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MEG WHITMAN’S MAID: Read the Social Security letter here…it’s NOT a smoking gun!

Posted by FactReal on October 1, 2010

No fan of leftist Jerry Brown or RINO Meg Whitman, but the facts are the facts.
Publicity-hoarder and leftist attorney Gloria AllRED released the so-called smoking-gun 2003 letter from the Social Security Administration about Meg Whitman’s $23 an hour housekeeper and illegal alien* Nicky Diaz (a.k.a. Nicandra Diaz Santillan, a.k.a. Nicky Santillan…)

Contrary to what AllRED is claiming, the SSA letter dated 4/22/2003 clearly:
1) Makes “no statement about your employee’s immigration status.”
2) Warns Whitman not to fire the housekeeper because of the letter:
The SSA makes it clear that their letter is not a basis for Whitman “to take any adverse action against the employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against the individual. Any employer that uses the information in this letter to justify taking adverse action against an employee may violate state or federal law and be subject to legal consequences.” It has been reported that Whitman fired the housekeeper in 2009 when they became aware that she was an illegal alien.*
3) Explains to Whitman the maid doesn’t have to show her the SSN card:
On the second page, the SSA explains, “While the employee must furnish the SSN to you, the employee is not required to show you the Social Security card.”

Patterico did what the Los Angeles Times failed to do – they linked to the actual letter (PDF) and read it to see what it actually said. They found:

Click the images to zoom in:
The letter didn’t just fail to come to a conclusion about [the maid’s] legal status…Rather, the letter explicitly says that it makes no statement about her immigration status. That is a stronger statement. Again, the quote is: “This letter makes no statement about your employee’s immigration status. […]

[T]he letter asks only that the Whitmans check the Social Security number in question against the Social Security number she had already given them. […]

Well, she had provided them a fake Social Security card, copies of which the campaign has released. Allahpundit observes:

When you read it carefully, all it says is that there’s some recordkeeping discrepancy related to Diaz’s W-2, which could mean any number of things; her lawyer points out that Diaz acknowledged on page two of the document that she goes by two different names, which Whitman’s husband might have believed was the true cause of the mix-up. . . . Essentially, they’re forced to compare Diaz’s false documents to Diaz’s recitation of the numbers on those false documents, which is moronic.

MARK LEVIN TO GLORIA ALLRED: Cut out the bullcrap!
Leftists and dividers like Gloria AllRED want Americans to feel guilty for using the word “alien,” but the facts prove them wrong. The word “alien” is not a pejorative:

Webster Dictionary:
adj.: relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government: FOREIGN

U.S. LAW: Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter I, § 1101:
The term “alien” means any person not a citizen or national of the United States.

Will Amnesty-pusher Univision report this? No.
UPDATE: GRETA TO GLORIA ALLRED: “Gloria, this is almost delusional!”
Greta Destroys Lib Hack Gloria Allred.
Partial video
Full video
“I love it! Here we have an illegal INSISTING that she was breaking the law,
and pro-illegal democrats INSISTING that an illegal should have been fired,
and a compassionate boss…GUILTY for not firing her.”

“That poor abused dishonest illegal alien…
Meg Whitman only paid her $23 an hour for 15 hours of work a week. Slave wages.”



2 Responses to “MEG WHITMAN’S MAID: Read the Social Security letter here…it’s NOT a smoking gun!”

  1. This is yet another case of portraying the illegal as the victim when the real victims are Whitman & her husband, the agency that hired her, the people of California and the legal residents of California who MIGHT have been able to have been employed by Whitman if this LAWBREAKER had not LIED to get her job.

    Then we had another maid who says that she worked for Whitman and quit because the work was too hard & says the believes Nicky’s story how she was ” abused ” by the Whitman’s.

    I cleaned my Mother’s 3 bedroom apartment for years as a child and teenager to make my allowance money. Boring, yes. Hard, no.

    If you felt the job was too onerous for you, why apply in the first place ?

    For years we have been told the LIE that illegals do not take jobs away from Americans.

    Lets see, Homeland Security nominee, US Attorney General nominee, Gubernatorial nominee.

    That’s 3. How many of the 2 million illegals in California are taking jobs that could be done by CITIZENS of the US ?

    Millions I suspect, across the country.

    For Brown, Allred and their cronies to release this a month before the election is scandalous.

    Tricky Dick would be proud.

  2. […] SSA letter CA: Social Security letter to Meg Whitman…warned her not to fire the housekeeper. Read it here: Jerry Brown calls Whitman a "whore" […]

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