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Ron Gochez, Marxist L.A. Teacher Advising Kids Against Police (video)

Posted by FactReal on May 14, 2010

Updated by FactReal on May 16, 2010

NEW: Check the new video I just uploaded of Ron Gochez using text messaging to alert aliens of any immigration raids.
Remember Ron Gochez, the now infamous Marxist L.A. teacher for his rabid Anti-American speech at a 2007 La Raza/UCLA rally?
Well, here is another video of Ron Gochez telling kids not to trust police. He is actually giving a statement at a hearing investigating alleged police brutality at the 2007 May Day Protest in California. He doesn’t let the opportunity go to waste. Gochez regurgitates his delirious separatist and Marxist harangue while showing virulent disgust towards the American system. No wonder many of our kids have hate in their heart.

(Recorded on July 9, 2007)
The so-called teacher introduces himself:
“My name is Ron Gochez. I’m here on behalf of Union del Barrio, Mexican Revolutionary Organization in the occupied territories of Mexico.”

Mr. Gochez ends his diatribe with a message to the youth:
“And for the youth…The police will never listen to us. They will never be our friends. Never had. They never will. They are here to serve and protect the interest of the rich. They always had, they always will. We have to organize our communities and that’s the only way we will defend our human rights.”

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GatewayPundit, thanks for the link.

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