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Lies of Teachers Video Showing ‘The Rich’ Urinating on ‘The Poor’

Posted by FactReal on December 6, 2012

Using a crude image of “the rich” urinating down on “the poor” is the latest left-wing propaganda from a teachers union to advocate for higher taxes on the so-called rich. After all the excessive government spending, public unions still want more. Their addiction to taxpayer money is insatiable.

The California Federation of Teachers produced a video aimed to indoctrinate our kids by demonizing the rich, vilifying success, and inciting class envy. Proud socialist and multimillionaire (1%er) actor, Ed Asner, narrates the video that claims the rich obtained their wealth by pushing for tax cuts and by creating tax loopholes (which they equate to tax evasion.) According to the video, rich people’s greed led to the decline of schools, roads, public transportation, libraries, etc. The financial crash was also the fault of rich people, who later were the only ones who obtained government bailouts and are now blaming public employees for the fiscal problems in the nation — claims the teachers’ video.

These teachers thought it was a great idea to explain to kids the concept of “trickle down economics” (according to liberals) by depicting the rich (1%) urinating on less-affluent Americans (the 99%). Here is screenshot of that video section:

The California Federation of Teachers’ video is little more than unsurprising leftist propaganda, aimed to indoctrinate children with no basis in fact. Leftist, multimillionaire (1%er) actor Ed Asner narrates this video that claims the rich obtain their wealth through tax cuts, tax loopholes, and even tax evasion
Watch video here.

Clinton and Democrats Created the Financial Crash (More here.)
Democrat Barney Frank’s Legacy: Housing Crisis and Prostitution Ring
How Democrats created the mortgage crisis with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

IRS: Taxing ALL Rich People Not Enough to Pay U.S. Deficit
Confiscation of Wealthy Americans’ Money Will NOT Work
The Rich Pay More Taxes…and Higher Tax Rates
47% Pay no Federal Income tax (CNN report)
Bill Clinton’s Tax Increases Slowed Growth
Soaking the rich will only cover 0.5% of Obama’s New Spending (The Buffett Rule)
Obama 2009: The Last Thing You Want is to Raise Taxes in a Recession (Video)
Low capital gains taxes benefit you
Illegal aliens got $4.2 billion from IRS using tax loopholes even if no income tax was withheld or paid.
97% of Americans Pay less than 12% Tax Rate
The top 1% of wage earners in the U.S. pay about 33% of all the income taxes, and the top 5% pay more than half of all the taxes

Billions in stimulus spending went to help bail out homeowners and education programs
Obama’s student loan bailout paid by waitresses and construction workers

The Left LOVES multi-billionaire George Soros who pushed for bank bailouts and bought politicians
Democrats love “Fat Cat” Lobbyists and spend weekend together in Miami Beach
Michelle Obama’s $10 million vacations paid by taxpayers while Americans suffer
Richest celebrities supported Wall Street protests against the rich
Liberals love crony capitalism
Obama rewards rich donors with state dinner at taxpayers expense

Public unions’ exorbitant lifetime pensions are destroying city budgets and homeowners
Public employees retiring in luxury on the back of tax payers
The teachers union and other public-sector unions invest in Wall Street
Average teachers receive $56,500 salary plus $43,505 in benefits…paid by taxpayers

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Tricks of Democrat Mayor to Boost his Lifetime Pension to $184,000 a year…over 10 Times his Salary

Posted by FactReal on May 4, 2012

Democrat Richard M. Daley, former Chicago Mayor, weaseled his way to receive lifetime pension benefits that far exceed his contributions.

Summary of the tricks: Daley stands to collect $184,000 annual pension for the rest of his life, because he was allowed to receive a pension based on his $216,210 salary as city mayor while making payments to the state pension system (GARS) based on his $17,500 starting salary as a state senator. He boosted his pension by rejoining the legislative pension plan for just one month to qualify to receive 85% of his mayoral salary. Daley was also allowed to pay $6,000 to purchase pension credits worth 10 years of service to cover his unfinished term at the state legislature or General Assembly.

Richard M. Daily’s political work:
● 1972–1980: Illinois State Senator
● 1981–1989: Cook County State’s Attorney
● 1989–2011: Mayor of Chicago

Chicago Dirty Politics: Richard M. Daley's tricks to boost his lifetime pension up to $200,000 a year
Report via Sweetness & Light:

Two years into his reign as Chicago’s longest-serving mayor, Richard M. Daley took advantage of the state’s convoluted pension system to significantly increase his potential payout while saving $400,000 in contributions, a Tribune/WGN-TV investigation has found.

Daley, a former state senator, made it happen by briefly rejoining the legislative pension plan in 1991. He stayed there just one month before returning to Chicago’s municipal pension fund, but the switches made him eligible for benefits worth 85 percent of his mayoral salary — a better rate than all other city employees receive.

He was just 49 years old at the time. Even if Daley had never won another election, he could have started collecting a public pension at age 55 of $97,750 a year. Without the steps he took, his public pension benefits at that age would have been worth just $20,686.

…When he retired last May, his pension benefits had grown to $183,778 a year — about $50,000 more than he would have otherwise received.  […]

His own public pension, meanwhile, will end up costing taxpayers all over the state. Records show that his contributions to the statewide General Assembly pension fund weren’t nearly enough to cover the benefits he receives. […]

Daley spent less than eight years in the state Legislature, having left office with more than two years remaining on his term to run for Cook County state’s attorney in 1980. But that same year, he asked to purchase pension credits covering his unfinished term for about $6,000 in extra contributions, as allowed under Illinois’ generous pension laws. The move gave him a total of 10 years of service. […]

Yet under another obscure state law, Daley was able to transfer his years of service with Cook County and the city of Chicago to the state legislative pension fund without making additional contributions.

That’s because the transfer was based on his decade-old legislative salary of $17,500 — even though his pension would be calculated using his mayoral salary, then $115,000.

Had the costs of the transfer been based on Daley’s actual pay, he would have been required to pay in about $540,000, according to a Tribune/WGN-TV analysis based on the state’s formula for pension credit transfers.

Instead, he simply transferred the $128,000 he had accumulated in the city and county funds, saving more than $400,000 in contributions.

Daley eventually retired with a state pension based on his final mayoral salary of $216,210 — 12 times his old legislative pay.

The $183,778 in public pension benefits that Daley now receives is divided up between GARS [General Assembly Retirement System] and the municipal pension fund. Under the state’s convoluted reciprocal system, the GARS plan pays the former mayor $117,629 a year, while the municipal pension plan pays him $66,149.

Yet Daley paid far more in pension contributions to the municipal pension plan than he did to the GARS plan.

More tricks:

Under Daley’s watch, former Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon was given a one-day city job that allowed him to collect a public pension based on his $200,000 private union salary.

In 1995, when Daley wanted to fund his school reform package, his administration pushed legislation that allowed it to divert $1.5 billion from the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund over a 15-year period.

All the while, Daley blessed benefit increases for city workers without ensuring that payments into the funds would cover the costs, a problem worsened by the economic downturn. Today, the combined unfunded liabilities of Chicago’s four pension funds have grown to nearly $20 billion, which doesn’t include the $6.8 billion shortfall at the teachers fund.

The city’s pension debt is not only damaging Chicago’s financial stability, but also breeding cynicism about government’s ability to provide modest pensions to the people who teach the city’s children, collect the garbage, run into burning buildings and keep the peace.


Mayor Daley Latest Politician in Long Line of Pension Abusers
Richard Daley the New Face of Pension Abuse
America’s Pension Mess

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Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler Allowed on Wisconsin Recall Petitions

Posted by FactReal on December 14, 2011

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board unanimously approved that “Adolf Hitler” and “Mickey Mouse” will be valid signatures on a recall petition to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Their message is clear: All fake Democrat signatures will be accepted…unless they are challenged. But as the MacIver Institute reports, “The recall petitions will not be data entered by state staff. It falls on Walker, or other independent groups, to discover fraudulent signatures among the tens of thousands of recall forms submitted. If the signatures of Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler, etc are then discovered, they can be contested, but they are given the presumption of legitimacy by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.”

Their tactic is simple: Unions and other leftists will submit a massive volume of phony signatures that there will be neither manpower nor time to challenge them all.

Read more: here and here.

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Occupy Wall Street Leader Caught on Tape Orchestrating Arrests (Video)

Posted by FactReal on October 19, 2011

The EAG foundation caught on tape how leftists pre-arrange who will be arrested during protests. Their mission: To manufacture incidents to gain sympathy from Americans…and to advance their destructive agenda.
Via GatewayPundit:
Setting the Stage–
Radical anti-government activist and leader of the anti-capitalist #occupy movement, Lisa Fithian, was caught in action at the Occupy Chicago protest on October 10, 2011, training Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) members on how to stage their arrests for the cameras.

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MIAMI-DADE: 2 Public Unions Want Taxpayers to Pay More and Reject Labor Contracts

Posted by FactReal on October 4, 2011

When will politicians understand that the exorbitant lifetime pensions and benefits given to public unions are destroying city budgets and homeowners? These pensions are paid in large part by taxpayers who are denied a seat at the negotiation table.

These politicians timidly ask from the unions 3% or 4% concessions when instead they ought to be looking for ways to get rid of the multimillion-dollar lifetime pensions given to public employees. For example, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez stands to collect approximately $5 million during his lifetime for his work as a city fire fighter. (Plus other pensions for his work as Commissioner and Mayor). Then there is the Miami police officer who will receive $3.7 million in base pension. These are not exceptions – but the rule.

Unions love their multimillion-dollar lifetime pensions and benefits. This is why unions are fiercely fighting against any cuts. They don’t care if homeowners have to lose their houses when they cannot pay the property taxes. The media report on the sad story of unions facing cuts, but they fail to tell us the TOTAL amount taxpayers are on the hook for the LIFETIME pensions and benefits of ALL public union employees.

The politicians are intimidated. The media are enablers. The unions feel empowered and behave like brats:

2 union groups reject Miami-Dade labor contracts

The Miami Herald reported on Sep. 29, 2011:
Miami-Dade’s supervisors and professional employees rejected labor contracts Thursday, the first two of the county’s 10 bargaining units to act on proposed concessions under the county’s lean new budget, which takes effect Saturday.The action of the two groups, who may be the most closely aligned to the administration, could signal trouble ahead from the eight other union groups, including water and sewer workers and police officers.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez has pledged to begin layoffs on Nov. 1, if new contracts aren’t in place. The administration says the tough stance is required to stay within budget.

Gimenez is pressing for $239 million in givebacks, or savings, from county workers in the face of lower county revenue. Last week, Miami-Dade Commissioners approved a $6.14-billion budget for the new fiscal year, reversing an unpopular property-tax rate hike they had approved last year.

Union leaders had urged workers to approve the tentative contracts, which, among other things, called for relinquishing recent 3 percent pay raises, giving up merit and longevity pay increases, and taking 11 furlough days – the equivalent of a 4 percent pay cut. The proposal also calls for them to continue making a contribution to health care benefits equal to 5 percent of pretax pay.

“We’ll go back to the table and continue to negotiate and we’ll most likely go to impasse,’’ said Greg Blackman, president of the Government Supervisors Association of Florida OPEIU, Local 100, which represents 4,800 supervisory and professional county employees in two bargaining units.

The county has about 27,000 employees. Some 2,000 non-union employees already have been required to take comparable reductions. […]

The county has proposed an 8 percent pay cuts for workers, but has allowed various unions to craft their own proposals for achieving cost savings. […]

The Dade Police Benevolent Association, representing county police officers, has been the most vocal in arguing against budget cuts.

PBA president John Rivera said a lengthy negotiating session Wednesday between the union and county was fruitless.

Read more:

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WISCONSIN: District Swings from Deficit to Surplus with New Union Contributions

Posted by FactReal on July 12, 2011

From a $400K Budget Deficit to $1.5 Million Surplus Thanks to Wisconsin’s New Collective Bargaining Laws
The School District in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, projects $1.5 million surplus after slight contract changes of employee contributions to health care and retirement. (Hat tip: Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

The Post-Crescent reported on June 29, 2011:

KAUKAUNA — As changes to collective bargaining powers for public workers take effect today, the Kaukauna Area School District is poised to swing from a projected $400,000 budget shortfall next year to a $1.5 million surplus due to health care and retirement savings.

The Kaukauna School Board approved changes Monday to its employee handbook that require staff to cover 12.6 percent of their health insurance and to contribute 5.8 percent of their wages to the state’s pension system, in accordance with the new collective bargaining law, commonly known as Act 10.

“These impacts will allow the district to hire additional teachers (and) reduce projected class sizes,” School Board President Todd Arnoldussen wrote in a statement Monday. “In addition, time will be available for staff to identify and support students needing individual assistance through individual and small group experiences.”

Redstate summarizes the small sacrifices:
Most of the savings are taking place from teachers facing a slight increase in their contributions to their health care (still well below the average private sector contribution, mind you) and the institution of a modest contribution to their pension funds. They’ve also had their work week bumped up – to forty hours – and they’re up to six out of seven periods teaching a day, instead of five.
Washington Examiner has more details:
In the past, teachers and other staff at Kaukauna were required to pay 10 percent of the cost of their health insurance coverage and none of their pension costs. Now, they’ll pay 12.6 percent of the cost of their coverage (still well below rates in much of the private sector) and also contribute 5.8 percent of salary to their pensions. The changes will save the school board an estimated $1.2 million this year, according to board President Todd Arnoldussen. […]

Indeed, some of the most important improvements in Kaukauna’s outlook are because of the new limits on collective bargaining.

In the past, Kaukauna’s agreement with the teachers union required the school district to purchase health insurance coverage from something called WEA Trust — a company created by the Wisconsin teachers union…This year, WEA Trust told Kaukauna that it would face a significant increase in premiums.

Now, the collective bargaining agreement is gone, and the school district is free to shop around for coverage. And all of a sudden, WEA Trust has changed its position. “With these changes, the schools could go out for bids, and lo and behold, WEA Trust said, ‘We can match the lowest bid,'” says Republican state Rep. Jim Steineke, who represents the area and supports the Walker changes…

The changes mean Kaukauna can reduce the size of its classes — from 31 students to 26 students in high school and from 26 students to 23 students in elementary school. In addition, there will be more teacher time for one-on-one sessions with troubled students. Those changes would not have been possible without the much-maligned changes in collective bargaining.

Teachers’ salaries will stay “relatively the same,” Arnoldussen says, except for higher pension and health care payments. (The top salary is around $80,000 per year, with about $35,000 in additional benefits, for 184 days of work per year — summers off.) Finally, the money saved will be used to hire a few more teachers and institute merit pay.

Statement from Kaukauna Area School Board president Todd Arnoldussen
Kaukauna Area School District Staff Handbook changes
Kaukauna Area School District Staff Handbook 2011-2012

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