of the state’s county Board of Elections to hold public hearings on any credible voter fraud allegations or claims of voter disenfranchisement during the 2012 election. He said any substantiated allegations should be turned over to prosecutors.

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GUNS: News Roundup (Feb. 18 – 24, 2013)

Posted by FactReal on February 19, 2013

TUESDAY, FEB. 19, 2013

MONDAY, FEB. 18, 2013


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Border Insecurity: Armed Mexican Smugglers Still Crossing the U.S. Border, NBC Reports (Videos)

Posted by FactReal on February 18, 2013

Hidden cameras reveal Mexican drug and immigrant smugglers (some of them heavily armed) are still crossing the U.S. border and traveling miles north into the U.S., NBC reported yesterday.

(Click image for video.)

NBC’s Nightly News aired yesterday this report by Mark Potter.

Rush Transcript:

In Arizona, ranchers say rural border not secure.

NBC anchor Lester Steven Holt: As you just heard, one of the big issues in the immigration debate is border security. Despite progress claimed by the Federal government, Nbc’s Mark Potter found that for some Americans who live near Mexico, the border is anything but secure.

Reporter: In the rugged terrain south of Tucson, Arizona, advocates concerned about border security took matters into their own hands and placed motion-sensitive hidden cameras on known smuggling trails and this is their video, revealing wave after wave of Mexican drug and immigrant smugglers, some of them heavily armed who cross the border and travel miles north inside the United States.

Rancher David Beckham: A trail coming in.

Reporter: It’s why rancher David Beckham made the painful decision to move his family off his land, 12 miles north of the Mexican border, because of all the armed smugglers crossing his property, threatening his home.

Rancher Beckham: It was unsafe. I couldn’t — I couldn’t see raising our children — you know, I was afraid to let the kids go out even in the day.

Reporter: Residents here in this rugged desert say in the daytime it is relatively quiet but all of that changes as night falls and the land comes alive. Recently, neighboring rancher Jim Chilton found a Mexican drug smuggler’s camp on his land, ten miles north of the border. The next day there, he found an active smugglers’ trail littered with water bottles.

Rancher Jim Chilton: It’s like living in a no man’s land. The border patrol doesn’t really protect us. They try to arrest people north of us mainly.

Rancher Sue Chilton: I feel that the U.S. has made a decision not to guard the border where they should. We should guard the border at the border .

Reporter: The U.S. border patrol concedes that a forward operating base, designed to house agents right on the border at nearby Sasabee, Arizona, is currently not staffed because of budget shortages, but customs officials say the border patrol still works hard to protect the ranchers. And with increased manpower and technology, has dramatically reduced illegal border crossings.

US Customs Agent: The fact of the matter is that substantial gains have been made. We need to make additional gains. Do we want them to feel safe in their homes? Absolutely.

Reporter: But ranchers say they still feel unprotected on their own land, along a border they insist is not secure. Mark porter, NBC news, Arivaca, Arizona.

More armed drug smugglers in Southern Arizona
AZBorderDefenders uploaded this YouTube video on Dec 18, 2012, and noted:
“Video from a trail camera placed by the AZ Border Defenders of 4 drug smugglers (one armed with an AK-47) 30 miles north of the United States border with Mexico near Tucson AZ. Obviously gun control doesn’t work for these guys, Why should American citizens give up their rights?”
About AZBorderDefenders: “AZ Border Defenders is a non profit volunteer border watch organization dedicated to informing the American public about the dangers of our illegal immigration crisis. We conduct border watches as well as search and rescue missions where we observe and report any suspected illegal aliens or drug smugglers to law enforcement.”

Porous Border December 2012
SecureBorderIntel uploaded this YouTube video on Dec. 8, 2012, and noted:
“Several groups of drug smugglers, some armed openly, and people being trafficked move north from the U.S./Mexico border on the same trails used by the Mexican bandits who killed a federal Agent there two years ago. Residents of this part of Arizona have seen security deteriorate to the point some are choosing to move away abandoning their homes and ranches.”
About www.SecureBorderIntel.org: “Documenting smuggling activity along the porous US/Mexico border. Despite claims from Government agencies and political figures; the border with Mexico is still under the operational control of drug and alien smugglers. Fencing, patrol roads, camera/radar systems, sensors, and increased patrol strength are necessary to solve the problem.”

Dictionary: ILLEGAL ALIEN = A Foreigner who has Entered a Country Unlawfully
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Flashback: Obama Blocked Immigration Reform for 8 Years
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