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Senator Rubio: Obama Has Made Things Significantly Worse (Audio)

Posted by FactReal on July 12, 2011

Senator Rubio: Obama’s flawed ideology “takes us away from the things that have made America exceptional.”
Senator Marco Rubio on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program today:
Highlights of Rubio’s message:
Rubio: How to lower the U.S. Debt
Sen. Rubio: “The debt limit is a symptom, it’s not our problem. The core problem is our debt and the fact that our government borrows 40 cents out of every dollar and has no idea how it is going to pay it back. And that’s a combination of spending, we just spend way too much as a government, and loss of revenues, again not loss of revenues because our taxes aren’t high enough, loss of revenues because we have too many people who are out of work that are not paying taxes.

“So the solution seems to me to be a combination of fiscal discipline on the spending side, which you have to enforce through spending caps, a balanced budget amendment and cuts starting right now. And, at the same time, some sort of pro-growth measures that get people back to work, that creates not new taxes, but new tax payers. People that are working, paying their taxes and adding new revenue to government so that government can use that revenue not to grow government but to pay down the debt and put us on a sustainable path. That just seems to me to be the common sense approach to this. Instead we’ve got this President’s obsession with raising taxes. And, what bothers me the most about it is not just that it will kill jobs and is bad for our economy, what bothers me the most is there isn’t a single tax package out there that’s reasonable and realistic that would even put a dent on this debt crisis.

“People have no idea what you would have to raise the taxes to, just to begin to make a difference. And of course you never can raise it to that level because you won’t be able to collect them; people aren’t dumb enough to work for free. If you are going to tax all their money, they aren’t going to keep working. These are the things I just don’t get, and I wish we had done a better job earlier about outlining these choices to the American people.”

Rubio: Obama Has Made Things Significantly Worse
Sen. Rubio: “And how do we measure him? Well, unemployment. Unemployment is higher than—significantly higher than when he took over. You know, what about the value of people’s homes? The values of peoples’ homes are down. How about the national debt? The national debt is up significantly higher, with no solution in sight, and none offered by him.

“By every measure that you can measure a president by, things have gotten worse and significantly worse. And that’s what he has to be measured by. And part of it, I think, is a flawed ideology, because I think his view of government and the people in his administrations is a flawed view that takes us away from the things that have made America exceptional.

Full Transcript


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