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SlutGate: How Democrats Manufactured the Fake Birth Control War

Posted by FactReal on March 7, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain at the American Spectator explains how and why Democrats manufactured the phony contraceptive controversy.

The Democrats’ goal:
● To distract from “the absurdity of an Obama administration proposal to compel insurance companies to pay for contraception, without any ‘conscience’ exception for Catholic institutions,”
● To “portray Santorum as an ‘extremist’ in order to make him unacceptable to GOP primary voters,”
● To “generate absurd fears among women voters that Republicans are conspiring to deny them access to contraception.”

The Democrats’ strategy:
Robert Stacy McCain explains:

Go back to Saturday, Jan. 7, when ABC broadcast from Saint Anselm’s College in Manchester, N.H., a debate among six Republican presidential candidates…seemingly out of the blue, Stephanopoulos posed this question to Romney: “Senator Santorum has been very clear in his belief that the Supreme Court was wrong when it decided that a right to privacy was embedded in the Constitution. And following from that, he believes that states have the right to ban contraception.… Governor Romney, do you believe that states have the right to ban contraception? Or is that trumped by a constitutional right to privacy?”


It was a Republican presidential debate, and the ABC News moderator who raised this question about contraceptives and “the right to privacy” is a veteran Democratic Party operative. The television career of Stephanopoulos is merely an extension of his work as a communications director for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign and subsequently in the Clinton White House.


Although Santorum is a staunch conservative who has defended the pro-life doctrines of his Catholic faith, contraception had played no role whatsoever as an issue in the Republican campaign until Stephanopoulos asked his question in Manchester. That question, however, seemed to be the signal-flare that launched a carefully orchestrated effort to make contraception a major topic of public controversy, an effort that has been pushed relentlessly for the past two months by Democrats and their media friends. The past week’s “SlutGate” firestorm about Rush Limbaugh’s comments — which led to a number of advertisers canceling their ads on his nationally syndicated radio program — is merely a sideshow to the main event, namely the apparent attempt by Democrats to derail Santorum’s challenge to Romney for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Democrats’ pawn:
The article also explain how Democrats resorted to Machiavellian tactics to introduce their political pawn — the left-wing activist and contraception crusader, Sandra Fluke.

Sandra Fluke was there to defend Obama’s contraception mandate because her peers were “going broke buying birth control.” (Even though birth control pills cost $9 per month at Target and other outlets.) Fluke’s deceptive testimony was to give evidence for Obamacare to mandate that religious institutions provide free contraception and abortifacients under their health insurance plans.

And Fluke wants us to pay for it:

Yes, us. Where do you think the insurance companies forced to cover this cost get the money to pay for these co-eds to have sex? It comes from the health care insurance premiums you and I pay.

CBS reported about the fake hearing organized by Democrats where Fluke “testified” and Democrats sought to capitalize on their made-up contraception controversy:

Led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats held a pretend hearing while Congress is not in session to listen to the views of a third-year Georgetown Law student and activist…Sandra Fluke, who leads a reproductive rights group at the university…

Immediately after the conclusion of Thursday’s fake hearing, Pelosi sent an email to supporters from the party’s campaign arm seeking financial assistance ahead of an upcoming filing deadline with the Federal Election Commission.

“The Republican War on Women must come to an end,” Pelosi wrote, “help us raise $1 million by Wednesday’s deadline to send an overwhelming message that we will not stand for the Republicans’ anti-woman agenda.”

There is no ‘Republican War on Women.’

But there is the Democrats’ Big Lie trying to make Americans think that Republicans want to make contraception illegal for women.

It’s about liberals trying to shut down Rush Limbaugh.

It’s just a big distraction from the main issue — Obama’s failures and abuse of power.


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